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Friday, June 18, 2010

Haul : Est, Coffret D'or, Lunasol from Mihokoshop + Shiseido, Estee Lauder, Clarins + FOTD : Nude Neutral Look with Est Emotion Aura Eyes 03

First of all, showing you the goodies I got from Mihokoshop this week!

Est Emotional Aura Eyes ~ 03

Yay, my first Est palette! I'm really thrilled about it! The case is amazingly beautiful and feels very sturdy! Love the square design a lot!

I decided to get 03, because I wanted a neutral one, just to be on the safe side. This palette reminds me of the Dior 5-Colour Eye Shadow ~ 609 Earth Reflection, which again has been scrounged by my sister, haha... But the shades of Est Emotional Aura Eyes ~ 03 is more flattering for Asian skintones!

I must admit that I thought the shades looked a bit sheer and boring when I opened it, but I was totally wrong!

As to the texture of the shadows, its honestly the best I've ever come across so far!

It's just too amazing to explain it in words, haha... Best described as buttery soft and super silky to the touch - except of the darkest shade, which feels a bit chalky, yet still applies smoothly. The color payoff is excellent too. All in all, it blew my mind! I have to get more Est palettes, hehe...!

Especially looking forward to the fall collection 2010! If Est wasn't just so expensive! But the quality is definitely there, and all palettes are so well-designed!

Source of Image: rougedeluxe.blogspot.com

COFFRET D'OR Color Mixing Eyes ~ 02 Blue-Green Mix

Typical priness-y Coffret D'or case.

Yay, finally a palette with green and blue together! The bright shades are so pretty for a fresh summer look!

All shades are very smooth to the touch and have nice pretty shimmer, which I like a lot!

COFFRET D'OR TD Eyes ~ 04 Grey Tones

Pretty much the same case like the CM Eyes.

I have been looking high and low for a palette with a soft and cool toned purple in it, and this is it!

The purple is neutral enough to make it a great everyday palette!

LUNASOL Nail Finish ~ 43 Pearlish Rose

This nail polish indeed has a pearlish finish, yet I can't see any rose. It's rather a peachy color, which is very flattering on fair Asian skintones! Makes my hands look so bright, hehe... Will do a nail swatch of this soon!


Onto the products I got from the mall in exchange for the Sisley Phyto Teint Éclat Compact Foundation and Helena Rubinstein Long Lash Mascara!

If you have read my previous post, you might still remember I said that I'm going to return those two products. The Sisely Phyto Teint Éclat Compact Foundation provides a very smooth and even finish, which I liked a lot, but sadly it was too drying. It caused some dry flaky patches. I think it's an excellent powder foundation for combination to oilier skin types, but definitely not for dry skin.

As to the Helena Rubinstein Long Lash Mascara, it went back, because it irritated my eyes, which got red and itchy. It's not the best mascara in terms of curling/lifting up my straight and firm Asian lashes either. So, I'm not too sad about having to return it, haha...

SHISEIDO Sheer Matifying Compact Long Lasting Oil-Free Foundation SPF 10 ~ I00 Very Light Ivory

Comes in a sleek and elegant compact.

I00 Very Light Ivory is the lightest shade available of this product. Good match for my skintone. Not yellow toned enough for my liking, but luckily not pink toned either! The powder itself feels very smooth and not dry at all, although it is oil-free.

I actually used to love powder foundations that can be applied with a moistened sponge! Yay for it's non-comedogenic! :)

SHISEIDO Luminizing Satin Face Color ~ RD 103 Petal

Same sleek and elegant compact as the foundation.

This blush looks much darker in the pan, and also not very attracting, huh? But it's actually a really pretty peachy pink color when applied onto the cheeks!

It's quite pigmented, but the texture is smooth enough to be blended effortlessly.

SHISEIDO Perfect Rouge ~ BE 208 Baby

This lipstick has been on my wishlist for quite a while now! BE 103 Baby is a nude beige color with hints of pink and peach to it.

The texture is very creamy and moisturizing! Pigmentation is medium in one layer and full with a second. Great for pigmented lips!

For some weird reason my lipstick swatches on the back of my hand always show up that red. It actually does not look like this at all on the lips!

The proof! ;)

ESTEE LAUDER Sumptuous Waterproof Bold Volume Lifting Mascara

I heard lots of raves about this mascara, so how could I resist to give it a try myself!

The brush wand is rather big, yet very comfortable to use even though I have such small Asian eyes with shorter lashes. I've tried it already, and it is awesome when it comes to volumizing! It does a good job at lengthening and holding the curl too! Furthermore, it's 100% smudge-proof (which I couldn't say from the Helena Rubinstein Long Lash Mascara!)!!

CLARINS Instant Eye make-Up Remover

This has been my favorite eye makeup remover for a couple of years, and now going back to use it, hehe...

In fact, it keeps what it claims 100%.

