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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

FOTD : Dazzling Steel Blue Eyes with Jill Stuart Illuminance Eyes 08 Dazzling Moon

It became reeeaaally chilly the last few days here... actually too cold for October! Well, let's blame the cold polar air that is passing Europe. Had to dig out my boots, my coat, my cashmere scarf and my hat before venturing outside. Brrr...!

By the way, I want new boots for this season, but I still haven't seen any that I really adore yet. Overknees are said to be really en vogue lately, huh? However, I think I'm still going for a pair of classic black boots. What do you think?

But enough the randomness, let's go onto something beauty related, since this is supposed to be a beauty blog after all, haha... So yeah, I did a look matching the cold weather today - named it dazzling steel blue eyes. Sorry, no step-by-step picture tutorial today, since I was in a hurry.

Note, if you are sick of seeing my face, you gotta skip this post, since there will be lots of photos, hehe... (^- ^*)

How can someone get a spot on the lid? Urghs! Sorry, I tried the best to cover, but it just wanted to be shown in the photos... (= _ =°)

Look at my chubby cheeks! Is it the angle or did I get bloated? (#^ . ^#) Oh noooo!

I absolutely love the Jill Stuart Illuminance Eyes 08 Dazzling Moon palette! I think the colors are so beautiful (note, that they are much smokier in real than in the photos), and despite being very shimmery, the color payoff is really good. I know that a lot of people complain about the sheerness of Jill Stuart eyeshadow palettes, but 08 Dazzling Moon is definitely more pigmented.

For my face I used the Jill Stuart Smooth Silk Powder Foundation in 101 linen, which I got a sample of from Mihoko with my last order. What I liked the best about it is the great color match, and that it covers my pores on my nose perfectly - unlike many other foundations, this one doesn't sink into the pores at all! I think the shade looks even nicer on my skintone than the Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation OC 01.

The coverage is medium, leaving a smooth and even complexion - it's non cakey, but tends to be a bit more powdery looking. I think it would be a great powder foundation for normal to oilier skins, but not the perfect one for drier skins. I have normal/combination skin with drier cheeks, and I really liked it.

Jill Stuart soft peach on my cheeks. Isn't the color just cute? Oh, and I also slightly contoured my face with the MAC Sculpt And Shape Powder ~ Bone Beige/Emphasize, that I ran out to pick up today. I'm lucky to be able to get my hands on it, because all other MAC counters I called were already sold out of this product. So, got the very last one, yay!

Actually, I felt like having to start contouring my round face, since I saw the video on akisa's blog few days ago. Haven't seen it yet? Watch it here!

On my lips, I applied Lunasol Full Glamour Lips S in 30 Medium Beige Rose - a very elegant and feminine color. Sooo... love it!


- Dior Diorskin Sculpt Lifting Smoothing Concealer ~ 001 Ivoire / Ivory
- Jill Stuart Smooth Powder Foundation ~ 101 linen

- Jill Stuart Mix Blush ~ 05 pastel peach

- Lunasol Full Glamour Lips G ~ 09

- Jill Stuart Illuminance Eyes ~ 08 Dazzling Moon
- Makeu Up For Ever Aqua Eyes ~ 1L
- Shiseido Lasting Lift Mascara
- Shiseido Natural Eyebrow Pencil ~ GY 901 Natural Black

Hope you liked this look! I'm awaiting a few goodies from Gooddealer and a RMK Powder Foundation Ex in the mail. Is it just me, or do you also feel kinda excited every time you are expecting to receive something in the mail? Haha... (^ . ^')

Oh, and don't forget about my blog sale, which I updated a few days ago. Go there here! Thank you!

Stay pretty!
Stay Ohh... pretty!


Askmewhats said...

your lipstick looks gorgeous on you so natural yet it gives a very sexy pout! Love the eye makeup too!!!

izumi said...

i'm quite jealous of you and jamilla posting gorgeous lippies all the time!! :P love the palette :) and i've def gotten a spot on my eyelid too, so annoying! >__< hope yours goes away soon!

C. said...

you look beautiful jess! i would love to know what austria is like someday~ you always look so put together and european!

btw, the spot on the lid could be a result of product build-up. idk if they sell eyelid wipes at your drugstore, but there is such a thing its like a wipe to remove oil and debris on your eyelid. i used it before and its good for getting rid of slight bumps on eyes/lids/waterline etc. hope it helps =)

lindah said...

the blush is so pretty! ^_^ I haven't sported blues in a while which gives me some ideas :D

Tammy said...

