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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Love from Catherine + FOTD : Soft Vintage Chic + Outfit Of The Day

Hi everyone! This is going to be a quite busy week, since I have to study for an exam on Friday. Argh, I hate having exams! It reminds me of my time back at school, which I have to admit, I really hated.

I think, it might be due to the fact that all my teachers were not really likeable. Another reason, is that I was not feeling too comfortable with my schoolmates too. Maybe, I was just too shy, what made it really difficult for other people to approach me, and vice versa. Well..., just some random ramblings about my past. ;)

First of all, I wanted to show you the brush holder that I made about two weeks ago. I went for a rectangular glass vase, translucent white sand and purple stones. I've not decided yet, whether I should trim the vase with some ribbons or let as it is...

So, here are my MAC brushes in their prettiness, hehe...


I asked Catherine to help me get two Laura Mercier blushes, and being the lovely sweetheart, she could not leave the package go without throwing some gifts in!

I was really overwhelmed by Catherine's kindness! Look at these awesome goodies! The package came with a lovely note of course, a Rock&Republic blush, a Laura Mercier Stickgloss (which I know, is one of her favorite cosmetic products ever!), a Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer sample, skincare samples, and Tokidoki mint drops! Isn't the little tin just too cute?

Thank you, Catherine for the CP, and especially for the amazing gifts! ♥ ♥ ♥

LAURA MERCIER Stickgloss ~ Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar is described as 'wearable pink brown'.

The formula of the stickgloss is indeed amazing! Like Catherine said, the pigmentation is excellent. It's also probably one of the most glossy lipsticks that I can think of.

On my lips, I would say it is kind of a cool toned rosewood color with a bit of brown hues to it.

ROCK & REPUBLIC Contrived Pressed Blush ~ Immoral

It looks shocking intensive in the pan, huh? Haha... honestly, I was really shocked, when I opened the compact. But once I swatched it, I noticed the texture is very lightweight and silky, making blending an effortlessness. It finishes kind of translucent once you blended.

As you can see from the swatch, it has a matte finish, yet looks very soft. You can easily add some shimmer by using a highlighting powder/blush to it. Since this blush is very pigmented, I'll have to apply it with a very light hand, hehe...

LAURA MERCIER Second Skin Cheek Colour ~ Fresh Ginger

I thought Fresh Ginger was a bit more nude (brighter and paler), since it is described as 'delicate pink nude with gold pearl' at Laura Mercier's official website. Surprisingly, this is more of a light bronzy color to me.

It's pretty anyways! The texture is amazingly lightweight, but the pigmentation is still there. 'Second Skin Cheek Colour' is such an accurate name for this blush indeed!

LAURA MERCIER Second Skin Cheek Colour ~ Orange Blossom

I got intrigued to get Orange Blossom again by Fuz, hehe... she always picks the most beautiful colors! This is described as 'high shimmer apricot with golden pink pearl'.

Orange Blossom looks very soft an natural, while providing a lovely flush and glow that seems to lit from within.


I did a look using the Rock & Republic Contrived Pressed Blush ~ Immoral today! Catherine said this was one of her favorite blushes. And since she knew that I can't get it here in Austria, she had to give one to me. Aww... you are so thoughtful, Catherine!

Voilá, my Soft Vintage Chic Look! ;) I'm very into silver grey eyes lately, since I feel it brightens my eyes a lot and goes with any outfit.

I used light silver on the inner corners, a medium silver grey in the middle and a dark grey on the outer corners of the eyes. Tightlined and lined lower lashline with a soft black cream liner. Ivory eye pencil on the waterline and finish with mascara.

I think, I could have blended the medium and dark grey a bit higher towards the eyebrows. Always forget that the shadows are much less visible, when I open my eyes, haha... Stupid hooded eyes!

Doesn't Rock & Republic Contrived Blush ~ Immoral give me a beautiful flush? It makes me feel so feminine, hehe... It also reminds me of cherries and strawberries, yummy! Actually, I have always preferred wearing blush very very sheer (that sheer that you won't even notice that I'm wearing blush at all), but my likings seems to have changed! :)

I felt like pinning up my hair to one side today.

