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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mini MAC Haul : Pret À Papier and To The Beach + Moto Jewelry + Mix n Match Outfits For Spring/Summer

I promised you to show you my mini MAC haul, right? I finally got around to take pictures of the goodies. Some pictures might be a bit blurry due to bad daylight. Sorry!

Let's have a closer look!

MAC Sheertone Blush ~ Instant Chic "Pret A Papier Collection 2010, LE"

Hmm, I really expected, all products of this collection were packaged like seen in the Pret À Papier promo picture!

Wouldn't this packaging look so much more interesting? But no, everything comes in the signature black MAC packaging. Phh... I'm so disappointed!

Anyways, I still could not resist Instant Chic (yes, again my addiction to peach shades!). It doesn't look that exciting in the pan, but it's so cute and pretty on the cheeks! It is described as 'midtone muted coral' at the official MAC website.

Swatched on the back of my hands with natural light. Since it is a sheertone blush, there is no shimmer to it. The texture is smooth and blends easily.

MAC Eye Shadow ~ Gazette Grey (Velvet) "Pret À Papier Collection 2010, LE"

I got this the second time I passed the MAC counter. For some reason, I felt like getting one more item from the Pret À Papier collection, haha...

Finish is Velvet, thus matte texture with glitter particles. Gazette Grey is described as 'dark green grey with gold pearl'.

Honestly, I'm not too fond of the texture, since the shadow feels quite chalky and does not blend too well, and also lacks pigmentation. I've been looking for a true cool-toned dark brown eyeshadow the longest, hence I was easily sold on this even though the texture is just moderate.

MAC Eye Shadow ~ Moon's Reflection (Veluxe Pearl)

Moon's Reflection is from the permanent line, and the reason I got my hands on this is I wanted an eyeshadow to match a shirt (will show you below!) that I got the same day, haha...

Described as 'blue with white pearl'. I really love how vibrant the blue is, yet not too flashy. I think, it looks great with silver-grey. Must look good with dark brown too I believe. Can you spontaneously think of any other colors to pair with Moon't Reflection?

The texture of Moon's Reflection is very smooth and blends effortlessly. Pigmentation is medium, but like any MAC eyeshadows, it is buildable.

MAC Eye Shadow ~ Sand & Sun (Matte) "To The Beach Collection 2010, LE"

This is the only item I got from the 'To The Beach Collection'. The bronzing products out of this collection are amazing, but I'm not a bronzer person, so I passed on them. I don't know why I got Sand & Sun, because it totally slipped my mind, that I can not pull off peach shades on my naturally puffy eyelids! Oops...

Perhaps because it looks too cute in the pan? Haha... :p

The texture is not as chalky as Gazette Grey, yet far away from silky and smooth. However, the pigmentation is good and it blends easily. I will try to make it work for me, but I'm not confident, if I am able to manage that.


I finally received the custom earrings from Sarah of Moto Jewelry and Hello 'moto! that I ordered some time ago. Can you believe that this package has been traveling around for more than 3 months for sure? And then it went back to Sarah for some non traceable reasons. Argh, how can the post be so untrustworthy sometimes?

So, Sarah was so kind to re-package it (since the packaging was almost done) and ship it out again. And this time, it arrived fast and safely, yay!

Of course she had to put in some extras! She also has her business note paper, oh how professional! I like it! Thank you, Sarah! I love the earrings and the goodies! ♥

This is one of Sarah's signature earrings. I love the style a lot. Looking forward to wearing them! All Moto Jewelry pieces are handcrafted by Sarah. Check out Moto Jewelry, if you haven't yet!


I never thought that people would be interested in seeing the clothes I wear. Similar to my makeup liking, my fashion style is usually pretty clean and simple too, which I thought must be too boring to be worth shown. To my surprise, I received quite a lot of positive feedback for my first Mix n Match Outfit post. Thank you all! ♥

So, another Mix n Match Outfit post for you today! :)

Outfit 1
Shirt: Calvin Klein | Belt: Mexx | Shorts: Zara | Shoes: Zara

Clean and classy. I got the shirt but have not worn it that often actually.

Outfit 2
Shirt: Zara | Belt: Esprit | Shorts: Mango | Shoes: Zara

I love blouses a lot for they make a nice figure, and secondly for I look dressy at once. I love the bright grey color and the coltish ruffles of this Zara blouse.

Outfit 3
Dress: Zara | Belt: Esprit | Shoes: Zara

I'm not sure about this linen dress, because I'm not a big dress person actually.The linen fabric is so airy! Must be the perfect outfit for hot summer days!

Outfit 4.1

Shirt: G Star | Belt: Zara | Shorts: Mango | Shoes: Lacoste

This is the shirt that I've mentioned above! Oh my gosh, I'm so n love with this shirt! Love the color, the fit (so comfortable!) and the material! Super cool shirt, not? Except the price, which was not that cool, haha...

