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Friday, July 3, 2009

Ohh... pretty's First Giveaway

Finally...! I'm officially announcing my first blog GIVEAWAY!

Through this blog, I have met and get to know so many great people and beauty bloggers, who I consider to be my friends. By now, I have reached more than 200 followers. Yay!

THANK YOU for visiting, reading and commenting - it honestly means a lot to me, and I can't verbalize how much it is appreciated. Blogging wouldn't be so awesome without you!

So now, to show a bit of appreciation, I have a giveaway for you all!


All of these goes to one lucky winner! (Everything is brand-new and hand picked by myself!)

- LANCOME L'Extreme Waterproof Mascara
- DIOR Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect ~ 337 Coral Lamé
- SHISEIDO White Lucency skincare sample
- PAUL & JOE skincare samples
- LA PRAIRIE Silver Rain fragrance sample


  • You must be a Follower of ohhpretty.blogspot.com - not a follower yet? Just click on the 'Follow' button on the right sidebar panel! You don't need to have a blog to follow, a Google account is all you need
  • Leave a comment on this post using your blogger/google account user ID, answering the following questions:
1.) Suggest me one lipstick or lipgloss that you think, I MUST get, because it will look great on me!
2.) What do you like about my blog? (Please your honest opinions!)
3.) What would you like to read more in future?
4.) How did you come across my blog? (If you still remember)

  • Include your e-mail adress so that I can contact you, if you win! Be sure to write it like this format, to avoid spam: ohhpretty (at) gmx (dot) net
  • Open to everyone (Yes, I will ship worldwide)
  • All comment entries that are not a qualified contest entry will be deleted (so please no comments or questions in the comments of this post!)
  • ONE entry per contestant please! (Hey, play fair! Multiple entries will be deleted as well, sorry!)
  • The winner will be randomly picked by using a random generator
  • END of contest: August 03, 2009 at 24:00h (GMT+ 01:00)

You don't have to do a full post on this giveaway, but feel free to spread the word, even if you are not participating in the contest! Thank you again, and good luck to all! ;)

Stay pretty!
Stay Ohh... pretty!


my_makeup_mania said...

WOOOW! Amazing gifts!! Just cross my fingers and enter :P
1. I recommend to you Givenchy lipglosses! Honestly I have one, but I like it so much, very nice shine and good pay off.
2. OMG! I think you know! I love your day make-up! Absolutely wearable looks! I like watch you pix with make-up!
3. In future I really really would like to read your products review, not only face products, also your fave e/s, e/s palettes 'n stuff :)
4. To be honest, I really do not remember how I find your blog! Feel like I know you since I start blogging :)


1. I think you really really suit pale pink lippies! So i would suggest you one of the Dior pink lippies!
2. I think you look classy! And not to mention very very very cute :)
3. In the future, I'd like to post more about face contouring!
4. Hmm, I think off Fuzkittie?

birkinbagbeauty said...

Ohh, exciting...your first giveaway. Let me give it a shot ;D

1.) Suggest me one lipstick or lipgloss that you think, I MUST get, because it will look great on me!

I have to say that I love the shape of your lips, so I could not think of a lipstick that would not look good on you. I love peaches the most on you, so I would suggest a complex peachy colour with a hint of pink. I have chosen lipgloss Elizabeth Bon Bon in 3, as it is a milky peach with pink microglitter, plus it is not too expensive for a wonderful product.

2.) What do you like about my blog? (Please your honest opinions!)First of all is your template, it is fresh, easy to navigate and wonderfully girly. I love the pictures with you demonstrating the makeup, and I adore your reviews.

3.) What would you like to read more in future?
Anything you are enthousiastic about. I always believe that the best pieces of blogposts are based on a enthousiastic spirit behind it.

4.) How did you come across my blog? I think that would be Fuz or Kathi (lotuspalace)...however, I am not sure about it.

Askmewhats said...

I am a follower of your blog way back :) And here's my answer to your query.

1. I suggest you use Clinique Soft Shine lipstick in Blushing nude as I can tell it looks great on your lips and complexion.
2. I seriously love your FOTD because it's nice to see fresh faced with not a lot of makeup on!
3. I would love to read more product reviews that works or doesnt' work from you!
4. I honestly can't remember how I came across your blog!

email: ntiu1027 (at) gmail (dot) com

Ti_Amo said...

1.) I think MAC High Tea! The perfect my lip but better beige lipstick.
2.) I like the pretty EOTD looks, all the Asian makeup reviews and haul pics!!
3.) I think reviews on skincare takes it!
4.) I googled for Japanese MU reviews I believe!

blin013 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Jamilla Camel said...

Ok, Jess, here goes:

1. Jersey Pink 157 (iridescent golden pink - formerly A Lick of Taffy 151) See http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_TBYAPVu98uA/SkmuK5kpImI/AAAAAAAADrk/VKdFR8wxXaU/s1600-h/DSCF3704.JPG for a swatch on my lips. It's described as a golden pink, but close to coral.

2. I like the detail and layout of your blog, it is very meticulous and girly.

3.Definitely FOTD's! We need more piccies--please feel free to use unposed photos!
4. I came via Fuz's blog...

Tish said...

Wow Jess! Just when I got back to reading your blog again! haha!

Well let's see....

1. Since you wear mostly nudes, peachy ones or the barely noticeable lippies, I suggest you try some bolder colors. Fuschia, reds or even lavenders. It's fun to experiment with color sometimes :)

2. I like how simple your looks are; plus, your hauls just make my jaw drop. My wallet would sure run away from me right when I think of purchasing even a single Dior lippie. Haha

3. I know you're not much of a drugstore person, although you did write about a Max Factor mascara long time ago (which one it is, I can't remember. haha); but I think it would be nice to see you write some good drugstore finds, too. And maybe some looks that are so not you --- dark eye makeup and stuff. Just for variety.

4. If I remember correctly, I stumbled upon your blog around February this year when I was looking for a review on a Max Factor mascara. Then, I was hooked.



blushforyou said...


1) Revlon Living Lipstick in Cappuccino because I've used it since forever :P

2) The fact that its clear and easy to follow.

3) I love makeup but I have to admit(perhaps given my skill) I'm pretty simple. What I do love is fashion, and seeing your great choice in colours in your eye makeup and the fact you are able to wear your makeup so well I'm sure you also have great taste in fashion. So I'd love to see your style! ^^

4) Hmm, I don't remember actually :| Sorry ><

xox jess

oh and i cut my hair short!! >_<

~margaretha~ said...

1) How about Dior Couture Pink?
2) I like your EOTD mainly because I have monolids too and I thought they were hopeless till I found your blog hahaha...
3) More EOTD of course :D
4) I came thru Fuz's blog..

kkkkatie said...

1.) I think MAC Hue topped off with some clear gloss would look lovely on you!
2.) I like the way your apply your makeup. Your skin is always flawless and your eye makeup is tasteful =)
3.) Keep on doing what you've been doing!
4.) I've been reading your blog for a while now, but only through google reader haha... I noticed today that I actually wasn't 'following'. But I am now =)

Best of luck with the giveaway!


jenna said...

1. Coffret D'or Shine Drape Rouge Glow PK237. I saw this on Fuz's blog and I thought it was gorgeous and it'll look great on your skin for a nice soft pink.
2. I like the product reviews the most. It gives me a chance to look at some items I have thought about and others that I haven't found yet!
3. More skincare and makeup reviews! haha they are my fave and I am greedy LOL.
4. I found you through another bloggers favorite blogs list. Maybe Fuz's??? Can't remember whose exactly but that is where.

