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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Autumn Haul : Est Eyeshadow palettes, Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color + FOTD : Autumn Foliage Look

Hi everyone! Two weeks have already passed by since my last entry... Hm, I can't believe that we have reached October already! Don't you feel this year just flies by? Sometimes, I wished I had the ability of slowing down the time... That much about my gratuitous ramblings, haha...

My long-awaited autumn haul arrived in the mail today! I bet you all wanna see what I got, don't you? I suppose so, because I'm always curious about other peoples' haul, hehe...

First of all, my Est addiction! ;)

EST Dual Emotional Eyes ~ 01 (Fall 2010)

All Est palettes come in the same sleek and elegant square compact case, which I like a lot!

Being a fan of green eyeshadows, this was the palette which I knew that I had to get for sure from the fall collection.

All four shades are very shimmery, but neither chunky nor over the top! If you don't like shimmery eyeshadow, you should pass on the Dual Emotion Eyes. The pigmentation is light to medium that is build-able. For me, I prefer not too pigmented eyeshadows, because I can always add more color, if I want it more intense.

If you are not that practiced with eyeshadow application (like me, haha...), you will love not too pigmented eyeshadows for sure! Less chance to mess up!

EST Dual Emotion Eyes ~ 03 (Fall 2010)

Plummy or egg-plant colors seem to be THE color of this fall season, but I can not pull off exactly this shade too well. But then I saw Dual Emotion Eyes 03, which I thought might work for me.

Actually, this is not a really plummy palette, but I feel the shades should turn out a bit of plummy on me. Well, we'll see!

So yeah, it doesn't look any plummy when swatched on the back of my hands actually. Oh great! I might have picked the wrong palette now! :|

EST Multiple Emotional Eyes ~ 05

I've ordered the Multiple Emotional Eyes 06, but Mihoko wrongly gave me 05, but I don't mind, since this one is on my wishlist anyways.

I don't have any palette that is similar to this one yet. The shades are so soft and perfect for a bright natural look!

Ohh..., I loooove how the shades look on the back of my hand! Hopefully, it looks as good on my eyes! I think this is quite a unique eyeshadow quad. At least I don't have any palette like this yet.

I find the shadows from this palette to be smoother and silkier to the touch compared to the Dual Emotion Eyes palettes. The shimmer in it is also finer.

JILL STUART Jelly Eye Color N ~ 11 Antique Chiffon

This is a new color out of the Jelly Eye Colors, which has been released not too long ago. Did I already tell you that I'm a Jelly Eye Color lover? The fluffy jelly texture, the shimmer and most importantly the scent is just to die for! I think, I could smell the Jelly Eye Colors all the time, haha...

Antique Chiffon is a medium bronzed steel color with golden and silver shimmer to it. It's an amazingly pretty color!

It reminds me of the Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes ~ 02 Steel, but the Jelly Eye Color N ~ 13 Antique Chiffon is still more shimmery, which you unfortunately can't really see in the photo above. Also, I think it blends more easily than the Aqua Eyes.


Onto my Autumn Foliage Look that I did using the Est Dual Emotion Eyes ~ 01, which I think I failed at. I think, I'm kinda out of practice with make up! :/

And for some unexplainable reason, the eyeshadows turned out more brown than green in the photos. Must be my stupid camera, or stupid lightning conditions! I swear, it looked much greener in real life!

Miserable blending, and mascara traces on the upper lid! What the heck...?! :[

On my cheeks I'm wearing Guerlain Blush 4 Éclats ~ 07 Caresse De L'Aube, which I got a few weeks ago, but have not shown you yet. On the lips it's Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Perle ~ 102 Coral Sun. Yep, I'm still wearing peachy lips/cheeks a lot!

Yay for uneven eyes! #@~?=³§'/
I really must be out of my routine, since I totally forgot to take close up shots of the eyes and the lips today! Shame on me!


- Dior Diorskin Sculpt Lifting Smoothing Concealer ~ 001 Ivoire / Ivory
- MAC Mineralize SPF 15 Foundation ~ NC 15
- Lancome Ageless Minérale Perfecting and Setting Mineral Powder ~ Translucent

- Guerlain Blush 4 Éclats ~ 07 Caresse De L'Aube

- Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Perle ~ 102 Coral Sun

- Est dual Emotion Eyes ~ 01
- MAC Fluidline ~ Blitz & Glitz
- Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara
- Shu Uemura Hard Formual Eyebrow Pencil ~ hard 9

I hope you enjoyed my autumn haul and my failed Autumn Leaves Look! ;)
Lastly, I wanted to let you know that I've been thinking of moving over to wordpress for a while now, but I have not dared to do the step yet, since I've been so busy lately.

