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Saturday, August 14, 2010


Hellooo...! It's been a long time since my last post actually. Anyone still know me? Haha... well, I'm still very tied-up with work and some things in my life, hence no time for blogging.

Today, as I've recovered a bit from a cold (I slept a lot the last three days, since I felt super tired and weak), I thought I wanna share some goodies I got recently.

First of all, I won the Secret Giveaway at Mai-Kat Oshaberi some time back! I'm rarely such a lucky girl!

Look at all these awesome prizes! Thank you so much, Kat and Mai! I love everything!

MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Cream ~ 05 Peach

Some of you might know that I have been lemming this! Can you imagine how happy I was, when I saw this in the prize package? ;)

Super pretty and cute peachy color with golden shimmer! It's amazing!


Very pretty colors!

NYX Cupcake Glosses

Seriously, is that cute or what? Yummy! :p

BEAUTY RUSH Wet/Dry Shadow ~ Crystal Ball

A shimmery white eyeshadow. Perfect as a base color and highlighting the inner corner of the eyes.

BEAUTY RUSH Wet/Dry Shadow ~ Flower Girl

A shimmery lilac shade. Kat even knew that I was looking for cool toned purple shades, so she tried to get some for me.

SEPHORA colorful mono ~ no 05

Another cool toned purple eyeshadow that Kat picked for me.


I've been wanting to get my hands on this mask from My Beauty Diary next, so now I got the chance to try it first! Yay!

MY BEAUTY DIARY Japanese Cherry Blossom Mask

And another one to try out! I love sheet masks!


I've asked Catherine to help me get two things from Laura Mercier. But this awesome girl couldn't let the package go without adding some extra stuff to it of course!

100% cuteness!!! Thank youuuu, Catherine! I love love love everything! Mr Panda is too cute to be used, hehe...

LAURA MERCIER Foundation Primer Mineral

I heard some good things about this primer, so I wanted to give it a try. I've tried it out once, and so far I think it's doing a pretty good job at making the foundation last longer. Pore smoothing abilities is just average though.

LAURA MERCIER Mineral Powder SPF 15 ~ Soft Porcelain

I've used this twice, and I'm not really happy with it. First of all, I think the shade I got is a bit too white even for my fair skintone, but what is worse, the powder just sits on top of my skin and gets blotchy once oil comes through after some time. So yeah, kinda disappointing. :/


Some time back, I asked a friend from Singapore to get me some stuff. Thank you, Wing Yee!

HADA LABO Super Hyaluronic Mask

I've heard lots of raves about Hada Labo products, so I really wanted to try out their sheet mask. This one is supposed to be super hydrating.

Overall, I'm satisfied with its' hydrating properties.

MY BEAUTY DIARY Apple Polyphenol Mask

Fuz said this does a great job at pore tightening, so I had to try it, since I have enlarged pores issues.

I agree, it does visibly tighten the pores!

KISS ME HEROINE Make Long & Curl Mascara

Three back ups of this awesome mascara! Can you tell, I'm really loving it? Haha...

I also asked her to get some cute stickers for me, since they are super super super hard to get over here in Austria. I escpecially love the Rilakkuma stickers she picked for me! Aren't they cute? ;)

That's all! I hope, this was not a too boring post!

Thank you all for your support, even if I'm not that active these days! Lots of love and kisses!

Stay pretty!
Stay Ohh... pretty!


faye lu said...

hi jess
great post ~ how are you finding the laura mercier primer after a while? i've been wanting to try the primer and foundations.
pretty blog xoxo

Jess said...

@ faye lu:
Since I've only used it twice so far, I can't say that much about it. But so far, I think it's good. But I still like the Shiseido Pre-Makeup Cream better.

galpal.hi said...

Jess! Nice to see a post from you again! I'm so sorry to hear that you've been under the weather. I hope that you're back to your healthy, normal self again soon.

I'm glad that you liked your prize. Since it was our first giveaway, we tried to customize/personalize it a bit after the winners names were picked. I hope that those cool-toned purple eyeshadows work out for you.

Sorry that your LM Mineral Powder doesn't seem to be working out. It's disappointing when a purchase doesn't work out.

Take care and I hope that your real life slows down a bit so that we can enjoy your posts again.


Lulu said...

yay omg so many goodies Jess! that's so awesome that you won the aqua cream shade you've wnated, I love #5! congrats on winning :)

the goodies Catherine sent you are so adorable!!

haha you really stocked up on the mascara huh! that's also my fav. have you tried the volume and curl version? i just got one from sasa but have yet to try and see if i can tell a diff.

galpal.hi said...

BTW Jess, the Diamond and Pearls nail polish is used more as an overlay instead of as just a polish. I've posted about it before on my blog. I think that it probably works really nicely with a warm-toned nail polish but any tone is fine. It actually changes your color a bit and gives it a really super nice iridescent finish. It's an awesome product.