Thanks!! Good luck to everyone!!

mandy said...

1.) I don't use lipsticks/lipglosses, so I'm not sure what specific brand to suggest. But I think that pink colors will look really nice on you :)
2.) I really like your FOTD's because they look very natural and the wide range of reviews and products that you have.
3.) I would like to read more reviews and FOTD.
4.) I think I found your blog from another blogger's blog. I'm not sure which one though. =X


Denysia said...

1.) Philosophy lipgloss. They are very pretty, and sheer.
2.) I think your blog is very cute. I love the pink colors!
3.) Anything makeup related! Haha! I just love makeup!
4.) UMMMM... I think I saw your comment on someone else's blog?? And then I clicked, and I followed! :)

My email: xbrokenlove@gmail.com

izumi said...

1.) utowa lipstick #23 :D or RMK gloss lips #34 rose brown!

2.) i loooooooove your fotd's :) and your reviews are great too! an insight into this higher end world that i would never really touch.. haha.

3.) hmm, more fotd's! and maybe some personal stuff ;D i'd love to get to know you better!

4.) oooooooof.. i want to say from fuz. but i'm not 100% sure anymore Dx

xkhaotik (at) gmail (dot) com

Hana aka acutelife said...

1.Elizabeth nude bonbon.it's very cheap yet the quality n consistency are amazingly good.
2.your post about daily makeup. I learn a lot about how to do makeup for monolids eyes :)
3.more about your daily activities would be nice
4.I saw you (virtually of course) a lot on people's blogs.I think that's how I came across your blog :)

KRYSTAL said...

hey beautiful! thanks for hosting this giveaway! the prizes are just awesome! congrats in reaching 200 followers!

You must be a Follower of ohhpretty.blogspot.com - not a follower yet? Just click on the 'Follow' button on the right sidebar panel! You don't need to have a blog to follow, a Google account is all you need
Leave a comment on this post using your blogger/google account user ID, answering the following questions:
1.) Suggest me one lipstick or lipgloss that you think, I MUST get, because it will look great on me! benefit's lipgloss, in my people your people! its not sticky.. i love it! its this pinky colored lipgloss.. i think it will look really good on you since you have pretty light skin!
2.) What do you like about my blog? i like how your product reviews are well detailed! i love also your blog hauls too and ur fotds are really pretty too, i like how you make wearable-everyday eye makeup...
3.) What would you like to read more in future? i love your product reviews and fotds the most, keep them coming! =]
4.) How did you come across my blog? i was surfing through blogs, and so happen to come across yours =] i saw ur lovely pics, fotds, so i had to follow!

krystalsdelacruz (at) gmail (dot) com

take care! and stay pretty! stay oh so pretty! hehehehhe I LOVE THAT!

Diane said...

1.) Mark in glow baby glow luxe
2.) great organization and colors are appealing to the eyes
3.) clothes posts!
4.) you found me!

email: vangdiane(at)gmail (dot)com

Beauty Snap said...

Awesome, congratulations on the 200+ followers!! Your blog deserves all of the love :)
1)I suggest Clinique Color Surge Lipstick in Pink Beach! I love it~ I just made a swatch on my blog, check the product here: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/2880344?cm_cat=datafeed&cm_pla=makeup:women:lip&cm_ite=clinique_'colour_surge'_butter_shine_lipstick:172215&cm_ven=Froogle&mr:trackingCode=8F7790F7-5619-DE11-B0EA-001422107090&mr:referralID=NA
It has golden shimmers on a light peachy-pink sheer base! Really cute :)
2) I love your pictures!! And you post FOTDs very often, love seeing the products used on your face. I deprive my readers of fotds because I hate the lighting and how I look in pics.. So I like to see others do it LOL
3) I want to read more about the area you live in, maybe post more about some places you like to go to? Haha am I being nosy.. xD
4) I came to your blog through Jamilla's! <3
Best of luck to everyone & thanks for the giveaway, Jess!

Yin said...

1)Shu Uemura lipstick in 525 [i think?] It's a really nice peachy pinky sheen. =) It'll make your lips look amazingg.

2)I love the fotd's and the layout of your blog.

3) I would like to see more hauls in your blog. =) or more reviews on foundation.

4)I came across your blog through Mona's big list of blogs. =)

my email is madtxter57(at)hotmail(dot)com.

smilecusiluvu said...

1.) I think you should get some laura mercier's lipgloss its really nice and their lip tint too I think u'll look great in them
2.) I really like your blog its really interesting to read
3.) I would like to read more prodcuct review in the future
4.) I found you a long time ago haha I dont really remember how I really found you

email is lann212(at)hotmail(dot)com

aniegeek said...

Woohoo, congratulations! :D
Those prizes look so great-I've always heard good things about Lancome mascaras~
1)Definitely Guerlain KissKiss in 662- KissKiss is my FAVE lipstick, even though I lost my only one :( but I swear it's great, and I think that's the color I had. Very sheer and sparkly, great texture, and I think light colors suit your lips really well.
2)I love your hauls and detailed reviews, esp like the one with the Lunasol foundation. Your pictures are always very detailed (and pretty!) which is really helpful and fun.
3)Hmm...more of the same, haha! I especially like FOTD because it shows completed looks and you always do great, natural glowy looks :)
4)I thiiiink, Fuz's blogroll? Somebody's blogroll, I think Fuz's, hehe :D
So these products are some of your faves? They must be good -takes notes- :) You also like Dior Iconic mascara right? I've never tried that~

miss wiggle said...

Hiya Jess! Congrats on 200+!

1. Shiseido Maquillage rose-colored lippies - I saw some on sale at Facial-shop.com!
2. EOTD's, and the fluffy pinky layout haha~
3. More EOTD's!!! (Ya know I can't wait for your Esprique C-4 look!)
4. I forgot - likely through your commenting on someone's blog.

miss dot wiggle at live dot com

Jenn said...

Wow, 200+ followers!! I remember when I first started following you it was near the beginning.. you've come a long way since then! congrats! :)

1.) I'm not sure if you have this already because I know you have Clinique stuff, but I think their lipstick in Tenderheart is gorgeous. It's neutral and sort of sheer, but it adds a nice tint of color and suits almost all skintones.

2.) What do you like about my blog? I like your FOTDs! and informative reviews
3.) What would you like to read more in future? More about you! But I like the stuff you blog about now <3
4.) How did you come across my blog? (If you still remember) Hmm... I honestly do not remember.. either you visited and left a comment on my blog or I stumbled upon yours. ^_^

amynaree said...

1.) I recommend Laura Mercier lip gloss in baby doll for you. Its a nice simple and subtle color and it will compliment your skin well.
2.) I like your make up and skin care selections.
3.) Reviews on products that you have used.
4.) I was browsing around different make up blogs and came across yours, don't exactly remember how :)


jinxbea said...

Hi Jess! Been a follower for a while now....

WOW! what a giveaway.... prizes are really fab!

1. I would recommend guerlain Rouge G in 05(Gracieuse) and 42 (Giuliana)..
2. I love the EOTD's.. really pretty and subtle.. not too loud..

3. I wanna see more FOTDs and EOTDs plus more product reviews...

4. Honestly i forgot already.. Maybe from Jamilla's blog....

More power to you and God bless!



KAREEN said...

