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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Haul March 29th : In Love With Yves Saint Laurent... + F O T D : Fresh Peachy Spring Look

Hi everyone! How is your week so far? I'm pretty busy lately, since I'm working full time again due to easter break. Hence, the late post this week!

First of all, I want to let you know, how much I appreciate your comments! Sharing my thoughts on cosmetics has become even more joyful with your support, and I really really enjoy every single note that I receive! Thank you so much! ♥

Now, presenting the Yves Saint Laurent goodies I got this week!

YVES SAINT LAURENT Eye Shadow Duo ~ 19 Oatmeal / Petroleum Blue

This is my second YSL Eye Shadow Duo to my collection. I think #19 Oatmeal / Petroleum Blue is quite a unique palette.

I'm loving the super fine and silky texture, as well as the great color payoff.

As you can see from the swatch, the shadows have no shimmer, yet are not completely matte. I would describe the finish as soft matte. The look created with this palette must be very sophisticated!

YVES SAINT LAURENT Rouge Volupté ~ 30 Faubourg Peach

You all know how much I love YSL's Rouge Voluptés, don't you? Faubourg Peach is a new color that has been released with the Summer 2010 Collection.

It looks more red in the swatch than it does on my lips, which is more of a pastel peach color, although I have pretty pigmented lips. Like I said before, I used to be greatly devoted to pinks, but somehow I'm totally hooked on peachy shades lately.

Now, doesn't Faubourg Peach look stunning? It is similar to 26 Tender Peach (see the swatch in this post, see it on my lips in this post) I would say that 26 Tender Peach has a bit more orange hues to it compared to 30 Faubourg Peach, which is a bit softer.

YVES SAINT LAURENT Nail Lacquer ~ 35 Tuxedo Grey

I know, this is not a very spring-ish color at all, but I felt the need to add this particular shade to my nail polish collection, haha... Tuxedo Grey is a dark grey with a hint of blue to it.


You wanted to see me wearing the Yves Saint Laurent Blush Variation ~ 18 Coral Sand, didn't you? Here is my FOTD with the blush! You guessed it - just another simple and natural everyday look, haha...

I tried to do a very fresh peachy spring look! Sorry for my puffy eyes (I'm having a cold)!

I'm wearing a messy up-do most of the time lately, since the length of my hair is so annoying. I must yet figure out how to get rid of my side part for this hair style!

The soooftest peach blush I ever had on my cheeks! Can you tell, I'm in love?! Blair (she said, she prefers pinks over peaches), could I convince you to try out some peaches now? ;)

For the eyes I used my Coffret D'Or Jewelcious Eyes palette in 04. The lovely Lulu from Luluchinadoll asked me about how I do my eyebrows.

Well, basically I just draw in with the Shiseidow Natural Eyebrow Pencil ~ GY 901 Natural Black (which is my hg eyebrow pencil!). I fill in the gaps with light and short strokes following the natural shape of my brows, and extend the end a bit (not too much, since I think long eyebrows don't flatter my round face), since they got very sparse there due to over plucking in my teenage years. :/

As a last step, I'll always use a Q-tip to slightly sweep over my eyebrows. This is my trick to get it soft and natural looking, and not obviously drawn. I'll try to do a 'eyebrow tutorial' with photos!

Oh my gosh... Rouge Volupté ~ 30 Faubourg Peach and Blush Variation ~ 19 Coral Sand is a match in heaven! Don't you think so?


- MAC Mineralize SPF 15 Foundation ~ NC 15
- Dior Capture Totale Loose Powder ~ 001

- Yves Saint Laurent Blush Variation ~ 18 Coral Sand

- Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté ~ 30 Faubourg Peach

- Coffret D'Or Jewelcious Eyes ~ 04
- Maquillage Dramatical GEl Liner ~ BR 652
- Shiseido Lasting Lift Mascara ~ black
- Shiseido Natural Eyebrow Pencil ~ GY 901 Natural Black

I hope you liked my haul and FOTD!

Oh, and you know what? I'm going to meet the lovely Sheila from Mademoiselle Loves Beauty tomorrow! The first blogger buddy to visit Vienna, and my first blogger meet up ever! Wohoo... I'm so excited...!

