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Thursday, March 4, 2010

R E V I E W : Chanel Hydramax+Active Nutrition Lip Care

You must think, I've gone crazy or something to present another lip care product, since I just got my hands on Dior Crème De Rose SPF 10 (read the review here!) not too long ago.

Yes I admit I'm totally irrational sometimes, well, maybe too often, haha... Chanel just introduced two new skincare products for spring. Hydramax+Active Nourishing Cream for dry skin and Hydramax+Active Nutrition Lip Care. Since I'm not a fan of Chanel skincare, my attention was just directed to the latter.

In order to relieve myself (a bit) from bad conscience, I gave the Dior Crème De Rose to my sister today, who was in awe ever since she saw it. Haha... :p

But now, without any further ado, onto the review of Chanel Hydramax+Active Nutrition Lip Care!

Hydramax+Active Nutrition Lip Care comes in a small square pot (10 g/ 0.35 oz.) with Chanel's signature glossy black lid - very Chanel-ish, not? It is not as handy to take along with in a small makeup pouch as compared to Dior Crème de Rose, yet I think this pot looks really cute.


Like all Hydramax products, this lip balm has a somewhat fruity apple-like scent to it which is very light though, I'd say it's nearly not noticeable after a while!

Texture and benefits
It has an amazingly silky texture, that coats your lips with a very comfortable rich veil with a watery feel to it. Absolutely not sticky nor waxy! The lip balm instantly melts into the lips, making them feeling supple and super hydrated at once. I also love the glossy finish it leaves on my lips.

My lips has been pretty parched the last two days for some reason, and this has definitely quickly relieved the dryness a lot!

As much as I liked the Dior Crème De Rose, I must say I prefer Chanel Hydramax+Active Nutrition Lips ways better. The silky and highly hydrating texture, and the watery feel are just incomparable! I suspect this lip balm will receive holy grail status by me!

Price: 3/5
Packaging: 4/5
Texture and scent: 5/5
Results: 5/5


Soften, smooth and comfort dry, delicate lips with this highly effective lip care treatment, specifically created for intensely parched lips. Formulated with Ceratonia PFA*, a customized ingredient, along with Shea Butter and Cottonseed Oil extract, to deeply hydrate, nourish and help repair. Soft, supple and deeply moisturized, lips look sensuously plumped and perfectly smooth, with a beautiful satiny finish.
*PFA: Polyfractioned Active. An ultra-pure, ultra-powerful ingredient created through an exclusive purification technique developed by CHANEL.

Those of you who are looking for a very hydrating lip balm, this is it! Has anyone tried it out too? Would love to hear what you think about it too! ;)

Stay pretty!
Stay Ohh... pretty!

Source of Product Information: uma.chanel.com


Anonymous said...

wow sounds good.. im not a fan of their skincare too. their hydramax comfort creme abit meh.. but this lip product sounds promising! haha i love to hand down stuff to my sister too ;)

coffretgorge said...

hahaha giving stuff away really cuts down the guilt from overspending, yes? your sister must be thrilled! :)

im also not a fan of chanel skincare, i think it smells like pond's cold cream (it does!) but this one looks so cute i'm going to look for it when i go to the store :)

thank you for sharing this jess! :)

Denysia said...

Thank you for the review!

eri said...

omg. another lippie product! i don't know which to try now!!! i think the chanel may be calling my name....it sounds wonderful!

sizbelle said...

i'm still struggling whether to splurge on the dior balm and now you are tempting on the chanel one.. struggling in process still..

littlewing said...

Wow, this one sounds even better than the Dior product! Why do they all come in tubs? DDD:

I'm not a fan of Chanel skin care either, but I love their packaging! It's so timeless and elegant. :D

aretha said...

eeep i would love to try this! =) i use chanel skincare and love them but ive never seen this before at my local chanel counter. is it a new product?

Dina (XYYan) said...

this lip care sounds so great, but too bad it's not my wallet's type :D

ning * star said...

wooo, apple scent... me love apple scent!

Jess said...

Yes, it's a new product! ;)

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Thanks for the review Jess, the packaging is soo cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi this product really sounds great! I really am thinking of seriously purchasing this. I wanted to know if possible where you purchased this. I've been looking for it on all the websites that sell Chanel and can't find this exact one. Can you please also list the price. Thanks!

shy said...

Hihi, yeah!
THANX for the DIOR lip crème! ;D

Jamilla Camel said...

OK, I will inspect at the Chanel Counter!

Anna said...

Jess, really, you must stop posting about these great discoveries of yours, my bathroom is getting smaller and smaller while the amount of stuff cluttering it is getting bigger and bigger...do I really need another lip product??? Thank goodness I didn't buy the Dior!! Chanel it will have to be, then! Love the new layout, by the way and lovely Maquillage/Jill Stuart haul = more envy on my part!! A big hug, xx

LS said...

Yay Chanel~! super nice. I know it's pricy but it's really worth it.

Catherine said...

Oooh. This sounds amazing!! And it doesn't have SPF in it so I might actually be able to try it out! My lips have been so dry and weird lately - I've been applying lip balm and drinking extra water so I don't know what the problem is! T_T; I'll have to go check this out soon!

izumi said...

wow 5/5 really? sounds awesome!

Sher said...

I tried the dior one but I couldnt justify that much for something that felt similar to my bourjous one so I think im going to go get this one instead now :) thanks for the review!

amynaree said...

Thanks for the review, I am such a lip product whore as well as I have so many lip balms and lip healing products in general! This stuff sounds great, def want to get my hands on it!

LilliChantilly said...

I have yet to try Chanel skincare products, I'm itching to go try some! I'll have to do lots of research though because these things don't come cheap haha <3

Anonymous said...

i haven't gone that far into chanel skincare products. lips eh? very interesting. my chapped lips may like this stuff. your sister is lucky!

Missy Hii said...

Yum!!Would give it a try once i finish my cream :)
thanks for reviewing. luv your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I got a sample from Chanel for this lip balme...today I had to buy it. It cost me $45 + tax at Nordstroms and it's so worth it. For the past few years, my lips have been chapped and I've tried everything under the sun (my last attempts have been using the Sugar lip treatments). My lips were always chapped/peeling, etc. Last night I put this chanel lip balme on and this morning I saw an definite improvement - for once. If you can, go to the Chanel counter at Macys or Nordstroms and ask for a sample to try. They should give you a small container/jar sample and then you can see how it works for you before shelling out the $45+ tax.

organic foundation said...

Thanks for the honest review.I really like all products churned out by them.Lips are delicate and you really need good products to look after your lips...this one is a good packaging also.

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