Hi Jess : )
1) i defiantly recommend the YSL Rouge Volupte to you ! They are so creamy and glides on like a dream , you will defiantly like it ; ) i recommend a nude, no 1 because throughout your whole blog, i don't think i have seen you in a nude lippie, No 1 will not wash you out because it seems to favor toward the peachier side : )
2) i like reading your reviews and haul , your EOTD are awesome too :)
3)l would like to read more reviews :)
4) i came across your blog by makemeblushhh : )

jojos4eva said...

awesome! congrats!
1. MAC - viva glam 5!
3. Product reviews
4. Fuz blogroll
jojos4eva @ gmail.com

CherieKoala said...

1) I think you will look good with MAC Sweetie Lipstick or NYX Black Label lipstick in Girly Pink.
2) I love to view your product review and today's outfit. It gives me an idea about the product and can see other people's dress combination.
3) More makeup products review! I love to view them!!!
4) I think I found you through another blogger, but just can't remember who is that. Sorry!~

Nice giveaway!! Stay pretty!


mint said...

thankyou for holding a giveaway <3
here's my entry:
I suggest MAC's Internationalist Dazzleglass Lip gloss. It's a beautiful pink gloss with blue shimmers.

I love the photos of your hauls, cos I get to see what other products look like in detail xD and ETOD/FOTD.

I like reading reviews and seeing swatches, so I get more ideas on which products are good for me too =3 so more reviews and swatches. lol

I blog jump all the time xD but I cant remember which blog I found your blog on. =P

looking forward to seeing more cool post ^^


the-stars-say said...

1.) Suggest me one lipstick or lipgloss that you think, I MUST get, because it will look great on me!

Pink lipglosses with your skintone of course! And for that i suggest MAC LipGlass Lip Gloss Pink Lemonade. I love it myself but will never be able to carry it off! Boo.

2.) What do you like about my blog?

You hit just the right notes of funny, not to mention it's an amazing source of reviews + info. Thanks babe!

3.) What would you like to read more in future?

More makeup reviews (for now - since it's my current obsession!)

4.) How did you come across my blog? (If you still remember)

I saw my colleague reading it during *ahem* work, and ta-da!

- the.stars.say (at) gmail (dot) com

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

congrats Jess! :)its very generous of you!

1) YSL sandy beige is my fave., i think it'll look great on you if not better!

2) I adore the fotd!! very pretty looks!

3) some more reviews and more Austrian lifestyle :D

4) I came across you blog after i read a comment xD

Keep up the good work!! my addy is dailybeautybuzz @ gmail.com :)

Shi said...


1. Try YSL gloss. The pur line is more wearable. I think Pure Rose would suit you. It's mango scented too!

2. I like the makeup reviews. Helps me decide if I really need to buy that certain item.

3. I would love more product reviews.

4. I found you from another blogger. I can't help but click on things that say pretty =)

TerriLynne said...

1. The one lip-gloss that I think you should definitely try is "Dior Addict 877 - Lurex Plum". I think it would look great on your lips. It's a wonderful plumy color with multi-colored micro glitter. It can be used on top of any colored lipstick (and I mean, ANY!) and can enhance the color of the lipstick. It’s the only lip-gloss that I use, you will surely not be disappointed.

2. What I like most about you’re blog is your Fotds!!! I like how your make-up compliments your features and is not too overdone and I love reading about your product reviews.

3. Many more FOTD and product reviews. =)

4. You were one of the first few to comment on my blog. Haha =)

terrilynnem (at) gmail (dot) come

Amelia said...

1. I don't lip sticck or lip gloss since I have sensitive lips, the only lip gloss I have is The Body Shop's and it's not that bad.

2. I love the way you give reviews on some product and mostly I love your blog's name =]

3. more review of course ^^

4.I think I found your link on other beauty blog

keep blogging!

Sophia said...

Thanks soo much for this great contest!!

1) I highly reccomend you the Maquillage Lasting Climax Rouge in OR233. A great light orangey l/s, perfect for summer. Love the texture too!!

2)I love your haul posts and your asian make up reviews! You creat huge lemmings!! :-)

3) I'd love to see more reviews about asian products especially skincare!

4) I follow the link to your blog from Fuzkittie!

email: sofiabous@yahoo.com

PinkyKathy said...

1. lipgloss : Canmake nude glow in no.01 strawberry milk, cheap and totally worth money. I think it'll look good on you for sure. ^.<"

2. love your blog header. and I like the way you describe everything in each post; short and i can understand easily. ( my ENG is not that good )

3. maybe some video?? video about makeup tutorial?

4. I know your blog from FUZ's blog. ^__^

thanks for creating this GIVEAWAY.

kawaiikao said...

1.) I want to suggest MAC Baby Sparks to you. It's a really cute baby pink gloss!!
2.) I just started following you, but so far I love the items you haul!! Plus, your blog is really cute and pink!!
3.) I would love some more reviews of the products you buy :]
4.) I believe I found you through pinkfish pie's blog :]

amanda.iscool (at) gmail (dot) com

HT said...

1.) You've got such a pretty skin tone! I would say a lipgloss you really should get is the Lancome Juicy Tube lipgloss in Tickled Pink. It's a non-shimmery pink lipgloss that would look so pretty with your skin tone.
2.) I like your blog because I love reading about your hauls (haha!) and I like seeing swatches. I'm Asian, so I like seeing what products work for you, since usually when I see recommendations they are for non-Asians and sometimes they don't look good on me.
3.) I would love to see more about your everyday life. I love reading about what people are up to!
4.) I saw your blog on the sidebar of someone else's blog.

huaiannt (at) gmail (dot) com

veevee said...

Hi, I have been following your blog for some time now and here is my first comment :)
1. I highly recommend Kanebo Coffret Dor PK237. It's a very glowy pink color and since you are quite fair, it should look great on you :)
2. I love your product reviews, swatches, haul pics
3. More reviews and swatches, especially japanese makeup
4. I think i was linked from another blogger, but couldn't remember which one...

veevee(dot)cy (at)gmail(dot)com

MiuMiu said...

yay! thanks for holding a giveaway =)
hmmm...this might be a tough one!
I hope you don't have this yet...cuz if you do i'm gonna sound ridiculous.
1. I think the Maquillage RS724 would look good on you, esp because you're skintone isn't as dark as mine. such a pretty rose color.
2. I really like your FOTDs, I think they look awesome. It gives me ideas on how I can use my palettes cuz i'm soo uncreative haha.
3. I'd definitely like to continue seeing FOTDs!
4. I don't remember haha.


Sofie said...

1. Lets eee.... I dunno how you like drugstore makeup but one of my fav glosses is Max Factors Silk Gloss in Mellow Pink! It's perfect for nude lippies and a great everyday colour! And it has such a nice lipbalm feel to it ^^
2. Honestly I like everything about it ^^ Your hauls, FOTD, photos, reviews and daily happenings! ^^ Also like you said to me that you are situated in Europe!
3. I think you should countinue like you are now xD I think everythings nice!
4. I was randomly browsing around the people I was already following and BAM there you were! XD haha


Steph said...

1.) A Japanese lip gloss called "BabyPink"(in pink) which goes on clear but later changes into a cute slightly hot pinkie colour since your skin is fair, I feel that you can pull off that colour.
2.) I've been trying to find someone with the same eyes like mine so I could find something suitable for my eye makeup. I also just love looking at your hauls ^^
3.) Maybe more on Asian drugstore makeup like Kate, Fasio, Tiffa, Lavushca, Majorlica Majorica etc.
4.) From a blog called 'LotusPalace'

E-mail: huiyuwu99[at]yahoo[dot]ca

SlowBroGaL said...

