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Thursday, November 26, 2009

My 5 November Favorites + Koji Curving Eyelash Curler

Ahh... it's been quite a while since my last post, hm? Honestly, I haven't been motivated enough for writing anything (not that I don't LOVE blogging, I doooo!). Maybe it's just I needed a short time out (and playing Cafe World on facebook instead, haha...). I didn't mean to neglect you, my dear readers! (. _ .)

But now, to my actual post!

I'm always interested in getting to know other girls' favorite products, hence I thought, why not sharing mine either? So let me introduce 'My 5 November Favorites' to you!

(1) LA MER The Mist
I'm using this facial mist about twice a day. My skin has become feeling tight during the day due to the cold weather and heating. This mist really does help to refresh and soothe my skin. I feel like my skin regains its' suppleness instantly after I sprayed it on. It also makes my skin look super dewy and glowy when sprayed over the makeup!

(2) CLINIQUE Water Therapy Whipped Body Cream
My skin on the body gets very dry and prone to eczema during wintertime. This is the best body cream so far, because it doesn't irritate at all (my skin on the body gets irritated and reacts with even more eczema out breaks easily) and nourishes my very dry skin.

The texture is soooo good! Yes, it indeed feels like whipped cream! Although it's very rich, it doesn't leave any sticky or oily residue behind, but totally melts into the skin, leaving it super soft and smooth. It has a very light minty scent to it, which I like a lot.

(3) LUNASOL Star Shower Eyes ~ 02 Medium Night

This is my favorite palette of the moment, which I use nearly every other day, because the shades are so neutral and just go perfectly with everything.

(4) MAC Mineralize Blush ~ Improvise
This blush simply makes me look the freshest! As like the 02 Medium Night palette, I use this blush nearly every other day. So love the color and the glow it adds to my cheeks!

(5) YVES SAINT LAURENT Rouge Volupté ~ 26 Tender Peach
Gorgeous color (in fact the prettiest opaque peach lipstick to me!), gorgeous texture.


This small pouch was a random buy, when I was on the way meeting my sister for looking for a birthday present for our cousin. It's made of leather and has a glossy silvery surface. I thought it looked quite nice, so I bought it. I'll use it for my makeup essentials, that I carry with me in my bag.

Oh, and I got my hands on a new eyelash curler. It's the Koji Curving Eyelash Curler, which I got from BoboDave. You can purchase it at Sasa too. You wonder, why I buy another one, when I said I already found my holy grail curler (the Shiseido one)? Well... I got tempted to try it out after watching this youtube video and reading raves about it, haha...

So far, I don't like it more than my Shiseido curler! It does fit my eyes quite well, but for some reason it doesn't lift my lashes as beautifully as the Shiseido curler does. A side by side comparison.

Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of them from the front side. Let me know, if you are interested in seeing more pictures! For more information about the Koji Curving Eyelash Curler, check out MiuMiu's post!

Stay pretty!
Stay Ohh... pretty!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

FOTD : Natural Green Smokey Eyes with Esprique Precious Dress On Shiny Eyes C-4 + Love Package!

You see!? I couldn't wait any longer to wear my brand new Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté 26 Tender Peach and the DSK Swarovski Moonlight Crystal & Bow Dangle Earrings! Today I decided to go for natural smokey eyes with the gorgeous Esprique Precious Dress On Shiny Eyes palette, which I LOVE!

I feel like green is one of the most flattering colors on me. What do you think?

Look at the DSK Swarovski Moonlight Crystal & Bow Dangle Earrings! So pretty and cute! Must definitely get some more pieces soon, hehe... If you haven't discovered DSK Jewelry yet, you have to check it out! All jewelry pieces are just adorable and reasonable priced!

A close-up of the earring (and of the super big spot on my chin, haha...). Ouch! (; _ ;)
Love Pu Pu Cheek in orange today to add freshness to my complexion. If you are looking for a natural orange blush that flatters fair skintones, this is the right choice! This blush is very pigmented, so always apply it with a light hand!

