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Monday, June 14, 2010

Mini Haul : Helena Rubinstein Long Lash Mascara, Sisley Phyto Teint Éclat Compact + FOTD : fuzkittie's Nature Summer Blue

Hello everyone! Check out the awesome 'I have Seoul' Giveaway of Elli Duvolle!

Who doesn't love giveaways, huh? ;)


Showing you the two items I got last week!

HELENA RUBINSTEIN Long Lash Mascara Waterproof

The tube of this mascara looks like a pen, doesn't it? Love the design!

This mascara doesn't have a regular brush for application, but comes with a slender metal spiral wand. I think the slender shape of the wand will work especially good for smaller eyes with short lashes, since you can get very close to the lashline.

According to Helena Rubinstein: 'Lengthening and thickening mascara with silk fibers for natural make-up results. Waterproof and refillable. Treatment cream enriched with silk fibers.'

SISLEY Phyto Teint Éclat Compact ~ 0 porcelaine

The foundation comes in a red plastic case, which I'm not really thrilled about, but Sisley has never really cared much about beautiful packaging. Well however...

At least it comes with a velvet sleeve, haha... The sponge is not outstanding. It's very firm and the surface is very sleek, which in my opinion doesn't allow an even application. This should not bother me too much, since I prefer applying it with a stippling brush or kabuki brush anyway.

Shade 0 porcelaine is the fairest out of all and is a perfect match for my skintone. Due to its' yellow undertone, it evens out the pink undertone and redness of my skin perfectly. The texture is amazingly silky and fine!


I don't own the Lunasol Nature Color Eyes ~ EX 01 (LE), which Fuz used for creating her Nature Summer Blue look.

However I tried to recreate the look using DIOR 1 Couleur Ultra-Smooth High Impact Eyeshadow ~ 616 Golden Spotlight (Summer 2010) and blue shades from CHANEL Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow ~ 92 Bleu Célestes.

- Shimmery beige cream shadow allover the lid as a base (I used Lunasol Shining Water Eyes ~ EX 04 Shining Beige)

- Line the eyes and lower lashline completey using a dark blue liner (I used Lunasol Contrasting W Eyeliner ~ 03 Dark Blue)

STEP 3 (the tricky part!)
- dark blue eyeshadow in the inner corners creating a 'inner V', in the outer corners, and 1/2 of the lower lashline inwards
- gold eyeshadow (Dior 1 Couleur Ultra-Smooth High Impact Eyeshadow ~ 616 Golden Spotlight) in the middle of your eyelids


- light blue shade in the inner corners and 1/2 along the lashline outwards
- blend well to soften out the harshness
- curl lashes and apply mascara (I'm using Helena Rubinstein Long Lash Mascara)

That's it! I really really hate it, when the eyelash curler mess up the upper eyeliner! Should get used to curl the lashes as a first step I think...

I still have to get used to the Helena Rubinstein Long Lash Mascara! It has a very creamy consistency which easily smudges when applying it not carefully. I'm not very impressed with the outcome here.

I think, it does a pretty good job at lengthening, since it has silk fibers in it, but it is not as curling and lifting as Shiseido Lasting Lift Mascara (which is still my holy grail mascara).

For base makeup I'm using The Body Shop Concealer Pencil ~ 01 to cover my dark under-eye are and red spots, and Sisley Phyto Teint Éclat Compact ~ o porcelaine.

The foundation has a buildable coverage without looking powdery at all. It is super lightweight! Perfect for summer, but it has no SPF (at least it is not indicated explicitly).

Sisley Phyto Teint Éclat Compact is - like mentioned before - amazingly silky and fine. The TBS Concealer Pencil ~ 01 is really good for covering red spots. It's not drying, but not the best for my dry under-eye area.

Oh my god, my deep neck lines are awful! Wearing custom-made earrings by Moto Jewelry! Natural pink cheeks with Maquillage Face Creator 3D ~ 66.

For some reason, my lips are extremely pigmented today! Thus they show up super pink, although I'm wearing a translucent lipgloss only!

A heavily picnik-ed photo for you! :)


- The Body Shop Concealer Pencil ~ 01
- Sisley Phyto Teint Éclat ~ 0 porcelaine

- Maquillage Face Creator 3D ~ 55

- Chanel Lèvres Scintillance Glossimer ~ 121 Beige Guitar

- Dior 1 Couleur Ultra-Smooth High Impact Eyeshadow ~ 616 Golden Spotlight
- Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow ~ 92 Bleu Célestes
- Lunasol Contrasting W Eyeliner ~ 03 Dark Blue
- Helena Rubinstein Long Lash Mascara Waterproof

For doing a 'inner V' eye makeup for the first time ever, I think I did an okay job, hehe... what do you think?

Hmm... I seriously start questioning myself now, if I still need to get my hands on the Lunasol Nature Color Eyes ~ EX 01 (LE)?! Maybe I should save up for the fall collection instead? Have a great week ahead!

Stay pretty!
Stay Ohh... pretty!


Tammy said...

Jess, fantastic haul as always! Too bad to hear about the mascara though :/ Maybe it'll be better once it ages a few weeks^^
Love the FOTD :)

Leenda said...

Whoaaa the wand on that mascara looks so different. Too bad it didn't work as well as you had hoped. =/ Love the look by the way.

Jian said...

HI Jess!!

Love the look today! Very pretty! =) I think you gave Fuz a run for her money xD

And also..that HR mascara looks SOO cool! I totally would have got it too..but oh wait. HR PULLED OUT OF THE UK!!!!!!!!!! T_______________T I'm so distraught right now. Would you mind reviewing it anyway? It looks too cool to say no to.