1) I would highly recommend you to have RMK Gloss Lips in (27)Silver Pink Beige. The nude colour shine lipgloss with be perfect for your lips.
2) Love your FOTD!!! Your look is just so awesome that I wish I could have your look as I have the same monolids eyes as you.
3) More makeup tips and FOTD. Of course I would looking forward if you could do any makeup tutorial.
4) From Fuz's blog.


joyce_crystal said...

1) Coffret D'or Shine Drape ROuge (Glow) PK-237. I love this, it makes my lips moist and soft. Pls get it and i think it will looks great on you.

2.) Well, to be honest, i only get to read your blog today. I think what i like is looking at all your makeup haul pics! i totally love your lunasol stuff as these are my fave as well.

3.) Review of the makeup as well as FOTD and probably you can do steps on how you apply your eye makeup.

4.) from makemeblushhh.. i happened to saw this header "FOTD : Fuz' Bigger Eyes Look with Esprique Precious Dress On Shiny Eyes C-3" from her list of blogs and so i clicked the link of your blog (i have just bought the same palatte and i am a huge follower of Fuz as well. so would like to see how your FOTD is like too)

jo2crystal (at) gmail (dot) com

Whit said...

1.) You should get the Illamasqua lipstick in Obey- I think it'd look FAB on you! It would brighten up your gorgeous face- and it's be a little different than what you're normally used to.
2.) I love your hauls and I especially love your FOTD/EOTD's- you are so gorgeous and I love visiting your blog!
3.) You should do videos! and keep the hauls comin'!
4.) err- I think I saw you post a comment on Fuz's page- I THINK. But I'm really glad I DID come across your bloggie! *muwah*

email: whitneykrainock@gmail.com

Forever Yang said...

Hi Jess! I love your blog and i've been reading a lot to know more about make-ups that fits asians :)

Here are my answers:

1.) Suggest me one lipstick or lipgloss that you think, I MUST get, because it will look great on me!
- Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Baby Doll - this lipstick is divine!

2.) What do you like about my blog? (Please your honest opinions!)
- make-up features and swatches, so that i'll know what to buy for myself next :)

3.) What would you like to read more in future?
- i'm still catching up on your previous posts. i'd love to know how you organize your make-up stuff... :)

4.) How did you come across my blog? (If you still remember)
- i stumble upon your blog through beautyswatch.com :)

my email addy is yangtanw at gmail dot com

Eclecticldy said...

1.) Suggest me one lipstick or lipgloss that you think, I MUST get, because it will look great on me! You should try MAC Enchantress Lipglass..its a peachy gloss with a beautiful shimmer that reflects pink tones.
2.) What do you like about my blog? I love your title for one, the graphic at the top, and details about all the great asian beauty products. I just love them.
3.) What would you like to read more in future? Reviews on Laneige skincare products please :)
4.) How did you come across my blog? Through Fuzkittie.

email: eclecticldy (at) gmail (dot) com

wiluna said...

1. I think i would only suggest a lipstick color PINK ORANGE, u just choose any brand. coz u have asian beauty and i think this color suits any asian beauty.

2. I joined ur blog coz i love make-ups and i love to learn about make-up. Since you have an asian beauty, i love to learn from you coz i am also an asian which i think ur styles would suits me.=)

3. I want to read more of your collections (make-ups, must-haves, things u can't live without, skin-cares).

4. from Fuzkittie. and ur blog name catched my eyes then i clicked. since then, i followed ur blog.

God Bless to u and to ur blog!

- wilsgarcia@yahoo.com

Tamara said...

I actually posted about your giveaway (must spread the love) :D!

1.)Well I'm mostly into cheap and quality items, and so if you have the chance to get your hands on Essence then do it! They look superb on everyone!

2.)As first I love the layout! Then I like the header - it always makes me drool!

Btw, here's the link:
When it comes to posting, I really like your swatches and FOTDs and for the last but not least I love love love the pictures you take. They are amazing, it's like I could almost touch the item!
3.) I'd like to see your entire collection of make up, and I'd like to know which foundations have worked for you and why?

4.)Hmmm... I'm not sure but I think this was when I was looking for MU blogs in general, then I bumped into yours and I liked it a lot, so I decied to follow :).

Parisky said...

Hello there! This giveaway is gorgeous! :) Amazing prizes :) Hopefully the luck is on my side ;) And now to the answers:

1.) I think you MUST get MAC lipstick in Spice it up! color :)

2.) I have just started to follow your blog but I love your hauls! :)

3.) And I would definitely love to read more hauls on your blog (even though you're on a haul diet :P )

4.) I found your blog via Cherrycolors.blogspot.com post about your giveaway.

My mail: helena (dot) milost (at) gmail (dot) com

Simona said...

1: You mostly write about pretty expensive make up, and i think that also cheap glosses sometimes can look great, so i recommend to you one gloss from essence or miss sporty

2: i love the most your rewiews, no mather about which product

3: i`d love to see more of your outfits, not just make-ups (i love them also very much), but also clothes that you wear

4: i found link to your blog on one another blog (blog from tamara, that also commented this post)

Katrina is a Princess said...

Amazing giveaway! You are so generous, those prizes are incredible!

1) I think you would look amazing in pinks/nudes/corals. Not only because those are the types of lippies I usually wear, but they would look great on you. I would totally suggest Cute-ster from the MAC Hello kitty collection. I just recently purchased it and its my favorite, I think you would lOVE IT! It has the perfect amount of shimmer in it too, a very little bit.

2) I really like your blog and your layout is incredibly cute. Pink is my ultimate favorite color so I will totally favor the look of your blog. I also like how detailed your product reviews are. I'm new to your blog, but I have read thru some of them.

3) I would love to read more of y our product reviews. There are a lot of products that you have reviewed that I have never heard of before, so its always nice to hear about new products that I am not familiar with.

4) I came across your blog by googling Lunasol cosmetics.


Kiki Xiong said...

1. NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in Perfect Red
2. I love your FOTD's. my eyes are similar to your's kinda, so yeah lol. & your layout is REALLY pretty
3. More amazing hauls and reviews!
4. I came across your blog through Cherry Color's blog.

kikixi0ng (at) hotmail (dot) com

throuthehaze said...

1. Yes to Carrots lipgloss in Flirty Pink

2. I likw the clean look of your blog. Its not all cluttered up looking

3. I love reading product reviews

4. I don't remember how I found it.

blogged: http://throuthehaze.blogspot.com/2009/07/makeup-giveaway_4479.html

throuthehaze at gmail dot com

cleung341 said...

1.) I think Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflects in 137 trenchcoat beige would look really good on your lips since you really like the paler nudish pink look and my personal fave MAV Viva Glam V, looks so good on everyone.
2.) I really like that you take really good pics of yout FOTD. The close up eye pics are really helpful.
3.) Would love to see some clothing hauls or some of your personal clothing style.
4.) I can't remember where, but I was probably searching for a product and googled it and your blog came up or found you on another blogger's blogroll.

.maitai said...

1.) You should try Sephora's lip glosses. They're great :)
2.) I really like your FOTDs! They're very natural and clean, perfect inspiration for me! :D
3.) I'd like to see more FOTDs! >_<
4.) I think I was Google Friend surfing and I found your blog. :)

My email:
maitai88 (at) live (dot) com

Chewed Checkers said...