Again, the camera totally washed out the colors. Believe me, the they look much more vibrant and darker in real life than in the photos. Fuz is so right! The green shades in Esprique Precious Dress On Shiny Eyes C-4 are so unique. It will probably stay my favorite green palette forever, hehe... (^- ^)

Rouge Volupé ~ 26 Tender Peach is simply the prettiest peach lipstick out of my collection! Although I'm more of a lipgloss and sheer type lipstick person, I really like the opaqueness of Rouge Volupté. Unlike other opaque lipsticks, Rouge Volupté never looks dull and matte on the lips, yet smooth and velvety.

But make sure, you apply a bit of lipbalm or lipgloss either underneath or on top of it. That makes sure, it doesn't accentuate the lines, if you have drier lips.

Now you wanna see a close up of my lips, don't you? (^ _ ^)/

I applied my holy grail lipbalm underneath, which is Clinique Repairwear Intensive Lip Treatment (go here for reading my review!). It adds a subtle shine to the finish.

Oh, in case you wonder the shimmery golden eyeshadow on the inner half of my lower lashline, it's the one from the Lunasol Blooming For Eyes ~ 02 White Gradation palette. I also used it above the greens to blend out the colors a bit. Totally forgot to picture it. :')


- DIOR Diorskin Sculpt Lifting Smoothing Concealer ~ 001 Ivoire / Ivory
- BOBBI BROWN Skin Foundation SPF 15 ~ Warm Ivory 1
- DIOR Capture Totale High Definition Radiance Loose Powder ~ 001 Rose Lumière / Bright Light

- KEVIN BEAUTYMAKER Love Pu Pu Cheek ~ orange

- YVES SAINT LAURENT Rouge Volupté ~ 26 Tender Peach

- ESPRIQUE PRECIOUS Dress On Shiny Eyes ~ C-4

- MAQUILLAGE Dramatical Gel Liner ~ BR 652
of Mascara ~ 01 Rich black

Guess what! I got a surprise love package from Singapore! I was doing my makeup, when the bf came home from grocery shopping, and handed me the package. I was like... oh my gosh! Who on earth loves me?! (^ . ^#)

Look what she bombed me with!

This pink dotted pouch is adorable... the fabric feels super nice! She totally knows my taste, hehe...

Another super cute pouch with bears on it! Kawaii...!

This is a pouch for tissues. The fabric is again really nice, and I like the color a lot!

Lastly, a girly and romantic comb and pocket mirror in Anna Sui style! You would look in vain for cute things like this here in Austria. Wanna go to Asia!

These all came from a friend that I got to know through Poupeegirl actually. Thank you, thank you, thank you WY!!! I love everything!

Stay pretty!
Stay Ohh... pretty!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mini Haul : Clarins Hydra Quench Cream-Mask, YSL Rouge Volupté + My first DSK Jewelry Piece!

First of all, I want to thank everyone who left a comment on my previous post about my haircut and especially for the recommendations. I sincerely appreciate every single feedback - thank you!

And today, it's just another mini haul post, which I seem to have nearly every week, hm? (^ o ^)

CLARINS Hydra Quench Cream-Mask

I got a few samples of this mask, and it turned out to be so appropriate for my skin. So, I finally got my hands on a full tube. I'm not a big fan of cream masks usually, since most of these feel just too heavy and leave a somewhat greasy residue afterwards, even after rinsing it off with water, which I can't stand.

But this cream mask is soooo good! It instantly hydrates and soothes my skin. My skin feels super soft, revived and calmed everytime I indulge in it. It has a flowery scent to it, which I find very calming too. It's the best hydrating cream mask that I have come across so far.

YVES SAINT LAURENT Rouge Volupté ~ 26 Tender Peach

Yay, my second Rouge Volupté! My sister got this color a while back, and I just adored how it looked on her, so I had to get one myself either, hehe...

Rouge Volupté 26 Tender Peach is probably the prettiest real peach lipstick I have discovered. I'd say it is a more cool toned peach color that incredibly flatters fair Asian skintones! Also very good choice for pigmented lips, but that's the case with all Rouge Volupté lipsticks anyhow.