I've never used anything by sisley before, but the powder looks good! Gives you a beautiful flawless finish (but I think maybe because your skin is always flawless? xD)

Lulu said...

love the blue look, and you did it very nicely :) oo that mascara wand looks really interesting! i want to give it a try now, because I usually have trouble picking up my short bottom lashes w/ a regular mascara wand! thanks for sharing :)

miss wiggle said...

You look very sultry with this look! :D Sorry to hear the mascara didn't work out - it's wand looks SO much like the Jill Stuart one that Fuz hauled, and she seems to like it. The difference must be in the formula, eh?

LS said...

oh wow lovely haul. the HR mascara looks super nice. i wish i got it when i had the chance. love your FOTD too it's very wearable for both day and night!

Vonvon said...

The dark blue on the lower lash line adds a touch of class to the whole look. Very nice EOTD.

And the HR mascara is cool. Love the gold pen packaging. If I am not mistaken, Clarins also has a mascara with similar-looking wand.

sizbelle said...

i have the HR mascara but the fatty tube version and i like it

pretty blue! i never have luck with blue..

i need that maquillage blush! you are fuz are using it so often.

Askmewhats said...

I am super intrigued with the HR mascara..i am loving the wand, I can tell it does lengthen your lashes!

Great job on the looks..as always pretty girl!

coffretgorge said...

very nice haul jess! :)

when i saw that HR mascara I was like oh no! i just bought 3 mascaras in HK and now i see this cool looking 'scara. LOL but when you mentioned it smudges easily, im off the hook hahaha! i do hope it gets better as you wear it ;)

you do blue really well :)

im also thinking of getting the LE lunasol palettes >:)

Shanghainesedumpling said...

I have tried that body shop concealer before, it was pretty good, not sure why i stopped using it though

Let us know how the Sisley goes, I love sisley's liquid foundation, you should give that a try when you have a chance :) it's got that suction feeling once you apply it on your face it gives me a very snuggle fit kinda feeling. :)

Anonymous said...

you really ought to wear blues more often as it suits you very very very well. i have been wondering about HR mascara for the longtest time and you just sparked my lemming again! i thik i need to check it out ASAP.

GARNET said...

that mascara looks so chick.Also i love how you do the eye makeup,it makes your eyes pop

acutelife said...

I cant remember whether I have said this to you or not but you look like one of my best friend back in my hometown :D
anyway I got the eyedrops from sasa.com! :) you should try if you are a heavy contacts user.
btw, I notice u live in austria, do you know what is nice about vienna (beside of course the buildings, views, etc), what is a must dos there?Im planning to visit vienna for 3 days (too short i know but thats all i can spare) :D

Sheila said...

Wow, that mascara looks very interesting! Is the casing real metal or just plastic made to look like metal? You can keep it on you when you finish the mascara and use it to fend off scary ppl on the street because it looks like a weapon XD

I agree about how creaminess in mascara really sucks. I use Clinique's high impact curling mascara now (the sample we got in Vienna!) and I love it, its lengthening, somewhat volumizing and can hold a curl like no other, but its so creamy so I have to wait until it sorta dries to do anything else with my eyes.

You look so adorable in all your pictures, and no one even noticed your necklines until you started pointing them out! lol. Have more confidence in yourself (and your neck lines =P) ^__^

galpal.hi said...

Great haul!

Your EOTD is beautiful. I think that the choices you made to create a similar look to the Lunasol palette are awesome. I was also thinking of getting this Lunasol palette but I'm leaning towards waiting to see what the fall collection will be like.

Thank you for sharing!


BeautyOnTheWay said...

wow! I like the way you line your eyes this time, it's different from before but very pretty!

'chelle said...

Nice haul!

What a beautiful FOTD as always. I love your tuts btw, you make it look so simple! Must try this with similar colours some time =)

AnnaYJia said...

wow ~ the packaging of the HR mascara is awesome ! so bad we don't have it in Malaysia T_T

Yes I hate every time my upper liner gone when I use the eyelash curler too ! sigh...it's really too bad >_<

fuzkittie said...

You look gorrrgeous with blues Jess, I say that every single time, lol. The Sisley powder looks sooo smooth and fine! And the HB mascara's brush looks like Jill Stuart's!

Crystal/Cherry said...

I thinkt the mascara brush looks really likw the Jill Stuart one Fuz got. You got the sisly foundation! Wow, I have heard a lot of good things about sisley. Please do a review on it!^0^

Anonymous said...

I hope you'll tell us more about the mascara - I don't know what to make of that wand! Does it really work?
And your step-by-step make-up tutorial is just like out of a Japanese magazine! Very cool :-)

Anonymous said...

Aww I love your take on Fuz's Lunasol Blue nature palette looK! Gorgeous and sexy XD

the foundation is giving you a lovely flawless look! :D The mascara also looks really good, does it remove easily? I'll have a look around at duty-free ;)

...SimMiChikO said...

i simply can't get enough of helena rubenstein! they come in the coolest designs!

:: Antelope :: said...

I really love the Lunasol eyes palette, think will go to get one~ Love the Dior too, but found that it's just too expensive in M'sia T.T

izumi said...

thank you for featuring my earrings! i'm oh so glad that they reached you safely -- i am still grumbling about the post system! >__<

i love this look! so fresh and pretty <3 and the wand of the mascara is super interesting!

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