1.) airy fairy by rimmel! the perfect pink nude lippy and it's moisturizing too =]
2.) I really like your haul posts =]
3.) I would like to see more "how-to" posts!
4.) Cherry referred me!

my email is: xtina115 (at) gmail (dot) com <3

Shantee said...

Congrats on reaching 200+!

1. I think you must get a mac lipglass, I only have one in "Smile" but i love it, it stays on very good, and the smell is fantastic!

2.Your FOTD's Very natural and pretty! I love natural looks! :)

3. I would love to read or see more FOTD's. :)

4.From Cherry Colors

Here's my link:

misstrishdelish said...

1.) Clinique's "Blushing Nude" I think looks awesome on pretty much everyone so that I recommend to all. And I can't live without Lancome's Juicy Tube in "Spring Fling" :)

2.) Definitely the different FOTDs you create I love the combination of colors you use

3.) I think you have great posts as is but maybe more assortment of beauty reviews?

4.) Through a couple of blogs like Cherry Colors and Laugh With Leslie =)

bebetrish (at) hotmail (dot) com

Nina said...

1. I love peachy nudes and I think it will look great on you too so I suggest MAC lipglass in Florabundance. You might hate the stickiness but that can be rememdied with lip balm. I apply a neutral lip liner first, apply lip balm and then the lipglass to create the perfect peachy nude color!
2. I love the FOTDs, reviews, and hauls!
3. I'd like more reviews and skincare in depth focus.
4. I learned of your blog through Cherry Colors!

irina.sagarbarria (at) gmail (dot) com

rhaindropz said...

Lovely giveaways!!! ♥them

1. Max Factors Silk Gloss in Mellow Pink!

2. I really like your blog. I love your FOTD's. Im not very good in makeups but, iam learning more by reading your blog.. it gives me more ideas..

3. I love reading your product reviews, and how you've used them..

4. Via Fuzkittie bloglists?

my link: http://rhainbox.blogspot.com/2009/07/ohh-prettys-first-giveaway.html


Hi sis! You have very nice freebies. Congrats on your 200+ followers. :)

1. You are blessed with a fair and smooth complexion and I saw in your FOTDs that you basically use pale lip colors. And they look good on you. I suggest you try MAC's lipstick in Angel. It's a wonderful pale pink lipstick with hints of frost. I was about to suggest MAC's Cremesheen lipstick in Creme Cup but then again, the creme team might be sold out already. :)

2. I like your product reviews. I'm fond of making product reviews as well. I read every product review before purchasing anything because these count so much whenever I purchase. It saves me time because I know where and what to buy when I got the mall and most especially, bucks. I don't wanna end up buying things that would just be lovely on the outside, but would not really work well.

3. More Bobbi Brown Reviews! I've been using the line but I just love talking and sharing experiences with people who use Bobbi Brown products. :) I am in love with this make- up line!

4. Through sis Tamara of CherryColors. :)



funkiimonkee said...

Hi there! I just followed your blog:) Its so cute!

1. You should try MAC HK "straying" hot pink fuschia colour! Its my favourite!
2. I love it for your reviews and its so adorable!
3. I would like to see more things that you buy from online stores. It means I can get them too! Living in Australia, i find it hard to get some products so I rely on online shopping!
4. Found through another blogger. You're profile pic looked cute!:)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

a cool giveaway

1.) Suggest me one lipstick or lipgloss that you think, I MUST get, because it will look great on me!
-i think you ought to get the MAC Dazzleglass in Money Honey..
You are pretty fair & i think that it would really suit you especially if you are on the go. it would glam you up in seconds!

2.) What do you like about my blog? (Please your honest opinions!)
-What i like are your reviews..
you review products that are not very common...mostly asian products that girls have not heard of. We are able to know more about them
& also your fotd, you show us color combination that are very simple yet classy!

3.) What would you like to read more in future?
-Hmmm...its nice to be able to get to know you more especially with your non makeup post

4.) How did you come across my blog? (If you still remember)
-oh my..i can't remember how i found you...but im glad i did!

thiamere_brea (at) yahoo (dot) com

Eve said...

1) I think you should get the MAC Hello Kitty Lip gloss in "sweet strawberry". I think it would go great with your skin tone.

2) I like your blog because your reviews and posts are in detail and you have great content. And I do pick up a lot of products because I have seen you use them. And you are so pretty. No lie.

3)I would like to see more product reviews and tutorials.

4) The first time I came to your blog, it was through google. Then I bookmarked you. I found out about your contest though through another blog.

shopgurl101 (at) gmail (dot) com

Ariel said...

1.) I think light lip color looks realli nice on you, perhaps the stila lipgloss in watermelon or some peachy shade!

2) + 3) I love reading makeup reviews on your blog, I hope you can show more pictures of how you apply the makeup.

4.) I found your blog through google while searching for review for an Esprique palette. =)


JHM said...

1.) Maybelline's Moisture Extreme Nude Blush. Even though I know you're into more Japanese/Higher-end brands, you HAVE to try this! It's a very nice nude that gives your lips a "my lips but better" color!.

2.) I like your eye looks the best! They always look so pretty :) Your layout is also very cute

3.) More Reviews

4.) MissWiggle

Aradani said...

whoa! what an awesome giveaway!

1. Paul & Joe Lipstick in N26. I think that shade of pink would look great on you.
2. I love your taste in makeup haha. I love to see what sort of products you have because you seem to have an eye for really great ones. I can't wait for your mu collection post!
3. I would like to read in the future more about complimenting outfits with makeup!
4. I found you through Fuz's site on the side bar
luo2yu3han2 (at) gmail (dot) com

ashya said...

1) Chanel - AQUALUMIÈRE GLOSS in 67 Diamond Rose

2) I love your reviews and hauls. :)

3) Clothes posts maybe?

4) I think it was through Fuzkittie's blog.

ashya0rly (at) gmail (dot) com

Julie said...

1.) MAC Viva Glam V Lipglass or Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Nude Lustre (I have this one!)...Love it! :D

2.) I like your blog because it's really informative. Haha! Sounds sort of nerdy right? Well, I'm still pretty young (18 yrs old) and I don't really wear makeup 'cause growing up as the only girl in the family makes it sort of weird and hard. Haha! I still don't know how to find a foundation that matches my skin color...But this blog helps a lot and I just like it.

3.) Well, I love reading about all the makeup and skincare products you review but I honestly haven't even heard of them! Ahahaha (definitely not makeup savvy) and I frankly, I don't think I can afford it which is unfortunate so drugstore skincare/makeup would be nice. But do what you're comfortable with.

4.) Uhhh, man, I don't remember. I just like reading a bunch of beauty blogs and I came across yours and just stuck to it.

Email: suechutaing (at) gmail (dot) com

Kessa Thea said...

WOW! Congratulations on reaching more than 200 followers, you're almost about to reach 300. Awesome!

1.)I suggest you get the Smashbox Quench Moisture Rich Lip Gloss. It instantly nourishes lips and definitely adds dimension and shine - glossy pink. I am pretty sure that you will love it and it will look good on you. (http://cgi.ebay.ph/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=310151876543)

2.) What do you like about my blog? - I like reading product reviews. I personally love the review on The Body Shop Grapeseed Glossing Serum. I got one for myself after reading your post. ;-)

3.) What would you like to read more in future? - I'd like to read more product reviews. I think product reviews by beauty bloggers are most reliable than TV commercial by a mile.