Hey Jess,
08 is the first JS eye palette I ever got and I agree that the colour payoff is really good! I was actually questioning the sheerness claims that JS garners ahaha it's a tad bit tooo sparkly for me (especially the first colour!) but the second colour on the palette is to die for. When I use it as the base colour, my eyes look more smokey lavender than smokey blue.
Your skin is flawless as usual :) Thanks for sharing!

PinkyKathy said...

wow you look absolutely GORGEOUS!!! very nice EOTD. and you match the color for eyes and lip so well.

Beauty Snap said...

Sigh I want some Lunasol lipsticks... Looks great!
And I was bidding on this JS eyeshadow palette and lost by 1 dollar LOL -_-;; It doesn't matter though, I'm not used to wearing blues anyway! But I think this color looks very pretty and shimmery on you, love it.
I also really like the JS smooth silk powder foundation. I got a sample in Japan from the SA! :D

Blovet Beauty said...

this is a really pretty palette; everytime i see great eotd with this, i really long to get one too! a very pretty look

alienman said...

you have such adorable lips!

Lydia said...

oooh god, that's so pretty!!!
and I love how you did your hair with that bow...I love bows!!!

kawaiikao said...

omgosh that palette is so pretty on you!!

Milk said...

Gorgeous look as per usual. I must say that I adore your earrings! So dainty ~ ^^

♥ Milk

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Wow I really like that lip colour on you very pretty:) and I think blue shadows suits you, cos when you wore Lunasol's dark blue also looked very nice :)

annoiii said...

That Lunasol lipstick looks gorgeous! Love the shimmery eye makeup!

Jamilla Camel said...

I love the entire look--very continental chic!! I like it when you wear a smokier eye and use a bit more blush.

I am sooooo sorry I forgot about our Skype session last night!! If it's not in my calendar, it goes out of my brain!! I will send you an exchange invite for tomorrow!

Aralka said...

You look very nice ^^
I like your lips :3

xSplendidStar said...

Yes I definately love this look! I like the colour payoff from this palette...it doesn't look too pigmented or too sheer which suits oriental skintones very well! And your lips look so smooth and soft! I don't think I can wear lipsticks, I get dry lips even from gloss! T_T



WOOOOOOW that eyeshadow is so nice on you my goodness!!!

gio said...

You look gorgeous! I love the lip color, it looks very natural and pretty. And nice earrings too!

Daituf said...

I love this look!!!
I've seen the same palette on other people, but I think it looks the best on you...
Maybe coz you're so pale...I'm really tanned, so I imagine it would look scary on me...
Oh, what's your secret to such smooth and soft lips??? Mine is so cracked lately, it's just...yuck...

Catherine said...

Pretty lady!! I love the blues on your eyes - very chic! :D

And as always, omg so jealous of your cheeks!!

Jess said...

Thank you all for your nice comments! <3

Daituf: Hmm... honestly, I have no secret for smooth lips, hehe... but my favorite lip treatment so far is the Clinique Repairwear Intensive Lip Treatment. I like to apply it before lipstick/lipgloss and anytime, when my lips feel dry. ;)

Anna said...

You look sooo gorgeous Jess, I love how you do your eyes, so sexy! And the blusher is pure love, i have to get my hands on a Jill Stuart mix blush, if not all of them, hehe!!!! xx

Blair said...

Love your looks! And you look so good in blues :)

Marce said...

This is such a pretty look! You look great in silvers!

Hana aka acutelife said...

I absolutely adore your lipstick colour!! Very pretty and feminime :D

Fifi said...

i really love the eye makeup and the lip color. something i could try for daytime makeup <3

Female_intuition said...

Your looks is gorgeous! As for the boots problem, I think you should go for the classic black because you can always match it with something with that color. And I never knew people are crazy over the sculpt and shape, how is it?

M said...

you wear blue really well. its such a pretty look on you.

omg i get spots on my lids all the time! they're 2x more painful too ;(

eri said...

such a pretty look!
i unfortunately can't wear blue shadow. i've tried many times and failed. i'm jealous!

and i LOVE that lip color! very pretty!!!

fuzkittie said...

Oh Jess you look PERFECT with cool colors! I love it! <3 And your lips!! Always perfect and pretty~

tokyostargirl said...

ohhh lovin your lipstick!

heartofpearl ♡ said...

lovely look! gorgeous lip colour and you have really nice lip shape too hehe! x

KRYSTAL said...

beautiful!! love the lips!

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