Stay pretty!
Stay Ohh... pretty!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

REVIEW : MAC Mineralize SPF 15 Foundation + FOTD : Shimmery White meets Satin-finished Grey

As promised, I'm going to review the MAC Mineralize SPF 15 Foundation today, which I have been using nearly every day since I got it last week.

First off, I should mention again that I used to hate cream foundations, since none worked for me, as they always accentuated the pores and dry flakes. So, I was quite skeptic about this one either, but I made up my mind to give it a try, after I touched it at the MAC counter. My shade is NC 15, which is the lightest neutral shade.

The consistency of MAC Mineralize SPF 15 Foundation feels different to all cream foundations I tried so far. I would say, it has a very fresh and kind of a watery feel to it rather than a creamy and sticky consistency that most cream foundations feature, what always led to a pretty heavy feel. So yes, that's about, how I was sold to try it out.

Next, I provide you with an on/off photo of course! Please skip looking, if you are easily horrified by my bare face, haha... You can click on the photo to enlarge!

See, how well it covers the flaws? I didn't even use oncealer for my darker under eye area, nor for my acne scars on my chin. I think, it evens out my skintone perfectly. Also, it doesn't sink into my pores. MAC Mineralize SPF 15 Foundation gives me a dewy finish with a subtle glow (that the camera isn't able to catch).

As for the application, I swept it on with a foundation brush all over the face and blended out with the MAC #130 Short Duo Fibre Brush.

Creamy with a fresh and watery feel to it. It applies very smoothly and melts into skin instantly without leaving a sticky feel behind. I'd say it's one of the most lightweight cream foundations ever, yet with great moisturizing benefits.

Medium to full. Covers up most of the flaws. Evens out skin discoloration and redness in one layer.

Dewy with a subtle glow to it that makes you look very healthy.

Staying Power
The staying power is quite good. Oil comes through in the course of the day on my oilier T-zone, so I'll always use a bit of powder in this area to set it.

A rich, luxurious compact foundation offering a creamy application for a flawless, medium-buildable, naturally revitalized, fully dimensional finish. Lightweight and silky to apply. Good for all skin types; particularly benefits dull and/or dry complexions. Provides super-hydrated, high-comfort wear and everyday SPF 15 sun protection.


I love it for the lightweight feel, the great moisturizing benefits, and the dewy flawless finish, without making me look too made up. My skin feels super moisturized the whole day, and it doesn't break me out or irritate my sensitive skin in any ways.

I would have liked the shade to have more yellow undertones to it to balance out the pink undertone of my skin.

All in all, MAC Mineralize SPF 15 Foundation is the best cream foundation I have used so far, and I highly recommend it to anyone with normal to dry skin, who is looking for a moisturizing cream foundation that doesn't feel heavy.

Price: 4/5
Packaging: 4/5
Texture and scent: 5/5
Finish: 5/5
Oil control: 3/5
Overall: 4/5

Source of Product Information: maccosmetics.com


Continuing this post with a FOTD! I even took down the steps! Am I not a hard-working beauty blogger? Well, today at least, hehe... :p


- apply shimmery white eyeshadow allover the lid

- curl the lashes
- tightline the upper lashline and wing it a little bit

- apply grey eyeshadow on the outer corner, starting from the lashline and blend it upwards and inwards
- apply grey eyeshadow on your lower lashline about 1/2 of your eyes

- apply shimmery white eyeshadow on the inner corner
- white eyeliner on the waterline (helps to get fresher and brighter looking eyes)
- apply mascara

Isn't this the quickest and easiest way to create a subtle smokey look. I do this 'technique' on my eyes most of the time, since it is foolproof. It is also the most flattering way to apply eyeshadow for my eye shape. The darker color on the outer corner really does the trick to create depth.

Camwhoring! :)

The Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color applies smoothly with no powder fallouts. It's also quite pigmented, but you can still easily blend out the color. Like the name already claims, it has a satin finish to it. GY 913 is a pretty deep stone grey color.

Yet, It is not exactly what I was looking for - I wanted a dark grey that is a bit more on the silvery side. Does anyone has a suggestion?

I really love the shimmery white and satin-finished grey eyeshadow combo. I think shimmery eyeshadows always glam up the look! For some, this might be a bit too shimmery for daytime, but I think, it is still wearable.