LittoMokaa said...

Whoa congrats on winning! Don't worry the blog world didn't forgot about you! =P It sucks that the LM mineral powder didnt' work for you. I hate it when it happens ><

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

You lucky girl!!! :)

eri said...

aw jess, hope you're feeling better! looks like you got a bunch of great stuff! you must have some collection! :)

i've been pretty intrigued about the hada labo products too! i've yet to see anyone say anything negative about them!

have a great weekend! :)

Zuuchini said...

welcome back!!! <3

and congratz for winning the giveaway! That beauty rush-crystal ball i could seriously see as a perfect highlight for the inner corner too!!

AhCapp said...

Hi Jess,

Great to see you back in action. =)

I am still quite worried that the stuff I helped you get are more expensive than you get them from the web.

I will be going to HK end Nov to attend my bro's wedding. HK has more fun stuff to get. You can let me know if you need another CP ya. =)

Makeup Morsels said...

yayayayyy you posted!!! ooh so many cute and pretty things in this. congrats on winning the giveaway! ughh I was so disappointed not finding Long & Curl that day, but so far Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus is pretty amazing too. I hope you find time to blog more, and your life doesn't get too overwhelming!

Catherine said...

Jess! Happy to hear you're feeling better!! Hope you're taking good care of yourself! ♥

What a lovely giveaway prize! I've been so curious about the MUFE Aqua Creams for blushes - can't wait to hear your thoughts on them!

& hehehe awwww but you have to use the bath panda! He'll make you squeaky clean! :D I've been tossing mine into the washer with my towels every week for about a year and mine's still in great condition. =) Sorry to hear the Laura Mercier products are on the disappointing side though... I've only ever used the color items from the line. By the way, are you sensitive to silicones? If not I'll try to send you the Hard Candy primer - I've been really loving that one lately! And please LMK if you're interested in the Lippman polish! :D

& oooooooh the MBD Apple Polyphenol mask is one of my favorites too! And so glad you love the Kiss Me mascara!!! I should really stock up on it too hehehe. :D :D :D

mimi said...

wow!! awesome awesome goodies!! everything is so pretty and cute!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Yay! Welcome back :) The makeup forever blush is seriously VERY pretty! Love the shade and how intense the color is! :D

Aw, Cat is so sweet! :) The panda is very adorable! I would never use it either :)

KRYSTAL said...

sooo cute! love the hello kitty stuff! congrats... :)

Askmewhats said...

I'm really intrigued with the Kiss Me Heroine Mascara, heard great things about it congrats girl!!!

Fruity Lashes said...

what a great comeback! love the aqua cream peach and nyx cupcake glosses. i've never seen it before but it's so cute.

littlewing said...

Hello again! :D I'm so happy you're back, I always enjoy reading your posts. I'm sorry to hear you had a cold, but I hope you're feeling much better now. :) Especially with all these lovely goodies. ;)

Those cupcake glosses are simply adorable! I almost thought they were the real thing. I feel hungry just looking at them now, haha. :P

Dina (XYYan) said...

Hope you feel better Jess, have been missing your posts :)
Congrats on winning! The prizes look really awesome. The MUFE aqua cream is so pretty~

Lisa ♔ said...

Hi Jess,

Welcome back! Nice to hear that you are feeling more better now.

So generous of Mai and Kat offering these giveaways. I think the color combinations are so pretty.

Also the rilakkuma stickers are cute too.

Have a great day =)

Mary in Wonder said...

ooooh you got tons of stuff! and most of them are awesome! The MUFE Aqua Cream is such a pretty color!^.^ And the NYX glosses are to die for =D cuteness~
Knowing that you live in Austria, I thought asking you could help me maybe. As far as I know, there's a MUFE store or retailer, whatever in Vienna, but I haven't been able to dig up it's address. I've been thinking about visit there (it's not far) and get some stuff, since it's nearly impossible to get MUFE stuffs online.
Do you happen to know where the place is? ^_^
Thanks, and let's see some FOTDs with the peachy aqua cream and the eye shadows^^

♥akisa♥ said...

Oooh can't wait to see your swatches of the lipglosses!! The MUFE cream blush looks lovely~

Jess said...

Thanks everyone for your awesome comments! <3

@ galpal.hi:
Thank you again for the amazing prize! I have not used the eyeshadows yet, but I think they look really pretty!

@ Lulu:
Yaa, Catherine is such a sweetheart! Oh, do let me know how the Make Volume&Curl Mascara works for you! ;)

@ AhCapp:
Thank youuu!

@ Litto Mokka:
Aww... glad that there are still some readers that have not forgotten Ohh... pretty! Hehe...

@ Rainy Days and Lattes:
Yes, the Aqua Cream is very pigmented. So I just need a little bit to make it show up.

Jess said...