Here is a quick swatch on the back of my hands. It might look a bit more orange on my skin, but it really turns out to be a beautiful peach on my pigmented lips.

Onto my very first DSK Jewelry piece, that I received last Friday! Of course it came in pretty red gift box. Steph, can I have a pink one next time please? Haha... Now, guess what is inside!?

Tadaa... it's the Swarovski Moonlight Crystal & Bow Dangle Earrings! Please note that my photo doesn'tfully do it justice! It looks so much prettier in real! Again, I'm blaming the bad lighting!

It seems I got addicted to DSK Jewelry, because my heart screams for more! (^ -^)

Expect me wearing this pair of earring and the YSL Rouge Volupté in my next FOTD post!

Stay pretty!
Stay Ohh... pretty!


Thursday, November 5, 2009

FOTD : No-makeup Look + Got my hair trimmed...

I want to grow out my hair, but I thought it was time to have them slightly trimmed, since the tips of my hair have already been so dry and brittle. I told the hairdresser not to cut off too much nor to thin out too much, so this is what I ended up with!

Not much difference actually, hehe... I still urgently need a really nourishing hair mask to treat the tips!

I was wearing very little makeup that day, since I was in a hurry for leaving the house. I'm wearing the RMK Powder Foundation EX ~ 101.

How do you like the bangs? Well, on the whole I think the hairdresser did an okay job... I don't bother too much if it doesn't look perfect now, since my aim is to grow them out fast anyways, haha... Once they have grown out long enough, I want lots of layers, so that it doesn't look as heavy as now. (^- ^)

Someone wanted to see me wearing the Lunasol Full Glamour Lips G ~ 01 Shiny Coral in a look, so here I'm wearing it! I super love this color, because it goes with nearly any look. So natural for daytime!

I applied Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color N ~ 02 gold light allover my lids, lined my eyes very lightly with Lunasol Contrasting W Eyeliner ~ 04 Deep Black and added the greyish purple color from Lunasol Booming Eyes ~ 03 Purple Gradation on top of the liner and on the outer corner. Finished the eyes with mascara.

A close-up of my lips wearing Lunasol Full Glamour Lips G ~ 01 Shiny Coral.

I'm awaiting a new eyelash curler from Koji which I ordered from BoboDave some time ago, and a pair of earrings from DSK Jewelry. Ahh... can't wait to receive the packages, hehe...

Stay pretty!
Stay Ohh... pretty!


Monday, November 2, 2009

Mini Haul : Dior Vernis 782 Silver Purple + Dior Foundation Brush

As the title already revealed, this is another haul post again - a mini haul actually! You wonder about my makeup diet? Haha... call me a loser or whatsoever! But hey, after all I kept about three weeks!? (^ o ^)/

Ever since I saw Dior Vernis 782 Silver Purple at All Lacquered Up a few days ago, I decided that I had to get my hands on it. This nail polish is a limited edition item from the Dior Holiday 2009 Cristal Boreale Collection.

To me, Dior Vernis 782 Silver Purple is pretty much the most outstanding item out of the whole collection. I think the two palettes, the single shadows and the lippies are pretty, but somehow don't tempt me enough though. Well, that's great for my purse, isn't it? Hehe... yay!

DIOR Vernis ~ 782 Silver Purple

Doesn't it look stunning just in the bottle itself? It is a deep smokey purple with silver shimmer to it. It looks very dark indoors and more purple with silver hues outside in daylight. It is definitely one of the prettiest dark nail polishes for this season!

DIOR Foundation Brush

Yes, I chose this foundation brush, simply because I love the design, hehe... But, the brush itself has very soft hairs too! I'm going to use it for blending concealer. I don't like actual concealer brushes, since I feel they are too small, which doesn't make blending out smoothly as effortless as with a foundation brush.

Now I gotta catch some more sleep, since I got a cold this weekend. Have a great week ahead!

Stay pretty!
Stay Ohh... pretty!


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