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Monday, December 14, 2009

My Secret Santa package + DSK Triple Heart Necklaces

How was your weekend, everyone? Well, mine was a really stressful one, but that's nothing new to me at all (working at a Chinese restaurant, even if it's at the bf's restaurant is always always stressful, sigh!). So yeah, ended up with muscle and joint pain. (; _ ;) Ahh... I'm in need of a relaxing bath and some more sleep! Thank god, the weekend is over, haha...

But my Secret Santa package (I joined the Secret Santa game that Kay from Bihada Diaries arranged), which arrived in my mailbox totally cheered me up today! My Secret Santa was Sarah from Moto Jewelry and Hello, 'moto! Now let me show you what she bombed me with!

Oops, by the way, am I allowed to open this package that soon at all, or is it supposed to be opened not until Christmas? I haven't joined a Secret Santa game before, so I'm not too sure about the rules. Please excuse me, if I violated anything!

Wow... all these gorgeous goodies came in the small package! Sarah, thank you so much! I love everything!

First thing, I'm gonna present to you is this gorgeous pair of earring! You can purchase Sarah's hand-crafted pieces at motojewelry.blogspot.com. I love the design and the color so much! The name of this pair is 'Christmas Corals' (I've just found that out at Sarah's jewelry blog, hehe...).

Can't wait to wear it! ♥

PAUL & JOE Eye Gloss N ~ 04 Halo

She also looked up my wishlist on the sidebar, and got me the P&J eyegloss in 04 Halo. Too bad, I already have this color! I'm such a dumbass, since I totally neglected to update my wishlist, argh!

GIVENCHY Gloss Interdit ~ 04 Rose Taboo

This is a mini version of the lipgloss. Isn't the color pretty? It is very shiny, has a bit of shimmer to it, and feels super creamy and smooth on the lips. Of course, I couldn't wait to try it out! I never tried Givenchy's lipglosses before, but I'm totally pleased with the color and quality!

Turns out to be a light berry color on my lips. Super shiny and smooth, not? It actually looks much darker in the tube as applied, yet a bit darker in real life than in the photo. I ike the semi-opaque finish a lot.

I hope the Secret Santa package that I sent out last Thursday (10th of December) will still arrive in time!

Now, onto the two DSK necklaces I purchased a while ago, which arrived last Friday! You can purchase DSK jewelry at dskjewelry.blogspot.com.

DSK Triple Hearts Violet, Light PH, Moonlight on 16" heart chain

I super adore the cute heart chain. It is so sparkly in real life - what a pity, the camera isn't able to capture!

DSK Triple Hearts AB, Violet, Jonquil on 16" heart chain

While the first necklace is more elegant, I find this one more girly. I intend to make this a Christmas gift to my little sister. And which one do you like better? (^- ^)

Ok, have to take a relaxing bath now, ladies! Will try to come up with a FOTD post this week!

Stay pretty!
Stay Ohh... pretty!


Sheila P said...

That lippie is pretty~ Perfect on its own too!

If you already have the P&J eyegloss and might want to sell it, I'm interested =D

eri said...

ooh! great stuff! :)

amynaree said...

awww cute, halo is such a pretty color!

mandy said...

The gloss looks really nice on!
Those necklaces are beautiful :O

The secret santa game sounds really fun ^__^

izumi said...

i'm glad you like it!! :)

p chan said...

ooo! the Givenchy gloss looks sooo pretty!

mayaari said...

the orange/cream earrings from sarah are really pretty! i love the color combos she uses with her jewelry :)

the lipgloss is a nice shade for you as well :)

cleung341 said...

I saw the Givenchy Rose Taboo lipgloss at my local Sephora today. it really is a gorgeous color and it looks so pretty on you!

Askmewhats said...

I love the lip color, your lips look gorgeous! :)

MiuMiu said...

the lip color looks very pretty on you. i got my package today but i'm gonna resist opening it until christmas XD

Eva said...

wooo nice stuff!! haha yeah i was contemplating between nude beige and sensual silk...i thought nude beige would look too light on me so i picked the latter...i want a peachy one next which other colors do you own?

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Those are fantastic stuff you got I love your lips so sexy :)

Tammy said...

I can't even begin to tell you how much I hate Chinese, family-owned businesses! >.<

Jess said...

Thanks everyone for liking my lips! *happy*

Sheila P:
Yeah, I'll think about what to do with it. If I decide to sell it, I'll let you know, ok? ;)

Hehe, yes it is so exciting! And I really love make gifts to friends.

Thank youuuu!

You are such a good girl! I hope, I didn't violate the rules by having already opened it... :/

Yes indeed! he color combos are adorable!

Oh, how cool!

Eva: Only #1 Nude Beige and #26 Tender Peach by now.

Shop N' Chomp said...

Love the lippie on you! Your Secret Santa goodies are soo nice and so is your DSK! :D

Blair said...

Jess, that is such a lovely package from Sarah!! I love your lip swatches, they look wonderful =D

I know! I adore Steph's heart chain! <3!!!

miemiemie said...

hi jess! you have such pretty lips. anyway,love the necklace..its so dainty and pretty :)

Jamilla Camel said...

Sarah sure showered you with goodies! What a great package!!

Blogger said...

I like KIT KAT :)
Nice package~~~ i Love the earings~ so lovely

Peculiar Tings said...

The gloss looks very nice!
Hmm... I like the triple hearts AB better! Because the Ab crystal is more sparkly:)

Catherine said...

Oooooh, lovely new things!! And awww, I would have loved to do a Secret Santa too! LOL. Maybe next year. =)

acutelife said...

Nice santa pack!! and as for the earrings, I love this tripple hearts XD nothing wrong with the first one, i just love this one abit more ;)

Miss K. You said...

Oh wow that secret santa package would cheer me up too! Honestly I think both dsk necklaces are h
gorgeous, what a lucky sis of yours! =)

lindah said...

kit kat!!! :D oh man..those earrings are pretty too :) And I still haven't opened up my glossy yet.. I'm waiting xD

gio said...

You got some fantastic goodies! That lipgloss looks beautiful on you!

mystifize said...

aaww ur SS spoiled u lots! love the givenchy lippie! the color is so nice!

ning * star said...

the earings is love! merry christmas

Vonvon said...

So many nice goodies you've got there....:) And I like the earrings....very pretty!

Kate Gene said...

That gloss looks great on you! I am a sucker for pale, shiny, semi-opaque glosses!


Kate Gene

paperdollrevenge said...

Aww how sweet of Sarah! Really like the colors she picked for you! Secret Santas are so fun!

Merry Christmas, Jess!

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