A closer look at the flower hair pin! Isn't it cute?

For base makeup I'm using Estee Lauder Nutritious Vita-Mineral Loose Powder Makeup SPF 15 ~ Intensity 1.0. Got it about two weeks ago, and it has become my new hg powder foundation!

This powder foundation gives me the most luminous and glowy finish ever! I also feel it kind of moisturizes my skin rather than drying it out unlike some other products.
I also feel it really moisturizes my skin rather than drying it out unlike other powders.

According to Estee Lauder, it is for all skintypes. Non-drying, Oil-free, Non-acnegenic, Fragrance-free. The bottom line immediately persuaded me to go for it! You might remember that I had some breakout issues some time ago, so I became quite careful about makeup.

This powder foundation didn't cause any irritation and breakouts, yay! Let me know, if you want me to do a detailed review! ;)

This picture is taken in natural light. I hope, it shows how luminous and glowy the finish is!

I apologize for my looks are always pretty much the same! But I think, you all know that I'm not dedicated to fancy makeup looks, hehe... And sorry for my stare! o.O

Another picture taken in natural light! You like this lighting better? Hmm... the problem is that it is not always that bright and sunny here - especially not during wintertime... :(

Oh, does anyone have any recommendations for my dry and brittle hair tips?


- Dior Diorskin Sculpt Lifting Smoothing Concealer ~ 001 Ivoire / Ivory
- Estee Lauder Nutritious Vita-Mineral Loose Powder Makeup SPF 15 ~ Intensity 1.0

- Rock&Republic Contrived Pressed Blush ~ Immoral

- MAC Viva Glam Lipstick ~ Cyndi

- Lancome Pop N' Palette ~ 16 Pop N Petrol
- Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color ~ GY 913
- MAC Fluidline ~ Blitz & Glitz
- Shiseido Lasting Lift Mascara ~ LL1 Black

Got inspired again by Fuz to picnik some photos! They look so much more interesting and cute this way!


Since I received so much positive feedback (♥ Thank you! ♥) about my previous 'fashion post', I thought, I might throw my outfit of the day in!

Shirt: Benetton | Cardigan: Zara | Jeans: Diesel | Shoes: Lacoste

By the way, I returned the Zara sandals with the rhinestones, since I noticed it doesn't fit my flat feet properly. :/ Argh, I really loved them a lot! Now, I'm looking for a similar one that fits my feet!

I've shopped some more clothes for spring/summer! Going to show you soon in the next post! Can't wait to show you my mini MAC haul (from 'Pret A Papier' and 'To the Beach') too! So, you better stay tuned, hehe... :p

Stay pretty!
Stay Ohh... pretty!


LS said...

how sweet of her~! love everything you got.
hope you find the perfect fit soon. i know how hard to walk in the wrong shoes. and cant wait to see your mac haul ^^

DSK said...

I loveee you sense of style! Too cute!

eri said...

such awesome goodies! :)

loving the ootd posts too, way too cute. :)

lilluna5416 said...

love the rock and republic blush!!! cant wait to see how you look with orange blossom =)

Askmewhats said...

this is another wonderful post, combination of makeup, fashion and everything in between! :)

Crystal said...

I want orange blossom also, haha, fuz does makes me tempted all the time. For your hair, you can probably try the Garnier(I hope this is how it spells) deep conditioner. It's the bright green one you can find in wal-mart. At least it works for me!^0^

sizbelle said...

ya that R&R blush look rather shocking in its packaging..

i want that LM blush that you & fuz has got.. its looks really good too.

i like your fashion part! its just nice for weather at my side.