4.) How did you come across my blog? - I Googled something and found your blog. I honestly don't remember what I searched. Hehe!

mailbox (at) littlemisskessa (dot) com


kessathea (at) littlemisskessa (dot) com

Tine said...

Hi Jess,

Great giveaway, count me in! I've already followed your blog (I'm already subscribed to your feed anyways, but will comply with your rules :P)

1. Lipgloss - Sephora's lipgloss in Hot Coral. I love it, and think it'd look great on you too :)
2. I love the photos in your blog, especially the ones of your hauls. Really tempts me to get the stuff you just bought ;)
3. Would love to know more about you, other than makeup and beauty talk :)
4. Gosh ... let's see. I think it might have been from you, who came to my blog first! Glad you came though ;)

Email: sweetcontemplation [at] gmail [dot] com

Lyd said...

Hello Jess, here's my entry.

Since you have a Dior Addict lipgloss on your giveaway, I think you'd love the Silk Fucsia - looks good on your features especially if you wear a dark blue smokey eyes look

It is well done and structured. I especially love the fact that you write more than usual bloggers.

More tutorials :) Japanese make up has always had a fascination on me

4.) Found it while randomly browsing other blogs. Through the parisky blog I think.


sorry i deleted my previous comment but I forgot to type in the email addy

tessa said...

Hi Jess,

1.) A lipgloss that I reckon that you should get is the Anna Sui lipgloss in 603 which is a very pretty coral colour that is very flattering and has the perfect shimmer :)
2.) I love your make up hauls and your EOTD and make up how to entries!
3.) I would like to continue to see more how to videos and haul videos :)
4.) I think I came to your blog through Make up for professional asian women!

Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!


Jiandao said...

I cannot believe I just discovered your blog only now!
Here goes:

1.) I think you should try MAC Funtabulous Dazzleglass. I t looks fab over anything & even on its own.
2.) I like your reviews thus far. They are fairly detailed with swatches. Frankly, what I really like it that you appear to be the same complexion as me so what works for you should work for me!
3.) Reviews, swatches, tutorials - love them.
4.) Someone linked one of your posts in CozyCot which I followed. Must thank that person.

:) Steph

suryanijan (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk (dot)

angeltearsofthenight said...

1.) One lipgloss you must try is the new Guerlain lipgloss in Rose Sunset 864. It is a very light coral pink pearly lipgloss. I personally have it since I work for Sephora, and I bloody love it!

2.) I love your reviews and hauls. Your pictures and swatches are very accurate and crisp. I also very much appreciate the honest reviews.

3.) I would love you to have more hauls and reviews for high end cosmetics and skin care. I am always excited when you do.

4.) Honestly, I was just surfing the net one day and I accidentally found you.


angeltearsofthenight (at) hotmail (dot) com

Mariza said...

1.) Suggest me one lipstick or lipgloss that you think, I MUST get, because it will look great on me!

I think you should try the Chanel Glossimer in Muscat. It's a your lips but better shade!

2.) What do you like about my blog? (Please your honest opinions!) I like your reviews of your products and that you're about the same skin tone as me!

3.) What would you like to read more in future? Skin care reviews.

4.) How did you come across my blog? (If you still remember). I think it was linked from another blog.

mutinhuang (at) gmail (dot) com

info said...

1. I would choose MAC Tinted LipGlass Nymphette it is the perfect light color to give your lips a little color, but not overwhelm your lips with color

2. I love that RSS feeds are readily available...you would not beleive how difficult it is to add an rss feed for many blogs!

3. Skin Care tips for Dry Skin and More Giveaways!!

4. Followed a link from Beautyholics Anonymous blog

Email Address is info(at)pamperyourskinrx(dot)com (through Google account)

Indulgent Diva said...

Hi Jess,

I've just subscribed to your feed but have gone through a few pages worth of your posts. Interesting! :) Anyway, here's my entry.

1.) Since you seem to like neutral colors, I'd suggest Bobbi Brown's Bare or Nude. I wear these shades myself and really, really love it and I think it'll go really well on ya!

2.) I've only been frequenting your blog over the past week but already I'm captivated. Your pics looks great and your reviews are honest which I appreciate. I also like pics of your hauls, very, very tempting indeed! :)

3.) More reviews and swatches...:)

4.) Through one of the beauty blogs blogroll, can't remember whose exactly. And then again through Beautyholics Anonymous's link in her post yesterday.

My email: indulgentreviews (at) gmail (dot) com

Zoe said...

Hi Jess..(entering as well)^^

1. I am into Korean cosmetics these days so I recommend Etude House Dear Darling Ultra Shine Lip (Peach)and I am sure that it will look great on you because it's made for Asian girls^^.

2. I like ur reviews,hauls and just everything ^^.

3.Since u live in Austria, I really like to see your favorite places there.

4.As I remember I think I followed you from Eki's blog^^

Thanks for reading*

sizbelle not my real name... said...

HI Jess,

Started to get hook on your blog recently...

1.) probably you might want to try beautymaker lip gloss, in coconut shade, i luv it myself, great for nude makeup
2.) I luv your honest feedback & additional personal info on the products... & ur FOTD which makes me wana bag all items you use....
3.) Makeup, blush & probably more skincare tips...
4.) fuzkittie

my email: sizbelle (at) gmail (dot) com

Lavender said...

Hi Jess

1. I suggest Estee Lauder High Gloss in Amethyst (light purple shimmer)

2.Love your FOTD. As I am a monolid too, I learn a lot from your technique.

3. More evening / party look, product review - make up & skin care

4.Came across your blog from Beautyholics Anonymous

My email paulinecltan(at) gmail (dot) com

REGINA said...

I think you would love NARS Turkish Delight lipgloss. I love everything about cosmetics and your blog. Great giveaway!

Nikki said...

1.) I say, Benefit's Silky Finish Lipstick in Ms. Behavin! It will make you look va va voom!
2.)Reviews are great. Pics as well! More i say!
3.) More skin care reviews. Always looking for good and honest ones.
4.) I can't remember who's blog i got your link from. Sorry! But am glad i did!

abysinnian (at) gmail (dot) com

Thanks for the giveaway!

Lipstick on the cup said...

1. You look great with nude lips so I think Bourjois Beige Elegant (from Sweet Kiss collection) would look pretty on you!
2. Your blog is very girly and cute. I love your makeups, hauls and reviews!
3. I would love you to have video tutorials! :)
4. I think that you found me! :)

My email MG8 (at) interia (dot) eu

fuzkittie said...

1.) Maquillage Moisture Rouge BE231!!
2.) LOVE!!! Everything, it's one of my top faves.
3.) Videos! haha! FOTD, and outfits.
4.) Hmm.. I forgot.. hahahaha.

You know my email!

<33 Fuz

Krystia said...

Hi, I'm Krystia, what's your name?! I'm entering,I already posted about the giveaway. The link is http://ksdkemp-houseofkrystia.blogspot.com/2009/06/too-much-giveaways-lol.html, scroll down to [H].

1. You must try Elizabeth Arden High Shine Lip Gloss in Radiant Mauve. It's become my 'HG go-to' lip gloss now!

2. I like the "girliness" about this blog, and your looks are clean and simple, but fun.

3. I would like to read more religious books and the Bible, most definitely!

4. It's a wonder that I can remember, because I dread this question! lol,I mean how does one remember where they stumbled upon someone's blog?! But it was Rhain http://rhainbox.blogspot.com/?zx=6ca758f0fc507255, who had a post about you and your giveaway.

