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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

FOTD : Chanel Rouge Allure #36 Darling + The Body Shop Nature Minerals Foundation SPF 15

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? I apologize for the unexpected hiatus! Hmm... maybe nobody even noticed that I have been away, haha... Anyways, I didn't make it to blog due to some things/changes going on. I hope, things will be back to 'usual' soon again though... I missed blogging a lot!

I did my makeup with one of my favorite palettes, which is the Esprique Precious Dress On Shiny Eyes ~ C-4 today.

Photos taken in front of a window in natural light today! Let me know, if it's better!

Hm, my skin is slightly out of balance again, hence the blotchy complexion! :/ I think it's due to the weather change, since the temperature climbed from 15° Celsius to about 28° Celsius at once!

Aren't these shades just beautiful! Like Fuz said, there is probably no dupe for that palette! I agree!

The texture and shimmer are both awesome! I think Esprique Precious Dress On Shiny Eyes is one of the best eyeshadow palettes.

On my cheeks I'm wearing The Body Shop Nature Mineral's Cheek Colour ~ 01 pink quartz. It's kind of a rosewood color on the warm side with a hint of copper to it.

The shimmer is very fine and gives a natural glow.

Chanel Rouge Allure ~ 36 Darling on my lips. I like the smooth and lightweight texture a lot. It also feels to be very moisturizing unlike Rouge Coco, which I find pretty drying actually. Depending on your natural lip color this will turn out slightly different, since it has a sheerer pigmentation.

Very elegant and feminine shade, that's perfect for work too! Hope you liked the look!



- Dior Diorskin Sculpt Lifting Smoothing Concealer ~ 001 Ivoire / Ivory
- Jill Stuart Moist Silk Powder Foundation ~ 101 Linen

- The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Cheek Colour ~ 01 pink quartz
- Chanel Rouge Allure ~ 36 Darling

- Esprique Precious Dress On Shiny Eyes ~ C-4
- Makeup For Ever Aqua Eyes ~ 0L
- Shiseido Lasting Lift Mascara ~ black


Now, I'm going to show you what I looked like with The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Foundation SPF25 on! I got shade 00, which is he fairest yellow toned available. I promise, you will enjoy the picture, haha...!

Now, get shocked (like I was, when I looked into the mirror)!

I didn't disappoint you, huh? This was about 15 minutes after application actually! Look at my carrot face! @"!?%'#=§+*/

This product went back immediately! Seriously, I never had a foundation that oxidized like that!!!!! Of course, I took everything off my face before leaving the house, haha...

Besides the heavy oxidation, the pore coverage is very decent either. Sorry, Body Shop this foundation really sucks!!


I got my new Chanel glasses today! Faster than primary expected, yay! My old one by Versace broke by accident. :/

Isn't the spectacle case awesome? ;)

Please ignore my messy hair and dorky look! Just came home from an exhausting shopping trip, haha...

I like the small Chanel logo! I have yet to go back to the optometrist, since the vision is not perfect. Argh!


For your viewing pleasure, I'm leaving you with a sneak peek of my mini haul! Details to come soon!

Hope you like my new blog layout too!

Stay pretty!
Stay Ohh... pretty!


Juli said...

I definitely like the natural lighting pics :] but of course either is fine! i see my earrings! o: did you want me to use one of those pics in my sidebar? haha

the glasses look good on you!

miss wiggle said...

Wow Jess! You looks SO CUTE in glasses! *is shocked at the cuteness* xD

That lipstick looks like a perfect mauvey-pink on you! I hope it turns out the same on my lips he he~

eri said...

LOVE the chanel glasses :)
OMG...i have never seen something oxidize that much! i wonder if you bought a defective one? i hope you told them when you returned it!

Anonymous said...

OMG! on that body shop thing. So NATURAL! lol

save it for halloween. :P

love the sunglasses.

Askmewhats said...

Jess! Your eyes look HUGE in this FOTD! I love the way you did your lower lashline!!!!!

fuzkittie said...

OMG I can't believe the TBS mineral foundation oxidized THAT MUCH!!! That's terrible.. mine wasn't that bad, it just didn't look too perfect on me.

LOvE the Chanel lip color AND glasses!! You look perfect Jess! Makes me want some Chanel glasses, haha.

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I agree, the eyeshadow palette is VERY unique! So pretty! :) The colors are gorgeous and very jewel-like.

LOL @ your carrot face :( I think you have pinker undertones, definitely not yellow! :) They are terrible @ coordinating skin color. I don't think anyone's face is that orange! :p

Crystal/Cherry said...

Love your new glasses, I think they really fit you well. I love cool tone palettes on you, it looks so subtle and nice, but I always think cool tone colors looks too exaggerating on me, but anyway. Haha, I like yout "carrot face" picture!^0^

blushforyou said...

Jess! omg!!! lol I'm glad you returned that foundation :|

Gorgeous look, you're glowing in the natural light...seriously... ha

and cute glasses, I'm going to get a few new pairs too! sexy secretary look?..

Jess xox

superwoolu said...

i missed your posts!! and omgoshhhh that foundation is REALLY bad... at least it oxidized before you left the house!!! and totally love your new frames!!

Shanghainesedumpling said...

Wow Jess I love this look on you the lip stick is very pretty I'm going to go to the store and check out that shade tomorrow :)

Also love your new glasses, so classic!!! you have such good taste

Lulu said...

oh no!!! what a sucky powder :( it's so shocking how much difference it made after 15 min :( good thing you returned it :)

Fancy Nancy said...

omg the body shop minerals >.<

Citrine said...

Love your new glasses
LOL at the foundation

GARNET said...