Oshiya said...

love ur brush holder.. looks cute.

i think pantene makes good hair treatment and tresseme, too. i dont know which brand is more popular there. i used tresseme when i was in Toronto and now i'm using pantene since i'm in bkk. switching from conditioner to "treatment" is the best thing i've done for my hair. it works the same way -- 2 mins of treatment just like any conditioner. it usually say on the tub that it's a weekly thing but u can actually use it everyday. it's actually better as a daily treatment.

'chelle said...

Ahhh I love seeing how everyone stores their brushes! Very cute holder, you should definitely put ribbons on it ;)

Orange blossom looks absolutely gorgeous, what a pretty pinky/apricot colour!

The hairpin looks lovely too, I love flowers hehe.

fuzkittie said...

Great idea for your brushes, I would do that too except I travel so much it makes no sense except to keep my brushes in a travel bag!

LOVE silvery greys on your pale skin. Catherine is super sweet, I must check out stick gloss! I made you get Orange Blossom and now you make me wanna get a stick gloss! hahaha.

I wanted to get the Estee powder from Sephora but I think it was sold out!

You look great in skinny pants!!!

Makeup Morsels said...

helloo! catherine is super sweet, and immoral looks really good on you. I love your flower hairpin! hehe it's pretty. my go-to color is gold for the same reasons that you like gray/silver. I'd love to hear a more detailed review on the EL powder, how's the coverage on that?

Jess said...

You will love the LM stickgloss for sure! ;)

Yah, get the Estee Lauder powder foundation! It's so good! Oh, and I only look good in skinny pants, hehe... bootcut looks so unfavorable for some reason. I think, my legs are too short...

Makeup Morsels:
Sure, I'll do a detailed review soon! The coverage is sheer to medium.

stellarvixen said...

i just gave my brushes a shower recently lol aww MAC brushes sure are swelll !!

yay for goodies from Cath!
Rock&Republic Immoral blush sure is immorally BRIGHT before application haha

one way or another we are inspired by Fuz! my lunasol..my dior..hehe
and by you too!

the flower hairpin is sweet looking and match your dainty pearl earrings...very japanese like :D

you looking pretty in your FOTD~

yay outfit of the day! domo~
chic & casual..

i have lousy experience getting zara shoes..bought 3 and all of them now sits inside the boxes! since i bought them from HK..no returns
they bite me sniff sniff
now i steer away from them~

stellarvixen said...

Jess Jess ohh i did two EOTD in my recent post~
its dirtee grayish looking inspired by MarcJacobs runawway
another is pinkish to gray for depth!
super girly lol

take a look! i posted my ingredients too...inspired by you!
i noticed i hardly show them :D

Lulu said...

aww omg Catherine is indeed such a sweetheart for getting you all that goodies and more! thw two LM blushes you ordered are really pretty, and that R&R blush is so gorgeous! And she knows you are into a peachy kick lately too :) Such a pretty orangy color! The stick gloss looks great on you, I am totally lemming some stick glosses after seeing Cat's review!

DiWiMakeup said...

Love your brush holder! You have really pretty lips lol I can hardly ever get lip swatches to look right. Can't wait to see the mini haul!

<3 Diana

Jess said...

Aww... thanks so much for the compliment! Yah, Fuz is the biggest enabler ever! :)

I loved your latest FOTD post showing the ingredients! ;)

e.motion in motion said...

I love your brush organization! I want to do something like that hehe but not sure where to get all the sand stuff yet :P

Aw how sweet of her! I love all the blushes! Orange Blossom is on my to-buy list! It's so pretty!<3

Ooo I really like how you did your pictures. I'm going to check out picnik now!

Leenda said...

Great products you got there! That blush looks great on you even though it looks extremely scary in the pan. lol

Becky said...

Hey I get pretty shy too. It depends on the people around me. I get shy that ppl think I'm snobby :/

anyway, that bright coral orangey blush really looks shocking at first sight but when swatched , its very sheer and pretty!

love the fotd too!

Catherine said...

Oh yayyyyyyy! OMG Jess Immoral looks even better on you than I imagined it would! It goes sooooo perfectly with Cyndi! I am really loving these brighter colors on you!! So chic but still very sophisticated! :D

I can't wait to see you wear the Laura Mercier blushes - I think Orange Blossom will be so pretty on you too!