Outfit 4.2
Shirt: G Star | Belt: Zara | Jeans: Diesel | Shoes: Lacoste

Exactly the same outfit as the previous one! Only with long pants. I just needed to show the shirt once again, haha... :p

Outfit 5
Top: Marc O' Polo | Knit dress: Stefanel | Belt: Benetton | Shoes: Zara

I got this knit tube dress two years ago I think... I wanted to match it with brown shoes, but I could not find any in my closet, haha... is this excuse enough to shop for more shoes? ;)

Outfit 6
Shirt: Zara | Belt: Zara | Shorts: Mango | Shoes: Marc O' Polo

Clean and classy again. Hm... navy blue shoes would be cool I think. Yes, I do need more shoes, haha...

I hope, you enjoyed this post! Oh, and I forgot to say, I've added some items to my blog sale! Check it out here! Thank you!

Stay pretty!
Stay Ohh... pretty!


sizbelle said...

Drooling haul, me too got that instant chic the swatch temptalia did makes me can't miss it! Initially I though the packaging would b as advert like how they sold out the liberty of London collection. But my wishlist shrink tremendously when I saw it's in their signature black packaging lol.

Love ur fashion part again, it's just nice for weather here.. Erm even though it's summer all year round.. U really got that es for the sake of ur top.. That's really cute. Now, I'm waiting for ur fotd!!!

ning * star said...

your MAC haul is sooo nice. your mix and match is nice and cute :) if the packaging is white color, it will be sooo pretty :)

mayaari said...

i like the ruffly shirt in your 2nd outfit :) and what sweet little earrings from sarah!

the latest MAC collections haven't really pulled me in, but I'm also trying not to do any crazy spending on makeup this month so I'm not really looking =P it would have been cool if they'd made the packaging look more like the paper packaging in the promo pics, kind of like the way they had glossy orange packaging for the neo sci fi collection a while back :)

Sheila said...

Ooooh nice haul!! Did you look at the 131 brush? Thats the thing I'm MOST lemming from the collection, everything else are possible skips for me.

I love that blue shirt that you're wearing in the last few pics, was it the same shirt you wore when we met up? It makes you look super hot ^__~

Jess said...

No, idn't look at the #131 brush I think...

Hehe, yes the shirt in outfit 6 is the shirt I wore at our meet up! ;)

Jian said...

Ooh what a lovely Mac haul =)

I love seeing your outfits actually! It's really helpful you write where you got your stuff from too. Shorts and sandals <3 !!! I wish I could wear them too. But it's freezing T_______T

clover said...

great post! i love the eyeshadows you chose out :] i don't think i'd be able to wear sand & sun either... haha! the packing is too cute though!

Denysia said...

Love your outfits! :D
And the Mac items look very nice!

Jamilla Camel said...

Very pretty haul! I think the colours will look lovely on your pale complexion. I'm so dark now that I didn't think I could use the colours from the P. Collection.

Great outfits!

miss wiggle said...

I love your style, Jess! I wish I could wear shorts haha~ (I have quite chunky legs...)

Leenda said...

Nice haul! The blush is such a pretty color especially for you. =] I really like outfit 4.1 and 4.2 lol So cute!

Ashwini said...

Outfits 1, 2, 5, 6 are all amazing and I so want your sandals!!

Zuuchini said...

i'm loving your style!! I'm trying so hard not to get instant chic blush and hipness blush....they look too cute

Tammy said...

Hey Jess! Aww the packaging is quite disappointing from MAC, wouldn't you expect the packaging to be the same as the promotional pictures? :/ I have to admit I'm not always a MAC girl because I love packaging way too much XD...however, I do like the blue e.s you got from them this haul. Lookin good on your outfit posts! I love seeing how ppl put their clothes together :D I think I'm going to do one too once I get my room and life back together lol!

xbbkay said...

hi Jess!

beautiful haul. i liked what you picked up from mac. I'm surprised TO the Beach collection is already released. I'm still waiting for it's launch here in Canada. i'm dyinggg for the bronzers! btw, the peach colour is beautiful, i must get my hands on those. AND i completely agree, it hought the Pret A Papier collectgion was gonna be packaged like in the photos! SOOO disappointed!

I like your style, and i can definietly see your style in make up transfer into your fashion style. Clean, simple and sophisticated! i'm loving # 4.2 and 5

take care <3


eri said...

nice haul jess!
i'm absolutely loving your outfit posts!!!

Lulu said...

oo great haul jess! instant chic is a really cute color, and has a cute name too. I also want to get sand and sun, I doubted about how I will be able to pull it off but it just looks too cute, i wonder if it could be used as a peachy blush!

love your outfits!! <3

LS said...

wow that's some amazing hauls, gifts and outfits. love the #2 for the details on the blouse and the belt

superwoolu said...

jess, i lav lav lavv your 3rd and 4th outfit!!!! it's sooo cute! so inspirational ^^

coffretgorge said...

i love outfit number 3! :) and you look so sexy in outfit 5! woot! ;)

love your haul! im sure moon's reflection will look great on you, the color is beautiful, it looks so fresh! :)

acutelife said...