Love your lips so much,Jess.I wish i had your lip.Love the lip color too,and the eye palette goes well with the lip stick.Love these.

izumi said...

i loveeeee your glasses! those eyeshadow colors look sooo pretty ^__^

Dina (XYYan) said...

I love your lips color, so pretty. Omg, it oxidized too much, luckily you noticed it in time :)

Tammy said...

That palette is really pretty! Hahah darn! Fuz really had me tempted to buy that palette but I must resist >.<

Your Chanel frames look cute, and glad to see you back to blogging, Jess :)

Mona said...

wow that body shop foundie went like nothing!

loving your glasses, they're so chic

Anonymous said...

fab post! i love the palette on you! so pretty and summery <3

I always love lip colours on you!!!

waah i cant believe the BS foundation oxidize that fast!! but hey it seems like you got a new fondie already XD

ohh yeah super cute frames.. chanel is always a good investment ;)

♥teatimecookie♥ said...

i really like your Chanel glasses... i want one too^^


Jess! ( : the lippie looks great on you! and im jealous of your glasses. i don't need glasses but ive been looking for some chanel sunnies! ( :
btw, i have a giveaway posted, so if you're interested, please enter! ( :

BeautyOnTheWay said...

Another beautiful FOTD again! You always look so perfect!

I love your Chanel spec very much, may I know how much you got this? Mine looks a bit similar to it, but I want a Chanel too! haha....

Sheila said...

I'm loving these natural light pics! I think it doesn't eat up the colour like in flash/artificial lighting conditions.

And your new background and template looks really cute as well, so classy just like you =P

Anonymous said...

Hi may i know the model no# of your chanel eyeglasses please it looks good on you :)... Thanks


Jess said...

Rainy Days and Lattes:
My skintone looks pink due to the redness I have. I always choose yellow toned foundations in order to even out the redness. Makeup with pink undertone will make me look even more pink.

Sure! It's #3188

For more information: http://www.chanel.com/fashion/2-fashion-accessories#2-rectangular-acetate-frame-luminous-colors-with-fluo-reflections-cc-logo-with-mirror-effect-on-each-temple-6,4,5,6,2

Blair said...

Jess, I looove your layout! So elegant and simple :)

OMG, that foundation is TRULY horrible :[

Blair said...

Sorry for spamming, but did you see the visual for est's newest quads? What do you think? :]

DSK said...

I love your glasses! So Chic!

Pinch said...

Gorgeous fotd! I especially love the eyeshadow and lips. And oh, you poor thing with that Body Shop foundation! What if you hadn't noticed, and had walked out of the house as if nothing was wrong! Ouch.

Jian said...

TOTALLY jealous of your glasses Jess! They are so nice~~!! I wish I could get Chanel glasses, but the optician I went to didn't stock them. For me it was a throw up between Gucci and Dior. The Gucci ones were slightly lighter although the Dior ones were gorgeous T__T Are yours heavy??

The FOTD is GORGEOUS by the way. I think being in natural light did make a difference - the all the colours pop more!

And I agree about the Body Shop foundation. Gosh. It's SO AWFUL >< I'm glad you managed to return it =)

I've never actually got a foundation that turns orange/yellow before, and I hope it stays that way!

mei said...

... yay ^^. thanks for granting my wish.
thought you exaggerated but i have to agree with you ... the body shop foundation really did transform you into a carrot.

p.s.: did that face arouse your boyfriends inner rabbit ^^?!


LS said...

love your new layout, very girly.
the body shop foundation is scary and funny looking. i'm glad that you didn't go out with it on. love the chanel frame!

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

love how the palette looks on you! actually everything looks awesome on you, as usual :D Though I have to admit the Body Shop foundation was quite a bit of a shock! :P I'm surprised how much it oxidized...reminds me of how Korres oxidized on me...


i love the natural lighting shots too^^ and i lovee your glasses, makes you look super smart ;)

you must be SUPER pale for the bodyshop foundation to turn out soo dark on you! :X

you're so lucky you guys get such a fab return policy, we don't get to return any make up here unless still in package, etc.

Vonvon said...

I haven't had any foundation oxidized on me, but I am really shocked to see this, and only after 15 minutes....*shakes head

Your EOTD is gorgeous. Like the golden green-olive blend of shade (esp the photo #2). The shades turn out very nice. And yes, the palette is very pretty.

Btw, I gave you an award in my blog. :)

May @ Rad said...

ahhhh! I love everything in this post! And, the part about looking like a 'carrot', been there done that. lol. I love your new glasses too! I tried almost every glasses instore from prada to chanel but none actually makes me look good. =( I'm following you now as everything in your blog seems great!

Makeup Morsels said...

:D yayy you're back! I missed reading your superlong posts. And btw yes I do like your blog layout, who wouldn't like something with chanel and pretty flowers?? Speaking of which, very cute glasses! Mine have a similar frame shape, but minus the Chanel logo. ooh more Sisley stuff, I'm excited to see. Wow good thing you returned that foundation, I have never seen anything oxidize that much before eek :) I thought your eye makeup palette was just shimmery white and gray at first (maybe my computer was making the colors weird) but then I saw the swatches, and you're right the colors are super unique. p.s. I love the earring you're wearing in your FOTD, where are they from?

Jess said...

Makeup Morsels:
The earrings are from Juli of Sanctuary!

Go to her jewelry shop here: http://jusanctuary.blogspot.com/

Butterflystar said...

Very beautiful!
Ah yes, the Chanel glasses!!!


Cool spectacles! You look so cutee! If you have eye problems try Lasik. So worth it. But I'd still wear these gorgeous Chanel anytime!:-)

Anonymous said...

I adore that Chanel case! Yes one day I must get a pair of Chanel glasses - love the not-so-subtle logo on the sides :-D

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