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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

R E V I E W : RMK Powder Foundation EX

Quite a few of you are really interested in the RMK Powder Foundation EX SPF 24++, so here is my review!

First of all, you should know that I prefer powder foundations over liquid foundations for my daily makeup routine. Firstly because I find it more convenient, and secondly, because I feel that my skin (which easily gets irritated) for some reason gets along with the powder texture better.

The powder foundation case and the included brush come in grey velvet pouches. I enjoy that, cause it will never become looking as dusty as the black ones like these of Chanel or Guerlain.

The case itself is kept super clean without any embellishment, yet very elegant an chic. The brush is designed for brushing on the pearl shimmer powder on top of the actual foundation. The bristles are quite soft, but I have felt better ones though.

Shade and description
The picture shows the RMK Powder Foundation EX in the shade 101, which is the lightest one. It's a perfect match for my fair skin. I'm happy that the shade doesn't have a pink undertone, nor is it too yellow. I'd say it's a neutral pale beige color that is perfect for fair Asian skintones.

As you can see, this powder foundation features two sections. The upper section consists of the pearly shimmer powder, the bottom section the actual powder foundation. The pearly shimmer powder is to be applied over the powder foundation to create the dewy finish. According to the information sheet, avoid the oilier T-zone area though.

The shimmer has nothing to do with chunky glitter or anything like that, it's just like a veil of iridescent glow - which creates the dewy finish.

You see the fine pearly shimmer, and silkiness of the powder? I wished, you could!

Onto the off / on photo! Indoor lighting without flash.
Please excuse my gross face! But hey, that's me au naturel, haha... (^- ^)

The texture of the powder foundation is amazingly fine and silky. It applies very smoothly, blends into the skin easily, and doesn't dry out at all. It has the least powdery texture for a powder foundation (if that makes sense). The pearl shimmer powder is equally fine and smooth to the touch. It has nothing to do with chunky glitter or anything like that, it's just like a veil of iridescent glow.

The coverage is light to medium. Compared to the Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation (read the review here!), this one is less covering. It evens out the redness on my cheeks and around the nose nicely. I can't complain about the pore coverage either. It does not sink into the gross pores on my nose, but hides them very nicely.

The finish is definitely dewy and absolutely not matte or cakey. Of course, I love the finish. It's the most dewy finish I have ever achieved with a powder foundation.

Staying power
The staying power is moderate. The area around my nose became shiny after about 2 hours, but the rest of my face stayed fresh and dewy looking. Thus, I think this powder foundation is best for dry and normal skin.

I regard it worth mentioning that I'm not fond of the sponge that comes with the foundation. I feel that the soft and smooth surface of the sponge (as nice as it might sound) actually doesn't spread the foundation evenly, but streaky. On the contrary, the sponge that comes with the Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation worked very properly.


After 10 hours of wearing without any blotting and touch-ups. Slightly blotchy around the nose, but overall still pretty flawless! Indoor lighting without flash.

Indoor lighting with flash.

RMK's Product Information

As to creating a dewy finish as if you were wearing a liquid foundation, this product totally succeeded. Nevertheless, I'd be happier, if it had a bit more oil control ability. Once again, I recommend it to dry and normal skin.

On the whole, I like this product, since no powder foundation so far achieved such a beautiful dewy finish like this does.

Price: 2/5
Packaging: 5/5
Texture and scent: 5/5
Finish: 5/5
Oil control: 2/5

Stay pretty!
Stay Ohh... pretty!

Source of Product Information: rmkrmk.com


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

FOTD : Autumn Golden Bronze For Daytime with Kate Diamond Cut Eyes GD-1

Yesterday was Austria's national holiday, so I just came back from work yesterday late night. Although, I still feel lacking of sleep and rest, I'm all for doing a look with my new makeup stuff today! Maybe it's my bad conscience because I hauled so much makeup the last weeks, but haven't really touched them yet, hehe...

