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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

FOTD : Soft Summer Green + Current Hair Care Routine

Although I get a lot of compliments when I wear blue eyeshadows, I still feel more comfortable with greens for some reason, hehe...

So, a green look again!

MAC Eye Shadow ~ Nylon, MAC Eye Shadow ~ Juxt, dark green from Lunasol Star Shower Eyes ~ 02 Medium Night


- bright green (MAC Eye Shadow ~ Juxt) allover the lid and along the lower lashline
- pale gold (MAC Eye Shadow ~ Nylon) above the green to soften it

- dark green along the lashline and blend it slightly upwards a bit above the crease, on the outer corner to add some depth to the eyes, and blend it about 1/2 along the lower lashline into the bright green


- line the upper lid


- accentuate the inner corner of the eyes

Curl the lashes and apply mascara and you are done! Sorry, but for some weird reason I actually forgot to take a close up of the finished eye, haha... oops!

I'm still struggling with the Helena Rubinstein Long Lash Mascara yet... it's weird, cause it gave me amazingly long lashes when I tried it out at the counter! Tammy said, maybe it will get better once it ages a few weeks, haha... I actually had exactly the same thought!

But apart from that, I suspect it to be a bit irritating, as I feel sort of a itchiness around the eyes since I'm using it. So, I'll probably try to return it.

Phhhh, the eyeliner got messed up by the lash curler again! Can you tell, I'm super annoyed about that? Not mentioning that all colors on my eyes seem to have disappeared at once too... @%"#?\"(&^°~

MAC Mineralize Blush ~ Improvise is still one of my favorite peachy blushes! Don't know why I look especially tan in this photo here! I didn't change anything! Same lighting actually!

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté ~ 30 Faubourg Peach and Estee Lauder Michael Kors Very Hollywood Lip Gloss ~ 34 Starlet Peach on the lips. It's weird that my lips show rather pink than peach in the photos! It's much peachier in real life though!

I must do some anti-aging facial massage more regularly! My cheek parts are starting to sag... argh! (^- ^)

Oh, and I'm going to return the Sisley Phyto Teint Éclat Foundation too, because it dries out my skin, although it claims to be 'anti-dehydrating'.

I got some dry flaky patches since I started using it. It's a pity actually, because it does provide a great finish, which is even and smooth without looking any powdery at all. I think this is a great powder foundation for combination to oilier skin types, but not for dry skin.


- The Body Shop Concealer Pencil ~ 01
- Sisley Phyto Teint Éclat ~ 0 porcelaine
- Guerlain Météorites Powder ~ 03 Beige Chic

- MAC Mineralize Blush ~ Improvise

- Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté ~ 30 Faubourg Peach
- Estee Lauder Michael Kors Very Hollywood Lip Gloss ~ 34 Starlet Peach

- MAC Eye Shadow ~ Nylon
- MAC Eye Shadow ~ Juxt
- Lunasol Star Shower Eyes ~ 02 Medium Night (shades 1 and 4 from the palette)
- Lunasol Contrasting W Eyeliner ~ 02 Olive Green
- Helena Rubinstein Long Lash Mascara


My hair is super unruly and frizzy lately, which I think you can't see, since I cropped the pictures, haha... My natural thick Asian hair is prone to dryness all the time, especially towards the hair tips. I can put on the richest treatments, creams, or anything - my hair just doesn't want to absorb the nutrients. Anyway, just wanted to give you a quick idea of the condition of my hair.

My current daily hair care routine consists of the Kiehl's Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Shampoo and the Kiehl's Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak. Yes, I know the mask is supposed to be used once to twice a week as an intensive treatment, but having enormously firm and dry hair, I use this every time in place of a conditioner.

I like both products, but Kiehl's is hard to get here and the retail price is also terribly high, since there is only one single flaghship store in Austria to get the products from.

Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Shampoo


  • With Avocado Oil, Lemon Extract, and Olive Fruit Oil
  • For dehydrated, damaged hair
  • Inspired by traditional home recipes
  • Leaves hair soft without weighing it down
  • Not tested on animals

Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak

  • With Avocado Oil, Lemon Extract, and Olive Fruit Oil
  • For dehydrated, damaged hair
  • Inspired by traditional home recipes
  • Prevents future damage from environmental stresses
  • Not tested on animals
Source of Product Information and Images:

As a finishing product, I have been using the Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream for some time, but I ran out of it (which was my second tube already) lately. So yesterday, I got the John Frieda Frizz Ease Secret Weapon Flawless Finishing Crème from the drugstore to try, which is much cheaper than Fekkai!

Secret Weapon® Flawless Finishing Crème

  • Exceptional crème, applied to dried hair, instantly transforms puffy, parched hair into a perfectly smooth, supple, shiny texture.
  • Replaces natural oils lost to blow-drying and daily styling stress.
  • Works instantly on dry hair to camouflage imperfections by smoothing away dullness, puffiness and frayed split ends.
  • Immediately restores "silkening" moisture to "quench" parched hair.
  • Creates ultra-glossy, supple hair with an incredibly healthy-looking finish.
  • Contains sunscreen.

I think the promises sound great, but we will see if it keeps them! ;)


Source of Product Information and Product Image: johnfrieda.com


A sneak peek of my haul from Mihokoshop that I received today early morning!

Stay pretty!
Stay Ohh... pretty!


Tammy said...

Oooh I can't wait to see the closeups of your haul there!