What do you think? Yes to saying 'goodbye' to blogger?

Stay pretty!
Stay Ohh... pretty!


Sally said...

I love the Jill Stuart jellies too! The smell is incredible and I've actually been trying to find a perfume with that scent!

fuzkittie said...

OMG those colors look so elegant and soft, perfect fit for an OL!! :D You look gorgeous! Gotta love JS cream shadows!

Jess said...

@ Sally:
Yes, you say it! The scent is just incredible!

@ fuzkittie:
Yaa... Est palettes are indeed super elegant! Any of these must look gorgeous on you!

Lilladylife said...

love the photo! u look beautiful in white!

Sheila said...

Pretty~ I like. The JS Jelly Eye Colour is so pretty, looks like a nice taupe you can wear all-over the eyelids.

And of course, awesome haul!! Loves <3

Jessying said...

Jess you look gorgeous, and JS packaging is so pretty and the color pay off really well!

reene said...

The est palettes are so pretty! I have yet to try them and now I feel like I'm missing out. You look so cute btw. ^^

I love JS Jellies. The texture is strange but fun! The scent is amazing. The only thing that keeps me from using them all the time is all the shimmer. I imagine coworkers making comments about my discoball lids lol.

When I first set up my blog, I was wavering between blogger and wordpress. I actually made both to see which one I liked better lol. I liked certain little things about wordpress, but in the end I went with blogger. It's really up to you and which one you'd prefer to use. ^^

Thanks for sharing!

Blair said...


Gorgeous gorgeous haul! I love looking at haul posts even though I don't do them anymore =D

Dual Emotion Eyes 03 doesn't look plummy at all, I'm sure it'll look great on you!

Go ahead and shift to wordpress!!! I've been thinking about making some changes to my blog lately but I'm too lazy to implement them >_>

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Wow what a fantastic haul!!! I love that look on your eyes, yeah it does look brown toned rather than green :)

please also try the pink/plum one I would love to see how it looks :)

You look so beautiful, I don't think you failed... :)

Tracy said...

Jess, you look like a kawaii princess in all your looks! Love your taste in beauty.
You're going to say goodbye to blogger or blogging? I hope its not the latter! I will miss u dearly.

Blovet Beauty said...

pretty eotd!!

Catherine said...

Yay for blogposts! Oh Jess, those Est palettes are positively gorgeous! And you're always making me drool over those JS eye jellies teehee. Someday!

I actually really love how your eyeshadow looks on camera actually! LOL! I've been wearing a very similar look with the Bobbi Brown Warm Holiday palette lately. Of course, I know yours is more green in real life hehe.

&... which chat handle do you use? I have AIM, gTalk & MSN. Let me know, and I'd be happy to chat with you about the different options you have with Wordpress and what you'd need to do. Or feel free to email me with any questions too! =)

littlewing said...

That's a truly lovely haul! :D The Est palettes look so lovely, particularly the first one, which is right up my alley. And from your FOTD, it looks gorgeous on you. I really don't think it's a failed look. :)

Actually Dual Emotion Eyes 03 looks more neutral/brown with a touch of pink to me, rather than plummy, but maybe the pan is deceiving. ;)

Jess said...

@ Lilladylife:
Thank you! White is one of my favorite colors!

@ Jessying:
Yes, the color payoff of JS Jelly Eye Color N ~ 13 is amazing!

@ reene:
Haham a discoball eyelid? Nooo! ;)

@ Shanghainese Dumpling:
Aww... thank you for thinking I didn't fail! Will do a FOTD with 03 very soon!

@ Tracy:
Thank you for the compliment! No, not goodbye to blogging! To blogger, hehe...

wuguimei said...

JS packaging is always so cute! :3

Makeup Morsels said...

Hi Jess! yay another new post xD

I love all of the eyeshadow palettes you hauled, so sleek and elegant. And that JS eye jelly *drools* beautiful. Your FOTD is very cute, it actually does make me think of autumn haha! I'm a wordpress user, but by no means an expert. I defer to Cat on that one. I chose wordpress over blogger for the simple reason that it has twice the image storage space (for free) and that just made sense to me because I put up a lot of images on my blog. Hope you're doing well!

DSK Steph! said...


So many beautiful palettes! I cannot wait to see all your upcoming looks ^^

The JS Jelly is love! I have only one, and I use it all the time :D They're so worth it!

izumi said...

i don't think you're out of practice at all ^^ or maybe i just suuuck at make up so i think it's normal b/c it always happens to me, hahaha!