5. My email is ksdkemp (at) gmail (dot) com

Gigi said...

Well, the lipstick I'd suggest for you is the Gosh Darling lipstick. It's soooooo pretty and not at all expensive, which I think is a good thing :-) If you can't find it near you, I'd be more than happy to buy it for ya :-)

I really like your blog, it's nice to look at and easy to navigate in :-)

I really like reviews, so that and maybe tutorials.

I think it was on the Miss Wiggle blog that I found you :-)



Sue Lynn said...

1.) I'm not a fan of the "wet look" lips, but the 2 that I actually like are Maquillage Colour On Climax in BE261 and RD226.

2.) Your lips - u've got such gorgeous lips (Sorry if I sound like a perv :P) and your EOTD since we have similar eye shape LOL

3.) Step-by-Step EOTDs? :D

4.) Thru Fuz's CBox...

Roseilee said...

yay! thanks jess for this awesome giveaway!!

i have to agree with you... blogger girls here are awesome!

1. I'm so sorry but I don't own that much lipsticks! so I can't really recommend one good one... I do like Sally Hansen's LipInflation though.. leaves a minty fresh feeling to mouth. It's pretty good =).
2. I love how natural your looks are. They all are so beautiful and something you could wear every day instead of only on very special occasions. I love how clean cut and feminine your blog looks.
3. I would love to see more of you're already doing! I love reading your blog (even though I haven't been on that much lately) and how informative and thorough they are!
4. I am not really sure how I came across your blog =\. I think I was blog skipping when I first open my blog hehe.

Thank you so much Jess! You're such a sweet person! =)

roseilee102 [at] gmail [dot] com

Aicha! Aicha! said...

Suggest me one lipstick or lipgloss that you think, I MUST get, because it will look great on me!

1. One of your top favorite brand is Shiseido, so I'd like to recommend a great hue from their Perfect Rouge line that is just so perfect for fair skinned people. It's Shiseido Perfect Rouge Sweet Pea. I really want to see you in that (I'm tan, so I'm leaning into Titian or Spiced Cream)

2. I NEED reviews like yours! It seriously helps a lot.

3. I would love it if you could have a youtube video post tutorials. Also, skin care routine please!

4. I just started my this blog and I was trying to find friends through bloghopping and found your site :D

its.the.crazy.country.air (at) gmail (dot) com

Amanda K said...

Hi Jess, I'm a follower.

1. I suggest Korres Cherry Lip gloss in beige pink. I just got it and love it. It's also Paraben free.
2. I love all your FOTD and reviews.
3. More reviews and more pictures.
4. From Fuz's blog I believe.


glitteryeyesxx said...

I'm a follower of yours! :D

1) Smashbox Pout Lipgloss (such a pretty baby pink that flatters our Asian complexion)

2) Honestly, what I like about your blog is the simplicity of it all. Your blog posts are short, concise and easy to follow. I like looking at your hauls, too, since you have a lot of pretty neat eyeshadows that I am looking into as well.

3) Call me nosy, lol, but I would love to hear more about your personal life.

4)I came upon your blog through FuzKittie's blog!

Priscilla said...

I'm a silent reader of your blog, & I think the info you provide is just wonderful! Thank you!
1. I know you really adore the Dior lipsticks, but I thought maybe you would be interested in a cheaper gloss by Loreal, the Bare Naturale line. It's quite sheer, but it does really condition the lips!

2. I luv your EOTDs & reviews. Please keep them coming... =)

3. I would really like to see more tutorials & step-by-step guides to how you apply your eyeshadow. I find them so helpful!

4. I was so lucky enough to find your blog through a google search of asian beauty products/reviews.

email: twiggistar (at) gmail (dot) com

laugh4ever_2 said...

ooh, pretty prizes!

1) Everyday Minerals: Siesta
2) The purty pictures!!
3) Skincare ( and more purty pictures)
4) When I on Blue's blog (watercoloursky)


jewels said...

1) MAC Lustreglass in Love Necture
2) I love your day looks, gives me inspirations on what i should do for the office
3) More outfit pictures.
4) I think i came across your blog, b/c you were following someone i followed as well.

jewels =)

Lipglossiping said...

What a lovely giveaway, thank you for your generosity.

1). I think that YSL Rouge Pure Shine in Frozen Mango would look great on you!

2). I love your reviews, they're always in depth and thoughtful.

3). I would love some more 'getting to know you' posts! Just 'cos I'm nosey!

4). I can't remember how I found you, I think I was searching Google at the time!

email: charlotte.in.letna (at) gmail (dot) com

stellarvixen said...

1. i would suggest You lipstick by Paul&JOe rouge edition for its amazing scent, color & packaging! lipgloss would be by givenchy
for its rich honey-like texture

2. i like your EOTD,FOTD & makeup reviews!! you are very pleasant to look at *giggle moreover i think we like the same makeup brands!! haha so kinda bias

3. more photos please..about anything

4. random blog walking...and stumble into your vibrant blog!

and lastly yesh!! wanna get somee giveaways...yippie yay!

MilknCookiie said...

1. Lancome Color Fever Shine in 302 'Drizzle Peach'. It is an adorable pinky peach color with a very glossy finish. Not glittery, but pleasantly glossy. Currently one of my favorite lipsticks!

2. I love your layout and it's very reader friendly.

3. I am a skincare addict, so I suppose more skincare related posts and reviews would be nice.

4. I found you through Fuzkittie's blog list. ^^

My e-mail is: ohh_kawaii (at) hotmail (dot) com

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

1) Personally, I like Dior Addict High Shine Couture Pink in 260 but pink doesn't match my skintone that well. You are fair skintone, so I'm supposed 260 should be quite matching with you.

2)I love to read your FOTD, steps on how to apply FOTD and of course, your hauls & collections ! Lunasol is so expensive here, how i wish I can get hold of Lunasol palettes too. While Esprique is not available in my country too.

3)Of course more FOTD and tutorials !

4)If i didn't remember wrongly, I was searching for Guerlain Meteorites and your name came out ! That's how I've found you and become your follower every since then. Hehehe...

My email is synaebloom@gmail.com

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Hi Jess, I would love to enter into your give away, luck there's still time :)

1) I would suggest Mac Hello Kitty's Mimi, this is my currently favorite lip gloss, I think natural pink tone lip gloss would suit your skin tone.

2) I like everything about your blog, I like your tone of voice, sounds welcoming and friendly.

3) I came to your blog through the message you left for me on my chat box, thank you very much for introducing yourself, I should have found your blog earlier hehe :)

my email address is info@shanghainesedumpling.com

I'm already a follower :)

lipton|TEE said...

1.)I would suggest one of the Dior Pinks
2.)I love the step by steps on your FOTD
3.)More beginner basics because I am def. a beginner in makeup
4.) Sizbelle blog

carmella_stay_fly (at) yahoo (dot) com

stylt said...

1.) hmm... lancome color fever lipstick in pink attitude! it might be discontinued now...i'm not too sure but if you can find it, it's gorgeous~

2.) i love how you show plenty of full face and close-up pictures in your fotds (esp the full face) as some blogs tend to only show one or two...which doesn't really show how amazing the makeup is..