Aren't we thankful, mankind invented the blush? Can you see, the freshness it adds to my complexion? And my round face also got some contours at once, not? Man, am I super smart! As if this awareness was something never heard before. Lol!

This photo is dedicated to a neglected product, that I'm still in love with! Chanel Powder Blush ~ 58 Fresque, which is a pinkish peach color. Definitely Ohh... pretty!

Yay to my so behaving lashes! ;) If you have super straight lashes like mine (see how straight my bare lashes are in my close up photo above!), that are hard to curl, I highly recommend you the Shiseido eyelash curler and Shiseido Lasting Lift Mascara!

Wanna get a slim(mer) face at once? Do the 'fish face' expression, haha...! But my eyes are like I wana bite someone! :p


- MAC Mineralize SPF 15 Foundation ~ NC 15
- Guerlain Météorites Powder For the Face ~ Beige Chic 03

- Chanel Powder Blush ~ 58 Fresque

- Dior Addict High Shine ~ 352 Champagne Blush

- Lunasol Star Shower Eyes ~ 03 Dazzling Night
- Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color ~ GY 913
- Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes ~ 1L
- Shiseido Lasting Lift Mascara ~ black
- Shiseido Natural Eyebrow Pencil ~ GY 901 Natural Black

That's it for now! I hope, you enjoyed this post!
Don't forget to visit my blog sale! Thank you!

Stay pretty!
Stay Ohh... pretty!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blog Sale: March 23rd, 2010

Hey everyone, this is just a quick announcement to let you know that I have an ongoing blog sale!

Visit my blog sale here! Thank you! ♥

Stay pretty!
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Monday, March 22, 2010

Mini Haul : Yves Saint Laurent, Shiseido + Swatch of Chanel Le Vernis 505 Particulière

Hi everyone, this is just a super short haul post, since I'm not feeling too well today due to my monthlies.

Oh, and just to keep you informed, I'm super happy with my skin condition lately! I haven't changed my skincare routine, nor changed anything that would affect my skin. Yet, my skin has become pretty clear (besides the acne scars on my chin area), smooth and well hydrated lately. The redness on my cheeks has also diminished a lot. Yay!

But now onto the two goodies I got last Friday!

YVES SAINT LAURENT Blush Variation ~ 18 Coral Sand

I know, I know... every time I get a new item, I can't stop drooling over, haha... but isn't this blush just adorable? It's the cutest pastel peach blush out of my peach blush collection. The texture is velvety smooth.

As you can see from the swatches, YSL Blush Variation ~ 18 Coral Sandthis blush consists of a matte peach shade and a bright flesh-toned peach with a pearly finish to it. The pigmentation is definitely there. Applied with a light hand, it creates the cutest pastel peach flush! Oh my god, I believe, I'm totally neglecting my love for pinks, haha...

SHISEIDO Luminizing Satin Eye Color ~ GY 913

I haven't bought a mono eye shadows for quite a while now, ever since I got hooked on eyeshadow palettes, hehe... Why did I decide to get GY 913? I have been searching low and high for the perfect dark stone grey eyeshadow to do neutral smokey eyes with. I think, I might got it now!

GY 913 is a dark stone grey with some brownish hues. It has a satiny texture with some fine shimmer to it. Since I haven't used it yet, I can't tell if it is definitely the color that I was looking for, but we'll see...

CHANEL Le Vernis 505 Particulière

This swatch is soooo overdue... Sorry for the delay, but I've been avoiding painting my nails, since my cuticles were extremely dry and shabby lately.

Isn't Particulière a stunning color? It's my favorite nail polish of the moment! If you knew how bad I am at applying nail polishes - especially darker colors! But Particulère applies super super even and absolutely streak free! It's opaque in one coat. I have one coat on here (no top coat).

Expect a longer (and hopefully more interesting) post from me again soon this week! ;)

Stay pretty!
Stay Ohh... pretty!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Mini MAC Haul + FOTD : Quick Random Look

Hello everyone, how was your weekend? I've had quite a surprisingly good one, although I had to work as usual. Must be due to the fact that I was a good girl and went to bed earlier (than I usually would), so that I was kinda well-rested. It's so true, that sufficient sleep is one of the most important factors for good health. Now, if I could only overcome being a night person. :/

Let's see what's my Mini MAC Haul all about! ;) This is what I got: MAC Mineralize SPF 15 Foundation in NC 15 and MAC #130 Short Duo Fibre Brush.

