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Monday, April 19, 2010

FOTD : Minty Eyes and Peachy Lips/Cheeks for Spring

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a gread weekend! The weather is still ways too bad - it's all about rainy and cold most of the time... grrr! But it didn't hold me to do a fresh and springy look at least! I decided to do bright minty eyes paired with peachy lips and cheeks.

Sorry, if you are sick of seeing me with peachy shades already, haha... But it seems, I'm obsessed with peach this season.

Please ignore the strands of hair! For base makeup I'm wearing the Dior Diorsnow White Reveal Makeup UV Base, which I dig out from my drawer that day (can you believe I totally forgot that I have this product?!). For foundation, I'm using Jill Stuart Moist Silk Powder Foundation ~ 101 Linen (review will come soon!).

I don't know, if you noticed, but I think the Diorsnow White Reveal Makeup UV Base has an instant brightening effect on my complexion. I chose the Beige shade, since I have pink undertone and redness to cover. Don't you think I look even fairer and a bit more glowy?

I quite like this makeup base, since it nicely evens out my discoloration, smoothes out the pores, and adds a nice glow to my complexion. I also noticed that I didn't get that oily around my nose that much. Butthe best is, it doesn't feel heavy at all, unlike many other makeup bases I've tried. So, this will be added to my daily makeup routine now!

I hope you can see the colors I used on my eyes better in this close up picture! By the way, you can click on all the pictures to see it enlarged!

My eyes were super puffy, grr...! Totally neglected my SUQQU Blend Cheeks ~ 04 Yanwaricha. It's still one of my favorite blushes though! I would say, 04 Yanwaricha is the most natural looking and sheerest peach blush ever! Perfect for fair Asian skintones!

Trying to challenge an Asian pose! Let's leave aside, whether I was successful or not, haha... And that should be the last picture of my face for now! ;)


- Dior Diorsnow White Reveal Makeup UV Base SPF 35 PA+++
- Dior Diorskin Sculpt Lifting Smoothing Concealer ~ 001 Ivoire / Ivory
- Jill Stuart Moist Silk Powder Foundation ~ 101 Linen

- SUQQU Blend Cheeks ~ 04 Yanwaricha

- Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté ~ 30 Faubourg Peach

- Lunasol Shining Water Eyes ~ EX 04 Shining Beige
- Lunasol Blooming Eyes ~ 02 White Gradation
- Lunasol Star Shower Eyes ~ 02 Medium Night
- Maquillage Dramatical Gel Liner ~ BR 652
- Dior Diorshow Black Out Waterproof
- Shiseido Natural Eyebrow Pencil ~ GY901 Natural Black

Will set out to do the reviews! Promised!

Like I said, peach has become my favorite color for lips and cheeks this season. Now, I would love to know what color you are into currently!

Stay pretty!
Stay Ohh... pretty!


JordanMayTwigs said...

I always love your looks.
There always so fresh and fun.



Askmewhats said...

another very cute look from you! you look so cute in this photo!

Jessying said...

peachy cheek looks great on you !! always looking so pretty in your picture :D

M.A.C.nunu said...

Omg that last photo is so adorable xD
You have such perfect skin to start with that I can't tell you if the base helped or not!
Minty peach...mmmm now you've inspired me!

coffretgorge said...

i love the last photo so kawaii! ^_^ mint and peach looks so refreshing! hehehe :D

Lulu said...

hehehe I've been into a peach obsession recently too!!! I think peach looks great on your skin, very glowy and radient <3

♥ Jhoy ♥ said...

awesome look very natural!

lilluna5416 said...

your looks are always perfect and beautiful! cant wait for your JS review

Makeup Morsels said...

heyy. wow it's starting to get annoyingly hot here in L.A. but I can bear it b/c it's not as humid as it is in Taipei where I end up showering 2 times a day. you rock the peachy lip so well, and I really love that green on your lower lashline. hope you're having a good week!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I love the fresh minty look! :) Maybe I will try and recreate it for work tomorrow, if I wake up early enough. I wish they would sell Diorsnow here! They have them @ Duty Free stores I think but I would hate to go to an airport just to get it :p

Very pretty FOTD! I love peachy shades! Fits you great as well :)

DSK said...

The YSL 30 looks great on u!!! I tried it out at the store and it just didn't go with my skin tone. It seems like that's the hottest lipstick color this spring :)

stellarvixen said...

welldone! you looked soo fresh & young indeed!cute!

you are very fair tobegin ~ but me a fangirl for diorsnow UV base! finish 2 tubes already

my current fav color is GRAY & PINK & Purple!
i just bought benefit-skinny jeans~
check out my swatches!

Nic Nic said...

Always sooo pretty!! <3 on you! I rarely wear green on myself lol. The Dior snow white reveal uv base has been my HG for a while!!!!it does cover the redness well and it primes and keep the makeup on longer!!!

izumi said...

oooo, very spring! how fun! :)

Sheila said...

You are SO adorable. You make me want to pinch your cheek in the last photo. LOL.

Of course, you look great as usual =)

Miss you a ton too =(

Dina (XYYan) said...

Look really fresh, i love peachy cheek too :D

Oshiya said...

awww.. u look so cute in the last pic. sheer eyeshadows always look good on u.

Twiggy said...

i luv your peachy looks! never get tired of them...=) could you also share tips on how you apply your lipsticks cuz the color always look so even and your lips never look dry. thank you!

Penelope said...

Beautiful FOTD. Peach shades look lovely on you. The Dior UV base look amazing on you, though you already have great skin!

Jamilla Camel said...

Very pretty natural look!

Ting Ting said...

You look really sweet. Love the lippy colour. So spring-ish! =)

kalai said...

pretty colours~ very fresh^^ makes you look really cute xx

eri said...

love the look :) very cute & spring-y...and i love the last pic.

Fmebunny ♥ said...

super sweet look ! I like the combination of the colours. It's THE perfect sweet look for Spring! By the way, the last picture of yours looks so cawaii pose !

LS said...

ah the suqqu blush is so light but you can definitely tell the difference it makes.

the peachy lip color is flattering too

Blair said...

I do agree, your skin looks especially flawless and radiant! White Reveal Makeup UV Base is such a fabulous primer (you created lemmings again, Jess haha) XD

Kelly said...

Hello, just found your blog and I love reading it. I have a question, I have hooded eyes like you with oily eye lids. Have you found a good eyeliner to put on you eyelids that doesn't smudge? I was looking through you posts and couldn't find one with you lining your eyelids rather than lining just the water line. Thank you.

Jess said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

One of the best smudge-proof eyeliners is Makeup For Ever Aqua Eyes Liner, which is claimed to be waterproof! If you have oily eyelids, I'd suggest you to use a good eye primer first - I'm using Kanebo Sensai Eyelid Base!

Shop N' Chomp said...

I say you were successful in the pose! :) Btw, do you know if the DiorSnow base is available without color?

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