I havent touched MAC products in the looonngeest time @.@" love the dark eyeshadow :)
and nice outfits, i like the 2nd and last one very much

rhaindropz said...

i love the 5fth outfit sweetie.. =)

Dina (XYYan) said...

Love your haul! The blush looks so pretty :)
How sweet of Sarah :D

Makeup Morsels said...

awww what. They should've packaged the line in the promo packaging. That would have made it 10 times more awesome. hm maybe you could try pairing Moon's Reflection with a supersparkly white-leaning gold. That sounds like it would be pretty :) Those earrings are sooo pretty, plus they look like they would go great with a lot of your outfits. Your style is very clean cut and put together without being boring, I like it a lot. My favorite is Outfit 2!

Blair said...

I'm the same, I thought that they will be in the same packaging as the Pret À Papier promo picture!

Moon's Reflection is soooo gorgeous! Please do a look with it soon? =D

BeautyOnTheWay said...

Hi Jess, you can find cool-toned dark brown eyeshadow from NARS. You can name some which you are interested and I can do some swatches or comparison for you. ^_^

I love outfit 4.1 anyway.

Penelope said...

Wow, great haul and lovely outfits!I agree that the Mac Pret a papier would have been better in the promo packaging.
btw, I've nominated you for a 'sweet blog' award on my blog!

Nic Nic said...

Great MAC haul! I'm fully resisting all the collections that's been released recently but you've picked some really nice colours! I'm looking forward to seeing all the shadows on you!

the blush looks lovely and pretty!

cute mixing and match I really like your blue blouse - it's perfect fit on you!

fuzkittie said...

Very nice, I know that "can't resist peachy shades" thing! :P

WE LOVE YOUR STYLE!!! I especially love all the colors of your wardrobe, so soft and clean. <33

Munchkin said...

0.o MAC's to the beach collection is out..?! its not even on the site yet..where did you get it?

...i like how my word verification is 'norom' XD that's moron backwards

Jess said...

Yes, I also can't believe that Austria is so quick with releasing 'To the Beach'. Yay! :)

Crystal said...

Cute hauL. I can totally see your peachy addiction now, haha! Moon's Reflection is my most wanted shade in MAC now, I think it's such a pretty blue color, glad you got it!^0^

♥ Nehs ♥ said...

i LOOOOVE all those outfits! i love your style!! my favorite is the last one.

very cute earrings from Moto!


Catherine said...

Oooh, very pretty haul and pretty earrings from Sarah! So sad they were traveling for THREE MONTHS! O_O;

I love seeing your fashion posts, Jess! You look so stylish and I love all of your blouses and belts! I only have two belts LOL... and they're both canvas ones!

stellarvixen said...

if only MAC change their packaging to something more CHIC~~ hehe
Gazette Grey e/s will be excellent for you to create a depth near your lash line! am lurving all sorts of grey for blending recently...haha

goes well with your moon reflection too, frostypink!and green shades of e/s

i'll be lost too having a peachy e/s! show us at once if you hav created a look!am thinking peach & brown-bronze ;)

you look good in shorts! and you hav quite a range of colors haha
i only hav white,black and denim lol

all outfits are nicely mix&match
pristine loook indeed
i like your blueish grey shirt too with cuff sleeves~

i may pull off purple..but i cant do green/yellow like you HAHA
kinda the opposite :P
niceee post jess!

Tracy said...

I've been waiting for you to post your haul! I love outfit 4.1, the shirt and black shorts combined is so chic!

stellarvixen said...

jess, show us your face together with your outfit :O
dont crop it off sniff sniff XD

last note! gosh you hav tons of BELT! how you keep track of them hehe

Lydia said...

everything looks great, and you look awesome in shorts! You're so thin and perfectly balanced!

I posted my book review on my blog, there is a full description (with all the pictures) for the Asian eye makeup ;) go check it out!



I love the instant chic blush! :)

Connie De Alwis said...

I passed on Instant Chic cuz it looked too pink on me but I can imagine that it'll look great on your lighter skin :)

izumi said...

you have GREAT style <3 outfits 4-5-6! love!

i'm glad they reached you safely this time~ i wonder what happened last time >___<

Kittynail said...

Thanks for the swatches! I love your outfits!

Visit my blog too if you want.

Vonvon said...

Hi Jess,

Just wanna say that I also have puffy eyelids and even slightly bulging eyes, but don't be afraid to try colors like Sand & Sun. I was skeptical at first that it would work for me, but it turned out fine. The sparkly look you did with Sand & Sun was very nice.

I think peach/coral eyeshadows look good against our skin tone, just need to find the correct tone.

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