CLARINS Huile Lotus Face Treatment Oil

Got this to use as a face massage oil. I got a sample of this and it works really good. My skin looked so relaxed and clear the next day! I intend to do a face massage once to twice a week now. Hope, I don't get lazy, haha...

I don't leave it over night as it is supposed to. I rinse it off with warm water after massaging, and follow with a toner and moisturizer to complete my skincare routine.


My nude neutral look I did using the Est Emotional Aura Eyes 03, and all the new Shiseido stuff! Cam-whoring time! (^- ^)

The shades of Est Emotional Aura Eyes ~ 03 go together so well! Remember I said, that I was a bit disappointed when I opened it, since the shadows looked kinda boring in the pan? But the outcome of the look is not boring at all, eh?! ;)

Applied it exactly the way it's pictured in the Est booklet.

My personal favorite neutral eye makeup so far! And I think, my eyes looked even better in real life than in the photos, hehe... using the Estee Lauder Sumptuous Waterproof Bold Volume Lifting Mascara here. Not bad, huh?

I'm bad at describing, but it's like a 'invisible depth' it creates to my eyes. Sorry, if I don't make sense at all, haha...

The eyeshadows are very long lasting! Stayed without creasing or fading until late night!

Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Color ~ RD 103 Petal on my cheeks. I told you that this blush looks so much prettier when applied, didn't I? Shiseido Perfect Rouge ~ BE 208 Baby is the perfect lipstick to match! ;)

Gotta apply some hydrating face masks! My skin is especially dry/dehydrated recently! Argh!

I like the Shiseido Sheer Matifying Compact a lot! Applied it with a moistened sponge, which provides me a smooth and even finish. Coverage is medium, but build-able, and the powder doesn't sink into the pores. But I noticed, it does slightly accentuate the dryness of my skin, so be sure to wear a good mosisturizer beforehand, if your skin is a bit on the drier side!

Lastly, my favorite picture! I hope, I didn't make you sick with all the pictures, haha... But I hope, you liked my nude neutral look! ;)


- Dior Diorskin Sculpt Lifting Smoothing Concealer ~ 001 Ivoire / Ivory
- Shiseido Sheer Matifying Compact ~ I00 Very Light Ivory

- Shiseido Luminizing Face Color ~ RD 103 Petal

- Shiseido Rouge Perfect ~ BE 203 Baby

- Est Emotional Aura Eyes ~ 03
- Maquillage Dramatical Gel Liner ~ BR 652
- Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Stay pretty!
Stay Ohh... pretty!


superwoolu said...

ahh so jealous of your haul jess!! i want to try EST now!! but it's sooo expensive :(

did you see my swatch on pearlish rose?? i lavvvvvv this polish!! but i need to find a dupe so I dont have to keep on replacing it :p

izumi said...

WOW the est palette looks great~ then again i love your entire haul :D i love the blush on you! and the shiseido lipstick!

Sheila said...

Oh wow, love your haul! The EST palette is SO pretty, but I dunno if its available in Hong Kong, if it is I'm gonna grab one for myself too! From your description of the textures, I feel that a lot of Asian brand eyeshadows have that almost wet feel to them when Western ones are definitely more powdery.

I really like Sumptuous Mascara too! But I've never tried the waterproof version, is it hard to remove at all?

Fanny said...

love this pretty make-up ^^

Askmewhats said...

I love your make up Jess super neat and super pretty! And the palette is just the most beautiful palette I've seen!

Shanghainesedumpling said...

What a great haul you did Jess :) I love Shiseido's foundation too but mine was something else but i can't remember now cos I had it about 5 years ago :) it's very smooth & good coverage but don't look too cakey isn't it :)


i really want to try the EST palettes too now! too bad i can't order anything until september when i get back from korea and get settled in ) :
but i'll have so much to bring back from korea too!! haha ( :

galpal.hi said...

Everything in your haul is wonderful! I loved the eye palettes.

Your FOTD is so beautiful! Loved your eye makeup. Great job!

Thank you!


galpal.hi said...

I forgot to say that the mascara is awesome on you.


GARNET said...

That mascara looks so fabulos,hopw i can get it here.You seem to like powder foundation,why dont you try liquid or gel foundation?I personally think i look better with liquid foundation than with powder foundation.

shy said...

Ahh.. so many new eyeshadow palettes!
Wanna try try try!! ;D

Tammy said...

Hey Jess, love the look on you, it looks so natural and pretty :) The Shiseido lipstick makes your lips look so cute and kissable lol I'm really wanting to try their lippies now XD

Anonymous said...

wow i really like this lot! not sure why but suddenly i like all the jap e/s palettes in your pictures. they just look, different! maybe your pale skin makes those colours extra pigmented...


also, i thank you for the quick review on Clarins eye mu remover. i have been wondering about it. glad you agree with its claim 100%. now i am impressed. i will give it a try once i go back to KL. i have a dear old account there that i'd better keep up as they do great promo. :P

i am also liking the shiseido perfect rouge. i found a replace HG shade in it and very very very happy with the purchase. but now you are temping me with a different shade!

