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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Haul from Mihokoshop : Coffret D'or, Maquillage and Lunasol

I promised to show you the complete haul from Mihoko Shop. Mihoko Shop provides excellent customer service and delivery! So, if you have any concerns about products or whatsoever, don't hesitate to e-mail Mihoko, who generally replies quickly! Now, without any further ado, here we go!

COFFRET D'OR Jewelcious Eyes ~ 04 (Spring 2010 Collection)

The case is kept pretty clean. The pink stones that are enclosed on the lid adds a bit of a princessy touch to it. I find the packaging looks nice, yet it doesn't make me drool over.

The texture of this palette is a dream! The shadows feel super silky and apply absolutely smooth without any powder fall-outs. The shimmer in it is very very fine, giving your eyes (better to say, eyelids) a really nice glow. As you can see from the swatches below, the colors are quite pigmented too.

This is my first Coffret D'or palette ever, and I'm impressed! Like I said in my previous post, texture-wise I think it's better than all Lunasol palettes I have.

Jewelcious Eyes ~ 04 consists of four shades which are, a shimmery white, a peachy color with golden shimmer to it, a golden brown and a deep cool-toned brown.

MAQUILLAGE Face Creator 3D ~ 66

This is a great product! I really like to have a blush, contouring powder and highlighter all in one compact! The shades in ~ 66 are very soft and natural.

Since the colors are that light, I wasn't able to swatch. All you would see is the shimmer, which is a really fine one with a bit of a metallic sheen to it. I personally like a light metallic finish, since I feel it gives my cheeks a nice glow.

Face Creator 3D ~ 66 is perfect for very fair to fair skintones, as this will give the most natural flush. Yet, I don't recommend it to darker skintones, since the light shades won't show up.

LUNASOL Lighting For Eyes ~ 04 Neutral

You all know that I'm a big fan of Lunasol's eyeshadows, don't you? I've been lemming for Lighting For Eyes ~ 04 Neutral for the longest. It was always sold out everywhere, whenever I wanted to order it. So, I believe this must be one of the most popular Lunasol palettes, huh? ;)

For being neutral colors, not boring at all, what do you think? I think, the shades look beautiful. Hopefully, it looks that beautiful on my eyes too, haha...

MAQUILLAGE Moisture Rouge (Sheer Type) ~ RS 713

Kathi from Lotus Palace, intrigued me to get this, after seeing how beautiful it looked on her lips. I haven't used it yet, so I can't tell much about it now. But be sure, I'll use it very soon!

It looks like a natural rose color on the back of my hand. I'm excited to see, how it turns out on my pigmented lips though!

And that's all I got from Mihoko Shop this time!

By the way, my skin has broke out like crazy at once. I have huge pimples and scars on my chin and mouth area right now. Argh, that's always so annoying. I think, I better do a mild scrub followed by a cleansing mask tonight!

Now, I'd like to know how do you treat your occasional break outs! Looking forward to hearing your tips!

Stay pretty!
Stay Ohh... pretty!


Eva said...

oooh!! nice haul! those palettes are gorgeous!

littlewing said...

Lovely haul! ♥ Lunasol Neutral is still one of my favourite palettes. And the Coffret D'Or palette looks so nice in your swatch and pictures. I like the new packaging much better than the old one. I'm thinking about giving Coffret D'Or another try now! :P

Zuuchini said...

i love your haul! That lunasol palette is also one that intrigues me. If i were to get any lunasol palette, i would probably pick that one first! Loving that maquillage lipstick.

Askmewhats said...

I love these palettes ! just the mere fact of looking at it makes me happy!

coffretgorge said...

great haul jess! lovin that coffret d'or palette :) i have the maquillage face creator 66 and i love it too! i always use the highlighter :)

lilluna5416 said...

love the haul!!!

dab some witch hazel on the pimple like a toner to soothe redness and apply a clay mask after showering when the pores are open and ready to absorb. Top off with some pimple cream before bed.

Tammy said...

Great haul! I am especially intrigued with the Lunasol palette :D They always have some kind of elegant air to it right??

I have only one Coffret D'or palette from the Spring 09 - Lavender Purple Mix. I was terribly excited over getting it but it turned out simply terrible for me. It's as shimmery as any princessy girl can want, but it was so sheer and faded so much during the day that I rarely wear it now. Your swatch of the new Coffret palette seems quite pigmented though. I wonder what the wear will be like?

Shop N' Chomp said...

What a beautiful haul you got, Jess! =)

xbbkay said...

these really remind me of Dior. I never heard of this brand. it looks so pretty!

Crystal said...

Really pretty haul! I like the lunasol palette also. I have the Maquiallage 3D face in #11. It's more of a intense color, but great for stage makeup or going out. The 66 looks really natual! I kind of want this on also, haha!

izumi said...

very pretty :D i wish my make up collection was as exquisite as yours!

PixyEla said...