& ahhhhh, I love your outfit and I love your new brush cup! The pink stones are so cute! Sorry to hear the jeweled Zara sandals didn't work out. I'm looking for a cute pair of sandals right now too and it's so hard to find ones that are just right!

Sheila said...

So purrrty!!

If this were Facebook, I'd click "Like" =P

Twiggy said...

i love how your branching out into fashion, too! your sense of style is amazing. i also loved how you made your brush holder...i wanna steal your idea. and please do a review on your estee lauder powder foundation. i tend to buy what you give favorable reviews on because i find your opinions really honest and straight forward! thank you!

Anna said...

You look stunning, Jess! I was actually going to ask you to do a FOTD with more "noticeable" cheeks, and you voilà, my wish was granted even without asking! And how cute is the Tokidoki box?? Now you're making me want to have a look at the EL powder...I was already thinking I liked the sound of the Dior Nude that Fuz featured recently...now I'll have to check this one too and see what I like best! By the way, love everything about your style! As for brittle ends...mmm...I use Italian stuff, so it would probably be impossible to find in Austria. Perhaps you can find the Orofluido line by Biopoint? That's excellent! Good luck with the exam! xx

Dina (XYYan) said...

Love the brush holder, I need a decent brush holder~ Aww, how sweet of Catherine. the blushes look really pretty :)

Meowcake said...

I really love how you do your makeup. I always keep checking back for new makeup looks. Because i'm asian too i'm always self concious about eyeshadow. I don't want to apply it so that it makes me look like some foreign whore in the UK! Haha

BeautyOnTheWay said...

Jess,your lip looks so perfect! and the hair pin is cute! : )

Jamilla Camel said...

How sweet of Catherine! Love the new blushes and your outfit!!

Try Kerastase products for dry brittle hair...that's what I use on my coloured and highlighted hair!

Jian said...

Awwwww Catherine is the ultimate sweetie!!! =D Maybe I should ask her to CP some things for me too!! Although I feel bad since I don't technically need anything at the moment..

And the blush and lippie and EVERYTHING looks lovely on you, as usual Jess =)

Sad to hear you returned the sandals. They were really pretty. T__T

And good luck with that exam! I need to read some stuff to discuss with my psych consultant tomorrow... And as you can tell I'm still blog-reading at the moment.

What are you studying actually?

And the brusholder is really pretty! =)

Also, it's sad to hear that you really hated school!! D= I didn't particularly enjoy school either, but I don't think I hated it.. Well, it's over now!

Jess said...

Thank youuuu! Ya, it looks so good pairedd with Cyndi! Great combo! ;)

Blair said...

Catherine is such a sweetie~ Immoral looks really good on you! It's perfect paired with Cyndi :)

And Jess, I'd love to see more OOTD pics from you!!

Tracy said...

That R&R blush looks amazing on you! Very sweet of Catherine to pop in those lovely goodies.

Have you tried using Tsubaki White range? I'm not sure if you can get it over there. My whole family is on it now and they love it. I also use Phyto Citrus hair mask, which comes in a tub that will last you forever.

Anonymous said...

Love the eye look Jess! Its so pretty!!

Anonymous said...

how sweet of Catherine! The blushes look super pretty!

I always enjoy your FOTD, your eyes are softly defined and never overdone :D Gorgeous ;)

You always sport gorgeous lip colours too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

I'll be in Vienna this weekend if you're free to meet up. We've been putting it off :> Let me know. This is my email: robolegojupiter@gmail.com

Connie De Alwis said...

your brush holder looks really cute! I'm still trying to look for those fillers. Thought my brush cups are opaque, I'd still like some filling in there to help hold my brushes upright. I used to put in rice but then the bugs started to come...

izumi said...

what a cute hair pin! :D i love the make up look.

catherine is SUCH a sweet heart!! that stick gloss looks amazing on you :)

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