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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tagged by C. and WinWin : 10 Honest Things About Me

Happy Sunday everyone! I had day-off yesterday (and today as well, yay!), but I didn't manage to do a FOTD, since I was plagued by a bad migraine. I'm so sorry! I was really really looking forward to putting on makeup again using all my new stuff that I got recently. Argh, I hate migraine!

So, today I'm going to reveal 10 random things about me, hehe... Thank you C. and WinWin for tagging me! Uhmm... that's actually not that easy, haha. Don't really know, where to start, but anyways here we go!

1. I'm the eldest daughter. I have two sisters and one brother - he is the pet of the family, and oh so spoilt by the parents. Because he is a boy! I think, that's the case in many traditional Chiense families, hm?

2. My boyfriend and I, we know each other since we are babies, but became a couple not until I were 20 (he was 21 that time). Honestly, I already had a crush on him, when I was a child, haha... *turning pink*

3. I'm such a foodie! I love yummy food... and ice cream! That's why I can never hold out diets.

4.I used to have really impure skin when I was a teenager. My very first cosmetics that my dad got me was a clarifying mask by Lancome (I was 15 I think), and I didn't have any clue, how to use it and all, haha...

5. I don't have any pets, and I'm afraid of many animals... especially of insects and dogs. Must be a phobia. :/

6. I'm such a bludger when it comes to doing sports. Man, I really have to motivate myself - my body badly needs some sports!

7. I can't stand untidiness and dirt in the house - simply makes me feel so very uncomfortable.

8. I'm the shortest out of my two younger sisters (and brother of course - he is 183 cm I think). Yes, I'm only 164 cm. Sigh!

9. I have a weakness for cute cosmetic pouches, for cute stickers, for cute mugs, for cute notepads,... in short, for everything cute in general I think, haha...

10. I absolutely dislike bearish, insincere, arrogant and snobbish people who look down on others.

Puhh... that's it! I hope, you enjoyed reading. This time, I'm going to tag everyone who wants to do this.

Now, I'm going to put some makeup on, hehe... maybe I'll come up again with a FOTD today? I hope, it will be still bright enough, when I finished my face, cause it's a cloudy day over here. :[

Stay pretty!
Stay Ohh... pretty!

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Blair said...

Jess, I hope my first comment made it through!

Blair said...

Aww... I think my first comment didn't make it through. The comment above was my second one hahaha.

It's so cute that you liked your bf since young!!

I'm the opposite of you... my skin used to be really clear! Now's it's terrible *sniffs*

Don't worry, I'm pretty short too hahaha.

Zuuchini said...

i think we all have weakness for cute packaging!!

Catherine said...

Cute story about you and your bf. :D

And psh. You're not that short, Jess! I'm 163cm too haha.

Anonymous said...

Catherine: We seem to have quite a few things in common, hm? ;)

izumi said...

5'3 isn't that short!~ silly :P i hope i converted that correctly.. i'm about 5'5, MAYBE. not really sure. xD

i had impure skin before and i still have it now! :(

i agree with #10!

you and your bf.. SUCH A CUTE STORY!!!!! hahhaaa. oh my goodness xD

A View from the Edge said...

Love this post!

KRYSTAL said...

such a cute story of you and ur bf! i had fun reading more about you too =]!

C. said...

thanks for doing this jess! so cute about your bf and you ^^ im short too hehe. loved getting to know you better :)

AhCapp said...

Hi Jess,

I think it's soooo sweet that you have known your boyfriend since you were young. I thought this only happen on TV. ;) So nice! ^_^

fuzkittie said...

Aww childhood love!!! xD

eri said...

I have a weakness for cute things too! Hahaha.

That's so cute about you and your bf! I bet u have pics of the two of you together as little kids!

aniegeek said...

Aww, such a cute story about your bf~! <3

164! I want to be 164, I'm like 158 :( haha. I guess you were my taller sister in another life :)

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