LOVE your haul!! what gorgeous colors :D

Tammy said...

Awww Jess you look so pretty! Hehe I have uneven eyes as well XD

What a great haul! I love the 'eggplant' palette, I'm really digging those for fall too hehe can't wait to see these shades on you^^

Jess said...

@ Catherine:
I'm so glad you like how my eye makeup looks in the photos - I'm actually annoyed that my cam washes out the colors so much!

@ Makeup Morsels:
Ahh... at least one person that thinks this is an appropriate autumn look, haha...

@ DSK Steph:
I'm reaching for my JS Jelly Eye Colors so often too! ;)

@ izumi:
Haha... I mess up most of the time actually! :p

@ Tammy:
I hope, it will turn out kind of 'eggplant-ish' with the palette, hehe...

ning * star said...

JS color is soo pretty!!!!
love your EST palettes, they do look really good!

yuriko said...

Nice haul!!!! Gotta love the colors~~~~

How do you find the JS jelly eye color? Mine kinda dried up and the whole thing came out...I only had it for a couple of months too...

I'm so jealous of your EST palettes...i'm gonna snatch them. haha. like i can.

You're soo pretty btw~


Jess said...

@ yuriko:
I love the JS Jelly Eye Colors a lot, yes it looses a bit of moisture, but still jelly-like and not dry at all. I have my other ones for about 1 year now I think...

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you but I think you did a great job! It looks very pretty :) i can't see any faults.. I hunk you're too hard on yourself.. I adore the ysl volupte shade on you! must check it out at duty-free :P

Jess said...

@ Nic Nic:
I'm indeed always pretty hard on myself. :)

Failure in terms of I didn't manage to make the colors turn out more intense, and in terms of blending. :p

Cherry said...

JS antique chiffon is definitely my most wanted cream shadow this season. It is soooo pretty. Also, love the multiple eyes in 05 also. Totally my style, haha^0^.
You look lovely in thouse shades~

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

You look so pretty as usual!! :) I miss reading your posts! :D

What a nice haul!! I love the eyeshadows! The colors are especially lovely :)

InsideOut Elle said...

Seriously...you always pick the most beautiful shadow palettes...and I think the looks turned out fine, very wearable and elegant ^_^

galpal.hi said...

Great haul! All of the eyeshadow palettes are really pretty! I think that your FOTD is really great! You're looking as pretty as ever.


Yin said...

ooh I'm loving the palette colours, especially the first one. I love military green.

Also, Now that i've seen the antique chiffon jelly colour, I am SO tempted to get it. It's such an amazing taupey colour. =)

Hope you and William are well

Yinnie x

Jian said...

Hi Jess! Haven't commented for a while, but I've been reading!

The Est palettes are really pretty! I want to recreate an autumn leaves look too now! You look so pretty in yours! It's not really failed at all!

By the way, I have something of UPMOST importance to ask you. As a fellow glasses wearer, do you get any issues with your foundation transferring onto your the inside of your glasses and kind of almost melting/making the plastic a bit bumpy? I noticed this trend, and I spent so much money on my stupid Gucci glasses that I've actually resorted to not wearing foundations anymore to prevent it happening!!!! Do you get this problem at all, or is it just me? xx

Karen said...

Jess, maybe I'm not a makeup expert but I think your makeup looks very pretty and well done! The way you blending out the e/s really accentuates your eye shape.. I simply like it :) This is the first time I've seen an EST product.. but I can tell you love your shimmer shadows hehe. Aww noo why move to wordpress? :(

p.s. yes I was too greedy with the MAC VV collection haha but I waited 3 months for it!

ashura said...

I like the last quad. It's difficult to find nice grey palettes that look unique!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jess I really appreciate your comment!! You look great in Khaki too. Hope to see more posts from you soon! I really hope you stay with blogger..but ill continue to read your blog wherever you choose to blog :D

Silkybow said...

aww nice blog! :)
I love those pretty packaging~
You have a pretty face too.

Penelope said...

LOVE your haul and FOTD! I especially like the look of Dual emotion eyes 03. Your FOTD is beautiful and flawless!

The blush I used in the first pic of my facial highlighters post is MAC Peaches. I love bright peachy cheeks too! Sorry I took so long to reply you, I was in Canada for over a week.

Fruity Lashes said...

you're like me always curious about people's haul but honestly those EST palettes are so gorgeous. where did you order yours? i can't seem to find a decent e-tailer.

Autumn Masquerade said...

What a lovely look! Thanks for sharing!

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