For a change I felt like putting on some golden bronze colors, so I decided using the Kate Diamond Cut Eyes GD-1 palette that I bought from Jamilla's blog sale.

- color A (pearly color with golden shimmer) allover the lid

- color B (bronze brown color)along the lashline a bit past the crease and the outer corner


- tightline with Lunasol Contrasting W Eyeliner ~ 04 Deep Black
- line upper lashline with Maquillage Gel Liner ~ BR 625 following the natural shape of the eyes, and drag it out a little bit on the outer corner
- line lower lashline with the same Gel Liner


- apply Mascara
- accentutate the inner corner of the eyes a bit more with color A
- color C (deep gray color with golden shimmer) a little bit on top of the upper liner and 1/3 of the lower lashline starting from the outer corner

And you are done! Yes, I know it's really time to throw the mascara out... it doesn't apply properly anymore and clumps like hell, urghs!

Again I wonder, if it's worth to go to the time and effort of doing eye makeup with eyeshadows, since the colors seem to disappear on my puffy monolid eyes anyways - at least in the photos... Sigh! ( ; _ ・ )

I like the Maquillage Gel Liner a lot, since the texture applies very easily, goes on smoothly, and doesn't smudge on me. Another advantage is that this product comes with a really good brush. BR 625 is a very pretty brown color with a nice shimmer to it. So pretty!

This is the RMK Powder Foundation EX about 1 hour after application. Still pretty flawless. Can you see the subtle glow on my forehead and the cheeks in the photo. I can already tell you that I do like the foundation, hehe...

I'm satisfied with the Kate Diamond Cut Eyes GD-1 palette. Even though this golden palette is a bit more on the warmer side, it is still neutral enough to flatter most skintones. Not as luxurious as Lunasol palettes of course (well, since Lunasol is in another price range), but still very nice. The color payoff is good, and all shades apply and blend smoothly without creasing.

Chanel Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimer ~ 126 Silex on my lips. I feel, I have neglected this pretty lipgloss quite a while. Nevertheless, Chanel Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimer is still my favorite lipgloss. I think, no other can replace, hehe...


- DIOR Diorskin Sculpt Lifting Smoothing Concealer ~ 001 Ivoire / Ivory
- RMK Powder Foundation EX SPF 24 PA++ ~ 101

- SHU UEMURA Glow On Blush ~ P Peach 40

- CHANEL Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimer ~ 126 Silex

- KATE Diamond Cut Eyes ~ GD-1
- MAQUILLAGE Dramatical Gel Liner ~ BR 652
- LUNASOL Contrasting W Eyeliner ~ 04 Deep Black
- SHISEIDO Lasting Lift Mascara
- SHISEIDO Natural Eyebrow Pencil ~ GY 901 Natural Black

Akisa asked me to swatch the Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color N ~ 02 gold light. Here it is!

I've already prepared the review of the RMK Powder Foundation EX, so I'm sure I will manage to post it this week!

Stay pretty!
Stay Ohh... pretty!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

FOTD : Dazzling Steel Blue Eyes with Jill Stuart Illuminance Eyes 08 Dazzling Moon

It became reeeaaally chilly the last few days here... actually too cold for October! Well, let's blame the cold polar air that is passing Europe. Had to dig out my boots, my coat, my cashmere scarf and my hat before venturing outside. Brrr...!

By the way, I want new boots for this season, but I still haven't seen any that I really adore yet. Overknees are said to be really en vogue lately, huh? However, I think I'm still going for a pair of classic black boots. What do you think?

But enough the randomness, let's go onto something beauty related, since this is supposed to be a beauty blog after all, haha... So yeah, I did a look matching the cold weather today - named it dazzling steel blue eyes. Sorry, no step-by-step picture tutorial today, since I was in a hurry.