EL mascasra is excellent in general. so anyway, this lot is some killer haul deal. great deal!

Anna said...

How cute is that last photo???? The blush is gorgeous, I think you really suit more coloured cheeks rather than neutral/natural ones. And isn't that Est palette just perfect? I love the shimmery softness of Asian eye shadows, major envy!! WIll have to try the Lotus oil myself, I just wish you would stop making me add stuff on my wishlist, as if it wasn't long enough already ;))
Have a great weekend! xx

Dina (XYYan) said...

Great haul! The palettes look so pretty, and the FOTD is really gorgeous :)

Blair said...

Oh my, est!!! *drools*

Did you read/get my replies on Twitter?

Blair said...

Jess, I was too busy drooling over est that I forgot to comment about the other products that you got + your FOTD!

I can see why you love your est quad, it really makes your neutral look pop!

Please do a look with your new Coffret D'or quads! They swatch so beautifully =]

miss wiggle said...

Hmm, I agree - this is my favorite neutral eye look from you so far! Very clean, and a little sensual (dare I say, "emotional"?!)~ :D

eri said...

jess! you are like the queen of hauls! i love it :) you should show us your makeup collection, i bet it's huge! hahaha.

love the look always so fresh :)

DesignerSpray said...

This is one mother haul! LOVE.

I like Earth Reflection, mainly because I am a neutral shadow whore.

Peace & Love


Crystal/Cherry said...

OMG, I am so awfully jealous! Haha, I want to try EST so badly, but it is just so super expensive. Anyway, you just make me want to try it more. I heard the texture is even better than some of the Lunasol palettes! You eyes look simply gorgeous!^0^

Jess said...

Yes, I saw your awesome swatch! ;)

Sheila, it's not as hard to remove as the Shiseido Lasting Lift Mascara, haha... but you'll of course need to use eye makeup remover that is for wp makeup. ;)

Yeah, I usually prefer powder foundations over liquid, simply because my sensitive skin likes that better for some reason.

Haha, I'm always intrigued by lemming for new stuff by other beauty bloggers too! :p

miss wiggle:
Yep, they do look emotion, huh? Haha... :)

♥akisa♥ said...

I want to try that massage oil! Your EST palette shades are just like Guerlain's Bal de Nuit palette (#408). You're so good at doing the "added depth" EOTD!! I should practice mine more.

Anonymous said...

beautiful neutral! love this look on you :)

fabulous haul! you're so lucky you can swap back cosmetic that doesn't work for something else.. doesn't apply in Uk or Japan!

Lisa ✿✿✿ said...

I love the coffret d'or palette, I love the bright colors and contrasts.

The est eyeshadow I need to try...heehee I got my eyes set on those. You look lovely, its such a sophisticated look and your lashes look amazing =)

Vonvon said...

Great great haul! Love all the palettes.

Very nice nude EOTD.

Whitney said...

wow! okay, so when you say it's the est is the best you've ever seen/used- do you mean the best eyeshadows ever? or the best all time palette ever?

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

That really IS a haul! :D Love all the palettes you got, & I'm a fan of Clarins too :)

Twiggy said...

wow! luv your haul! man, i'm totally lemming the est palette, and you did a beautiful fotd with that! i can't wait for you to show us the other palettes you bought. thank you so much for sharing all of your knowledge and goodies with us!

Jess said...

I would say, it's the best eyeshadow palette in terms of texture, color combination and the fact it flattery my fair Asian skintone so beautifully.

Jian said...

Hi Jess! Wow..why do you always buy such PRETTY AND NICE THINGS?? T___T Always makes me want to buy them too!!

The nude neutral look is super pretty! Not sick of pictures at all! I love blogs with loads of pictures. Hahah

stellarvixen said...

Jess oh Jess definitely feels nice to be you! with so many topnotch beautiful cosmetic palettes *giggle

i tot so too that EST quad color is boring&sheer from the magazines haha
both you and Blair prove me WRONG!
luv the swatches~ those colors are good indeed liking the soft pink & grey/bronze ashy ~ good buy!
you shading & blending has improved babe! i can see contour *haha or was it EST magic!

huuray for coffret D'or palettes!
we got the same one this summer lolx~ cant wait for you EOTD too!
thank you for your sweeet comments ;)

i hav the other greyTones palette too!its my fool-proof palette if i want some lilac & grey!perhaps i can do EOTD soon and share with you

those shiseido looks awesome too!
the lippie on your lips are smacking!

what a haul~~ muahahhahhhaa

BeautyOnTheWay said...

Wow...Jess, I loooooove this look! the Est palette is really pretty! I'm going to check it out now.....

fuzkittie said...

AMAZING haul! And the neutral EST colors look amazing on you~ I think you look best in blue, and then in neutrals! Haha, you do greys well too~

milktea said...

You've got me sold on the Baby lipstick! (unusual naming from Shiseido isn't it?) Must check if it's here in Malaysia :-)

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