3.) more reviews of some europe-exclusive stuff would be cool :) it would also be nice if you could perhaps walk us through how you do your makeup for your fotds

4.) i found a link through another beauty blog :)

miscellaneous.psyche (at) gmail (dot) com

Jackie said...

Hi! Thanks for a great giveaway.
1. You definitely know more about lipsticks than me, but Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey is my no-fail go-to for lipcolor.
2. I love that you feature less-known products as well as the more popular ones, because those are very interesting and I love learning about new products I could use. You also take very good pictures.
3. More tutorials please. Something even makeup noobs like me could follow.
4. through a link by one of your followers. I'm not sure which one because they're all following you. ^^

jialbano (at) gmail (dot) com

♥akisa♥ said...

1) Lipstick: Kevin Beautymaker Aqua Smooth Lip Colour in #5 Peach~ It's hydrating, peachy which you love & affordable!~

2) I like your blog for its FOTD's and that both your eye and lip swatches are sooooo good. My eye makeup skills still have a long way to go.. your room lighting is amazing~ i'm so jealous.

3) More FOTD!! It would be a shame if you didn't keep it up~

4) I found your blog from either fuz or jamilla I think..

K said...

1.) I've never seen you in red lipstick, so how about a red gloss? How about Maquillage Perfect Gloss in RD636 (a new color for fall!)

2.) I like seeing your FOTD!
3.) I don't see many reviews on Austrian products. That might be interesting and very different!
4.) I came through JC's blog!

Broke and Stylish said...

1.) perhaps a peach pink lipstick with a dramatic smokey eye
2.) it's organized!! pleasing to the eyes. i love how simple the FOTD's are..very wearable (not a big fan of overly done eye makeup)
3.) more skin care product reviews please
4.) via a blog though i don't remember which


may ^.~))

Sunny said...

Okay... yays!! Free makeup! xP LOLs. SO...
1. You skin color is fairly close to mine, so I recommend any bath & body works lipgloss in sheer pink. I always get comments on how it makes me look innocent, pure & natural. So it'll look good on you as a daily look! :]
2. I love how detailed you are on your posts & your little Poupee girl & quotes. It just gives it a little... spiff?

3. I want more MAC posts. I'm planning on trying out MAC products once I get a job & it would be great to have as many reviews as possible...
4. I think.... I came across your blog... from another blog? o.O
HAHA... I've been stalking your blog since June & I finally got sick of finding you through my internet history so I became your follower in... july?
LOLs. fingers crossed on this. I really want the shesido. :]

email: shisunny92(at)gmail(dot)com

Vivi said...

1.) Oooh. I think you should get Etude House's Plumping Lip Tint. I think the colors would look gorgeous! It gives just enough gloss and sparkle to make lips look delectably full. ^_^ A plus side is that it has a great price!
2.) I just started reading your blog and it's like a godsend to me who's a newbie at makeup. I'm a student so I need all the advice I can get about makeup items like reviews before I buy them!
3.) I like to see more EOTD and FOTD in the future.
4.) I discovered your blog when reading Fuzkittie's blog.

ivyonigiri (at) gmail(dot) com

aichaku-愛着 said...

Hi!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :D I'm following yours now. :D What good timing to join your giveaway haha. LOL.

1.) I suggest a nude Chanel shade because it'll look sweet and natural on you.
2.) On first glance, love your blog layout and design. PINK!! *heart*
3.) I like personal opinions in blogs. :D
4.) Came by via your visit. :D

my email: ai.chaku(at)yahoo(dot)com

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

Last minute entry...lol

1. I think you should try the Lancome Color Fever lipstick in 302 SOS Pink. Its creamy, pigmented and a bright girly pink that isn't too cool toned but just right for Asian complexions.
2. Love your FOTDs :)
3. Would like to see more outfit & daily life posts
4. I think you visited my blog so I visited back to see yours? :)

watercoloursky [at] gmail [dot] com

Piratey said...

1) I would say the Shiseido Maquillage Moisture Rouge in PK316, a very pretty pink!!
2)I enjoying viewing photos of your FOTDs most!
3) I would definitely like to continue reading your FOTDs, and also product reviews so I can get a better idea of what makeup products to get.
4)I can't quite remember actually! Most probably linked from Fuzkittie's blog :)

email: clairestelle (at) gmail (dot)com

lynnie-inlove said...

1.) Suggest me one lipstick or lipgloss that you think, I MUST get, because it will look great on me!

I think you can try Etude house Peach Water Gloss series. Heavenly scented with Peach & nice sweet colors. :)

2.) What do you like about my blog? (Please your honest opinions!)

your pictures, review & everything!! :)

3.) What would you like to read more in future?

more fotd & eotd pls... :)

4.) How did you come across my blog? (If you still remember)

via fukitties's blog :)

molemei (at) gmail (dot)com

Zuuchini said...

1. Greek Holiday, a lipgloss from Nars. Can be used alone or put it over other lipsticks! It's just a very natural lipgloss that adds a hint of shimmer and shine!

2. Very well organized. Posts are interesting to read! Like to read reviews.

3. More ETOD? To inspire me what look i can do with mine. haha.

4. You either came by my blog and post a comment or either i came by your site, probably though Fuz.


smmmitten said...

1. Origins Pink Dawn... it's a cool, shimmery mauve gloss with a minty feel.

2. I love everything! The content, the layout, etc.

3. More photos... looks, outfits, activities

4. Fuzkittie's blog

PiggyViv said...

1.) Clarins Joli Rouge in #720 Melon. A nice soft coral peachy color that has a soft shine that I believe will look really good on you!
2.) I really like the colors that you chose for your blog settings, soft and nice and the easy to navigate side bars:)
3.) More FOTDs
4.) Fuzkittie's blog

StrawberryBlush said...

1. Lipgloss: Covergirl Wetslicks fruit watermelon. Nothing HG brand, but will compliment your skin tone.
2. The reviews and how your makeup are wearable.
3. In the future... what you wear and jewerly you have.
4. Fuzkitte's blog
e-mail: devlish(underscore)moon(at)hotmail(dot)com

ning * star said...

1.) I think Mac Virgin kiss lipgloss is really nice. It is pretty light and neutral on lips
2.) What do you like about my blog?
beauty related post... I love your layout soo much <3
3.) What would you like to read more in future?
skincare reviews, hauls and makeup do
4.) How did you come across my blog? hmm.. i think I came across because i saw your link in Fuz's blog.. if I'm not mistaken :)

xphoebelinax said...

1) i think the dior shine lipsticks in any of the light and natural peachy pink colours would look beautiful on you :) i like the way that you're so natural looking :D

2) first and foremost, i love the layout, its so easy to get around and i love the reviews that give :)

3) MORE REVIEWS! :D cause it's what i love most :)

4) i think either you commented on my blog or i saw that you commented on someone else's blog? maybe fuzkittie? not sure.. :P

adin_22 said...

1.)..I'm not sure if u already tried it but I like the Benefit's Ladies Choice..It's a really nice color...
2.)I love your reviews wants me to buy asian stuff...& your FOTD..all so simple & pretty...
3.)more reviews please...
4.) I can't remember..I think It's from another blogger I just can't remember who it is...

Thanks for the this!!!


EJ said...


I think you should try missha lipgloss in PK01 bc its a shimmery light pink

what i like about your blog is you post detailed real life pictures of items and it helps me to decide whether or not to purchase something.

I'd like more reviews on makeup and skincare and tutorials!

I came across your blog from another bloggers but i forgot who! =P


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