@ Mary in Wonder:
The Make Up For Ever shop in Vienna is located in

Färbergasse 4
1010 Wien

~Lisa said...

oOoh! lovely haul!!

i really want to try MBD masks as well! I've never tried sheet masks before...=/

& the NYX lipglosses are soo cute!! I want to eat it! =P


coffretgorge said...

awesome stuff you got! lucky gal you! :D

3 backups of the kiss me mascara? you are really loving it hahaha :)

mr. panda is adorable! i saw lots of those in hong kong, was about to get one when my mom said i didnt need it. so i put it back, and now im still regretting. LOL! XD

Mariko Jessica said...

Almost everyone I know has colds too.. Glad you feel better now..

i love those lipglosses ^^

Nic Nic said...

welcome back Jess, I missed your posts :)

Sorry to hear the LM powder didnt work out so well! Congrats on winning many prizes, you deserve it after working so hard throughout summer eh! enjoy!!

ning * star said...

SEPHORA colorful mono ~ no 05 is sooo pretty!
aww, please update with us what u think about hadalabo sheet masks? I only try the face wash and toner, but still holding back to get the sheet mask caz i think expensive for me :S
hehe.... hope everything do well and have a great day!

Tammy said...

Hmmm I thought I commented but I guess I didn't earlier! lol Just wanted to say welcome back, Jess! I'm sure we all missed ur posts and your HAULS! XD

Congrats on winning those prizes, there are so many goodies! Sucks to hear about the Laura Mercier foundation, are you going to be returning them?

Café Bellini said...

LOVE stickers :-) What do you do with yours? The MUFA aqua cream looks lovely!

BeautyOnTheWay said...

MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Cream ~ 05 Peach looks really really pretty, I love it too!

Alby said...

hi! i am having a giveaway on my blog, it ends aug 20th, if you'd like to check it out & enter. check it out here at: http://watchthesunsett.blogspot.com/2010/07/my-first-ever-giveaway.html

thanks! lovely blog, by the way!

Jess said...

@ Tammy:
Since I asked Cat to get it for me from the US, there is no way I can return it. Maybe I'll put it to my blog sale! ;)

@ Café Bellini:
Yaa... I love cute stickers! I'm always collecting most of them (they are jsut too cute to just look at!), and stick some into my note book or into packages, hehe... and what about you?

Eva said...

waah great haul i love the aqua creams I have #6. Yeah I want to try hada labo products too! their toner is the besting selling toner in japan!

fuzkittie said...

Woot! I really can't wait to see 05 on you in a FOTD! I bet it looks gorgeous on you~ I'm loving the photo effects you're doing, so ethereal~ :]

PinkyKathy said...

I wanna try Hada Labo too!!! ^_^

P.S. Please feel free to visit my blog sale page.

Penelope said...

Hi Jess,

Congrats on winning the giveaway! The NYX cupcake glosses look amazing!! Just to let you know that I've tagged you in my recent post of '8 most worn things' x

Vonvon said...

Wow!!! That's so much so much goodies!

Lucky girl you are.... the NYX cupcake lipglosses are so cute....I couldn't find them though...:(

Hope you are feeling better now. Take care, Jess!

Kym said...

awww these are great prices! congrats on winning. the cupcake glosses are so cute!! :D

Blovet Beauty said...

Wow I want so many things u featured- sephora eyeshadow, NYC lip gloss ( adorable) and more kiss mr mascara too( amazing ) !

stellarvixen said...

haha we both did the disappearing ACT! anyhoos welcome back~ tadaiima~!

so much goodies hehe
i bought the LM Primer also :P
no complain as i like the idea is pack with vitamins and antioxidant ..
however it does smell funny lol too citrusie?!eggy?

ahh i hav a box of hadalabo mask too!
no time to tryout yet...cant wait !

ohh do review the KISSME HEROINE mscara * been thinking bout it also
instead i went and bought the Maybelline X HelloKitty :D

rillakuma stickers~ wheeee
i gotta do a post bout them soon

THanks Jess for your sweeet comments on my new hairdo! somehow me still not daring enuz to go brighter shades lolx

your hair will grow long in notime~! on its way

Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 said...

(*^ ・^)ノ⌒☆waaaa...Panda-san is really cute~~~I wanted it so badly toooo >___< b

Mona said...

what a great prize pack! congrats on winning the giveaway!

✿Ji✿ said...

The MUFE Aqua cream looks so pretty!♥

DollyKirsty said...

wow everything is sooo cute and pretty!!! :) nice blogging xxxx

izumi said...

congrats on winning the giveaway!! what awesome items :)

Jessying said...

omg so much of goodies!! cant wait to read moreeee,,

p/s: MUFE Aqua cream is so pretty :DDD

Cinnabunnie said...

hey jess! hope you are doing well and having fun on your vacation ^^ make sure to blog when you get back, well rested and such! i nominated you for the sunshine blog award!

BenchesandChandeliers said...

what an adorable blog. & those cupcakes look scrumptious.

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