Note, if you are sick of seeing my face, you gotta skip this post, since there will be lots of photos, hehe... (^- ^*)

How can someone get a spot on the lid? Urghs! Sorry, I tried the best to cover, but it just wanted to be shown in the photos... (= _ =°)

Look at my chubby cheeks! Is it the angle or did I get bloated? (#^ . ^#) Oh noooo!

I absolutely love the Jill Stuart Illuminance Eyes 08 Dazzling Moon palette! I think the colors are so beautiful (note, that they are much smokier in real than in the photos), and despite being very shimmery, the color payoff is really good. I know that a lot of people complain about the sheerness of Jill Stuart eyeshadow palettes, but 08 Dazzling Moon is definitely more pigmented.

For my face I used the Jill Stuart Smooth Silk Powder Foundation in 101 linen, which I got a sample of from Mihoko with my last order. What I liked the best about it is the great color match, and that it covers my pores on my nose perfectly - unlike many other foundations, this one doesn't sink into the pores at all! I think the shade looks even nicer on my skintone than the Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation OC 01.

The coverage is medium, leaving a smooth and even complexion - it's non cakey, but tends to be a bit more powdery looking. I think it would be a great powder foundation for normal to oilier skins, but not the perfect one for drier skins. I have normal/combination skin with drier cheeks, and I really liked it.

Jill Stuart soft peach on my cheeks. Isn't the color just cute? Oh, and I also slightly contoured my face with the MAC Sculpt And Shape Powder ~ Bone Beige/Emphasize, that I ran out to pick up today. I'm lucky to be able to get my hands on it, because all other MAC counters I called were already sold out of this product. So, got the very last one, yay!

Actually, I felt like having to start contouring my round face, since I saw the video on akisa's blog few days ago. Haven't seen it yet? Watch it here!

On my lips, I applied Lunasol Full Glamour Lips S in 30 Medium Beige Rose - a very elegant and feminine color. Sooo... love it!


- Dior Diorskin Sculpt Lifting Smoothing Concealer ~ 001 Ivoire / Ivory
- Jill Stuart Smooth Powder Foundation ~ 101 linen

- Jill Stuart Mix Blush ~ 05 pastel peach

- Lunasol Full Glamour Lips G ~ 09

- Jill Stuart Illuminance Eyes ~ 08 Dazzling Moon
- Makeu Up For Ever Aqua Eyes ~ 1L
- Shiseido Lasting Lift Mascara
- Shiseido Natural Eyebrow Pencil ~ GY 901 Natural Black

Hope you liked this look! I'm awaiting a few goodies from Gooddealer and a RMK Powder Foundation Ex in the mail. Is it just me, or do you also feel kinda excited every time you are expecting to receive something in the mail? Haha... (^ . ^')

Oh, and don't forget about my blog sale, which I updated a few days ago. Go there here! Thank you!

Stay pretty!
Stay Ohh... pretty!


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Blog Sale #4 : Paul & Joe, Anna Sui, MAC, Clinique, Dior, Chanel, ...

Hi everyone, hope you all have a great weekend!
I have updated my blog sale again. Some of my goodies need a new home, hehe... so check it out here!

Thanks for looking! (^ . ^)/

Stay pretty!
Stay Ohh... pretty!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

FOTD : Lunasol Star Shower Eyes 02 Medium Night

Finally, I'm coming up with a FOTD again! Applause? Haha... \(" . ")/
I did a natural autumn daytime look with the Lunasol Star Shower Eyes 02 Medium Night on Monday. Since I was meeting up with my sister and cousin for shopping, I kept the look subtle and simple again.

Here is the look!

Ugh... I'm peeved at the colors that seem to have cleared away in the photos! (> . <) Oh, just a quick remark here - my skin has cleared from break-outs and the redness that made my skin always look so blotchy has improved a lot, since I switched my daily skincare routine using La Mer products about 1 1/2 weeks ago.

I'm soooo glad, La Mer turned out to work well for my extremely sensitive skin. But more about this later on in another post!

