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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ins and Outs of Ohh... pretty!

Hi everyone!
Tine of
Beautyholics Anonymous wanted to know my current 5 Ins and Outs.

Uhmm, I thought about it, so here is what I'm into and not. I'm referring to non-beauty related things as well.


  • (1) Skincare [ all-time IN ]
I'm always sticking to my daily skincare routine (I did so from the very first) - it's essential for beautiful skin.

  • (2) Base makeup [ all-time IN ]
I think base makeup is very important, since it affects the whole look of your makeup. Just imagine wearing a poor foundation - do you think you can look fabulous, even when you have the prettiest lipstick or eyeshadow on? I don't think so.

  • (3) Eyeshadow Palettes
What can I say about this? Adorable makeup goodies!

  • (4) Pastels and Nudes
I love pastels and nudes! I think soft colours suit me most. This applies for clothes as well as for makeup.

( Source of Image: polyvore.com )

  • (5) Bandanas
I'm really into bandanas currently! Can make a simple outfit more interesting. My collection is small until now, but I want more!


  • (1) Too dark and pinkish foundation
Both of these don't make anyone look better, but rather the opposite.

  • (2) Fake Tan
I can't help. Even the best self tanning product can't convince me. Or maybe they just don't work for me.

  • (3) Matte Lipsticks
I think matte lipsticks make lips look dry and rough.

  • (4) Too long and too edged shaped nails
Uhmm... yes, I can't stand such nails. I think it looks weird. Especially in combination with fancy nail colors on.

  • (5) Plum and red eyeshadow
I envy everyone who can wear these colors. I can not make them work on my eyes. You agree that ending up as if you had a black eye definitely is not pretty, don't you?


Ok, that's it. I'm not going to tag anyone, but feel free to do this, if you like! I'd love to read your ins & outs.

Stay pretty!
Stay Ohh... pretty!


fuzkittie said...

Haha that was fun to read. i def agree with you on almost all of those!

eri said...

i can't do fake tans either! at least the ones i've tried never seemed to work! and i totally agree w/you on the nails and matte lipstick! ;p

Jess said...

Hehe, good to know that there are people who share some things with me! :p

Cris said...

I love matte lipsticks...But I hate fake tan as well, I like being pale :). It's just so much more lovely and beautiful.

xoannie said...

Thanks for the vote sweetie!
Ohhh I want everything!

M said...

not a fan of matte lipsticks myself :P

sugarlesscandybeauty said...

Plum and red eyeshadow doesn't work on me either! It could be the way I apply it on my lids. Even though, I always end up looking like I have a black eye. haha. so you're not the only one who can't seem to get those colors to work. ;)

Even pink eyeshadows don't work for me, I look like I have pink eye. >< gross. haha. oh well.

gio said...

I love eyeshadows palettes too! I don't like fake tan, I have very pale skin and I'm proud of it.

Tine said...

Hey hey, thanks for doing the tag. Sorry for the late comment; I've got so many unread blogs to go through on my Google Reader, it's crazy >.<

Boo to fake tan too! I forgot to put that into my list. I wanna be pasty white. Tee hee hee :p

angie519 said...

The pictures were so satisfying to look at heheh

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