You're so right about blue being a way more adventurous colour though. I love the look of blues but it's scary--maybe Mimi destroyed it long ago and the stigma of her is attached to blue eyeshadow now! XD

I don't know if you actually did get tanned but I'm loving the way your skin looks so sun-kissed and glowy in these photos^^

galpal.hi said...

Hi Jess!

Thanks for commenting on my blog the other day. I fell asleep last night while watching tv so I didn't get a chance to reply to comments. Here I am today at work sneaking peeks at blogs. I'm really bored at work and the day has only started.

Anyway, lovely EOTD and beautiful FOTD! You always look so pretty. I actually just picked up MAC's Humid, which is a medium green. I haven't had much success using greens but when I used this, I think that it'll work with my skintone.

I love Sisley's products too but they are just too expensive for me to justify buying and wearing.

For me, with both skincare and haircare, I like to rotate my products because I find that my skin/hair gets immune to the products properties. I was trying to rotate every 6 months and/or when I find that the product isn't as effective as before.

Good luck in finding replacement products for your hair. I know how difficult it can be.


Café Bellini said...

I love MAC's Mineralize blushes and Improvise is one of my favourites! But it was limited edition so I hardly use it. Silly, isn't it?!

Crystal/Cherry said...

can't wait for your haul post^0^

Lulu said...

you pulled off the fresh green nicely! i love green too, i rem for a while during freshman of college, i used to dust on green shadow everyday, no contour or anything, just green...not really the bestest makeup sense now that i know more about makeup applications hahha, but it was a really sheer green so it helped to brighten up my face a lot :)

i want faubourg peach!!!

miss wiggle said...

I just can't do green or blue washes on my lids for some reason. It just makes me look deathly. *SIGH* I LOVE greens though, haha~ just wish I could wear it them, he he.

OOO... is that an EST palette? :D

superwoolu said...

need to see haul details! XD and totally love the green! wish I can pull off green but just looked like I have an early bruised eye (you know when the bruise is still forming and it's greenish/yellow =P)

fuzkittie said...

OOoo you're teasing us on your haul!! Love greens on you! Very springy~ I think the blush looks adorable on you. I'm liking the lighting in your photos!

Lisa ✿✿✿ said...

Beautiful Fotd... You ar great with your camera too ^^ My favourite color is green so I love this eye makeup look.

I also love using frederic Fekkai, I have the thermal hair oil,works wonders for my hair on a humid day!

Love your haul, I got some new coffret d'or for this summer too,looks like we like similar things...lol

Have a great day =)

♥Mishi à la mode♥ said...

The green looks nice on you... it's a pretty hard look to pull off on asians but you did it really nicely!



Jess said...

Haha, yep I like the kinda sunkissed complexion in the photos too! ;)

I have Humid too, it's an awesome green shade!

Café Bellini:
I actually use Improvise a lot! :p

I think bright greens really brighten up the complexion, and yes get Faubourg Peach! :p

Yay, the colors actually show up more 'real' in natural light!

Lisa ✿✿✿:
Oh, please show us your recent summer goodies soon! Yep, I've also noticed that our taste is similar! Yay! ;)

♥Mishi à la mode♥
Thank you!

Askmewhats said...

Looking at the green eyeshadow I wouldn't have thought it'll look good on the lids! I haven't tried wearing it, but you've done a great job!

Dina (XYYan) said...

Love the greens on you! I've never tried green e/s on me, I should definitely try it one day :D

coffretgorge said...

the green eyeshadows made you eyes more alive and sparkly jess! lovely earrings too! :)

i really want to try faubourg peach! :) its so pretty!

Shanghainesedumpling said...

THanks for sharing Jess, I admire your green :) i could never wear green...

Let us know how you go with those hair products :)

GARNET said...

Whoa i love how you do your eyes,so pretty.You ínspired me,i'll try green someday.Love the cheek color too.You know how to make your face pop.Great look,sis

Mona said...

you wear green well!

what a tease with the haul pic :P

~tHiAmErE~ said...

oh my!
you look great in green,hun!

green suits you. i like how casual yet elegant you look

same with me, my hair became super dry that those 'once-a-week' treatment is what i use to replace my regular conditioner.

Nic Nic said...

I think you sport both green and blue SO well!!

You blended really beautifully there :D

I think I'm going to check out the YSL Volupte when I'm at duty-free. The colours always look gorgeous on you!

Ahh nice routine there.. I am soo lazy with my hair and it needs cutting >_<

I think you should a video tutorial :D

Kelly said...

Love the light green look. I also need to start taking better of my hair as well. It seems that my hair gets drier from the sun in the summer. I haven't tried any of the Kiehl stuff but may check it out. Thanks for the post.

Pop Champagne said...

ohh I heart John Frieda!! and the Yves Saint Laurent lippy looks great on you, it's a really nice color

Robolegojupiter said...

Hi Jess,

Yes, I changed some things. But the title Planetary Nanoda used to be in the "blog description" part XD.

Life in Austria....yea that's what I wanted to talk to you about. Let me know if you can do a phone session!

LS said...

i've always been a fan of green and blue but those colors only look great when done right and you did a perfect job on yours! it looks so fresh and clean on you. love the base makeup too. i cant wait to see your haul post!

Vonvon said...

Very nice and natural EOTD. Nicely blended.

izumi said...

greens look just as good on you as blues :D i believe it's your application methods! very suitable for your eye shape :)

stellarvixen said...

sexy green siren!
nicee smokey effect!
you hav an amazing range of products for makeups!!!

Yumeko said...

you are working the spring colors!
love it
cant wait to seemore

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