Such a lovely haul you got. ^^ I usually breakout on my chin area too and what I do is take a ..hmm how do I describe it..like an exfoliator pad type of thing? (I'll take pics of it on my blog next time to show) But what I do is use warm water on the pad & then put some of my cleanser on it & slowly massage it for a few mins. After that I use a mask and my skin is super soft afterwards. Hope that helps somewhat.
Thanks for your lovely comments, it would be great if we link exchange. :)

ning * star said...

nice haul!

Denysia said...

Hey! I got the exact same palette! :)

Usually when I break out, I just clean my face and put aveeno lotion on it. Then at night, I use the Body Shop's tea tree oil blemish fade night lotion, and their blemish stick. And the breakouts usually go away within a day or so! :D

shaynaJo said...

pretty pretty stuffs there!
Oh ya, does the Maquillage Face Creator have alot of shimmers in it? sorry to hear bout the breakouts. I hate occasional breakouts too. Before this, I was using tea tree oil to combat them but didn't really work after awhile. I'm using Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel now.. and it's great.. can refer to my review here -> http://butterflydisplay.blogspot.com/2010/01/review-cellnique-skin-action-sebum-gel.html

hope it helps! =)

Catherine said...

What an absolutely gorgeous haul! Everything looks so, so pretty and that Lunasol palette looks like THE perfect neutral palette! I've been looking for one like that and I just ordered a Laura Mercier one... hope it's as pretty as this one hehe. Can't wait to see you wear everything! Especially that lipstick - I bet it will be so lovely on you but I don't think I've seen you wear colors that pink/rose before?

And Jess, if you figure out a way to deal with your occasional breakouts, do let me know! I've been suffering from annoying persistent cystic acne all last quarter and this quarter... =/ I think it was from stress last quarter and I was hoping it'd go away once the quarter was over but no such luck... it's making me really sad, especially my poor nose which has gotten really flaky and can't seem to heal. ;_;

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day! http://kantahanan.blogspot.com/

blushforyou said...

Hey Jess,

I have eczema (so my skin is really dry and sensitive) and a couple of years ago my dermatologist introduced the product Eryacne to me (he first introduced Differin to me but apparently that takes time to work and I'm impatient, I want instant results!)I only use this on occasion when I have breakouts and it really dries out the spot. I only use it at night though because if you use it in the morning after moisturizing and before putting on makeup, after putting the foundation or concealer on, the dryness of that spot is accentuated. However I generally have really dry skin so maybe that's just me - the bottle says to use it day and night hah. So, for the occasional spot that's what works for me :)

Also, the lipstick looks really nice. I'm a big fan of rose colored lips. You'll have to show us a photo of you wearing it!


acutelife said...

you always have the prettiest hauls Jess!! I love the lunasol palette very much, the colors are very nice! do a look with it soon please!

Eve said...

when I break out, first thing I get is My Beauty Diary Q10 mask. for some reasons, it kill the acne and spots immediately even the mask says it is for anti-aging purpose.
also I drink detox tea to get rid of the culprit of the spot asap.
then it is all abt mask mask mask to lighten the scar

Musicalhouses said...

That is such a pretty haul! You have good taste in colours too! I love all the neutrals and taupes!

♥akisa♥ said...

I didn't like the Lunasol texture much, so I'm glad to hear Coffret D'or is better!! Looking forward to the lipstick swatch!~ By the way you blew me away with so many samples!! I'm sorry I can't get my hands on those kind of samples in Australia.. we're too small for those kind of handouts... -_- can't wait to try the stuff tomorrow morning~

Old Cow said...

I have the Lunsaol palette. I love it so!! It is up there in my everyday shadows. I think it gives a near perfect smokey neutral look. Another of my Lunasol faves is the Orange gradation. Its sooooo preeeety!

DANA said...

omg coffret d'or... <3 ... i am so looking for that palette when i go back to singapore... unless i can't find it!?? hahaha lovely haul!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for your sharing your tips to treat pimples with me! I really appreciate it!!!

Jamilla Camel said...

You have exquisite taste, as always!

Anonymous said...


Sorry I'm late. Okay, first, your makeup products are very very nice and the colors suit your pale complexion, which I wish I had!

Second, breaking out. I have acne breakouts all the time :( This is relatively subjective, but what seems to work for me:

1. Taking an anti-histamine before bed, if you really need that extra kick.

2. SLEEP at least 8-12 hours.

3. Luvos Heilerde Gesichtsmaske (purchased from Apotheke)

I do a lot of other things too, but I don't think yours is so bad that you would need an entire face care regimen ;)

amynaree said...

great haul! i really want the new coffret d'or e/s palettes, they look so pretty

Sapphire - www.sapphirecosmetoaddict.com said...

Gorgeous neutral shades, excellent choice ;)

lindah said...

the lippie looks super frosty in the picture, but it looks great swatched :D

rene said...

Hi! I'm your new follower!
I have the same rouge! It doesn't look like how I thought it would. Looks very reddish instead of pinkish, which is what I wanted, on my lips. I want to see how it looks on you!

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