The Dior powder foundation brush works so well! I feel, it creates the most polished and even complexion ever. The bristles are not overly soft, but neither are they harsh or scratchy at all! I dab the brush into the powder, slightly dab it onto my face and work it in with circular motions. So yeah, this brush is my new favorite makeup item no. 1!


- DIOR Diorskin Sculpt Lifting Smoothing Concealer ~ 001 Ivoire / Ivory
- LUNASOL Skin Fusing Powder Foundation ~ OC 01

- JILL STUART Mix blush ~ 05 pastel peach

- SHISEIDO Smoothing Lip Pencil ~ RD 702 Anemone
- LUNASOL Full Glmaour Lips G ~ 09 Sheer Pink

- KANEBO Sensai Eyelid Base
- LUNASOL Star Shower Eyes ~ 02 Medium Night
- LUNASOL Contrasting W Eyeliner ~ 02 Olive Green
- SHISEIDO eyelash curler
- SHISEIDO Lasting Lift Mascara
- SHISEIDO Natural Eyebrow Pencil ~ GY 901 Natural Black

Stay pretty!
Stay Ohh... pretty!


Friday, October 2, 2009

Haul from Mihokoshop : Lunasol Autumn 2009 Loot

Yay, my order from Mihokoshop finally arrived! From ordering until I received the package, it took about 1 1/2 weeks, so I have nothing to complain. Will certainly not be the first and last time me purchasing at Mihokoshop, hehe...

I was dying to get my hands on some stuff of the Lunasol Autumn 2009 collection, cause it's just an amazing collection. And of course, because I'm such a big fan of Lunasol, hehe...

So, ladies (and gentlemen)... may I present you my Lunasol Autumn 2009 loot? \(^ . ^)/ Starting with an overall picture with the unopened items of course!

LUNASOL Star Shower Eyes ~ 02 Medium Night


Maybe you already know that I love greens. So how can I skip on this palette? Actually, I was a bit disappointed to see that it indeed has similarity to Lighting For Eyes ~ 05 Khaki and Blooming Eyes ~ 02 White Gradation, anyways, I don't regret having get my hands on it. As I'm sure the colors will suit me, hehe...

LUNASOL Star Shower Eyes ~ 03 Dazzling Night


You can see it is not a blue palette as assumed from the look at the colors, but more of a gray one with blue hues. Just one word to describe this palette - brilliant!

LUNASOL Star Shower Eyes ~ 04 Star River


Usually, I'm not big on purple palettes, but I really love this one, since it's more on the dusky purple side rather than intense. The perfect cool toned purple palette to me.

LUNASOL Contrasting W Eyeliner ~ 02 Olive Green


This eyeliner is said to be the most lasting one ever, and yes I agree! I tried it out today for work, and it is definitely 100% smudge proof. Totally love the consistency of this liner - it is neither too soft, nor too hard. Very comfortable to use. One side is a matte color, the other is a glittery one.

LUNASOL Full Glamour Lips S ~ 30 Medium Beige Rose

On my lips...

It's a natural rose color with golden shimmer to it. I've been looking for such a color for a long time already, so yeah - I'm glad this color turned out like this. Very elegant and sophisticated. The texture is not as watery and glossy compared to the Full Glamour Lips S lipsticks, but still smooth.

LUNASOL Nail Finish ~ 36 Shining Deep Black

Yeah, that's actually it about my Lunasol Autumn 2009 loot! Hope you liked it. Now, I still want to get Star Shower ~ 05 Close of Night (I think, I'll pass on 01~ Start Of Night, since the colors seem to be more warm toned) and some more of the Contrasting W Eyeliners. I'll probably order it in a few weeks.

Hopefully, I'll be able to come up with some looks next week, when I'm finally back to Vienna again for Uni! Of course, I haven't forgotten about the requested product reviews either, hehe...!

Stay pretty!
Stay Ohh... pretty!


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