I used to hate cream foundations, since all I have tried so far always felt heavy, made my pores look huge for some weird reason, and despite the rich moisturizing textures, they accentuated any dry flakes.

I've used MAC Mineralize SPF 15 Foundation twice until now, and it seems to be the first cream foundation ever that works for me! It is really lightweight, with a somewhat fresh watery feel when you apply it. It covers my pores really nicely, and doesn't accentuate any flakes at all! I'll do a more detailed review in a separate post later on!

Now, onto the random look I did last week! I opened my drawer and it so happened, the palette that I picked right off the bat was Jill Stuart Illuminance Eyes 09 Dazzling Moon. Oh my, I neglected it for too long!

So, what do you think about my complexion here? I used the MAC Mineralize SPF 15 Foundation. I feel there is a slight whitish/pinkish cast on my face in the photos, which might be due to the SPF that this foundation contains.

My eyes were really puffy that day, hence I didn't want to experiment around. I applied the lightest shade of the palette onto the whole eyelid. Added the darkest shade on the outer corners to add definition, tightlined the upper lashline, applied mascara, and I was done with the eye makeup!

Excuse my frizzy hair! Uhm... I think it's time to get my bangs trimmed.

I believe the reason that my eye makeup always end up on the natural side is the fact that I don't entirely line my waterline. I do love the look of completely lined eyes a lot (Fuz rocks the entirely lined eyes look in my opinion), but I feel that it's just not very flattering for my eye shape.

So, I'm used to line only about 1/2 of the lower lashline (stronger on the outer parts), which I feel creates bigger looking eyes.

I'm wearing Revlon Colorburst Lipstick ~ Carnation here, which was a gift from Catherine. Isn't the rosy pink color beautiful? The texture is really smooth and moisturizing too! I highly recommend this color to everyone with fair Asian skintone - it's so flattering!

Thank you again, Catherine! I ♥ it!


- Dior Diorskin Sculpt Lifting Smoothing Concealer ~ 001 Ivoire / Ivory
- MAC Mineralize SPF 15 Foundation ~ NC 15

- MAC Beauty Powder Blush ~ Tenderling (Sheertone)

- Revlon Colorburst Lipstick ~ Carnation

- Jill Stuart Illuminance Eyes ~ 08 Dazzling Moon
- Estee Lauder Artists Eyeliner Pencil ~ 01 Softsmudge Black
- Shiseido Lasting Lift Mascara

Stay pretty!
Stay Ohh... pretty!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Product Comparison : Lunasol Lighting For Eyes 04 Neutral vs. Lighting For Eyes 05 Khaki

I've been asked to do a comparison post of Lunasol Lighting For Eyes 04 Neutral and Lighting For Eyes 05 Khaki by the lovely Blair. So, here we go!

First off, I have to say that I really can't decide which one I love more, since both are the perfect to-go palettes for a natural everyday look.

All shades of both palettes are on the cool side, yet I feel that the shades in 05 Khaki are even more cool-toned compared to 04 Neutral.

All shadows apply smoothly with lots of shimmer that are pretty fine (except of the 4th color of each palette, which is a super glittery shadow). The pigmentation is medium, but you can definitely achieve more opaqueness by adding more color.

Lunasol Lighting For Eyes ~ 04 Neutral

The shades are:
1) pale golden beige 2) medium taupe brown 3) rich chocolate brown 4) silvery taupe

04 Neutral is the palette to go for, if you are looking for a neutral or a cool-toned brown palette. I'm sure that it flatters most Asian skintones.

Lunasol Lighting For Eyes ~ 05 Khaki

The shades are:
1) minty white 2) light khaki with golden shimmer 3) deep khaki green 4) pale gold

05 Khaki is the prettiest khaki green palette that I've ever seen. However, it might look a bit muddy on some people with darker skintones.

Finally, if you have to decide between these two, I'd say you are absolutely on the safe side with 04 Neutral. I hope this post was helpful! ;)

Stay pretty!
Stay Ohh... pretty!


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