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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

R E V I E W : BOBBI BROWN Skin Foundation SPF 15

Hi ladies, it's time to do a review again! Today's product is the BOBBI BROWN Skin Foundation SPF 15. My shade is Warm Ivory 1.

Usually, foundations that named Ivory contain pink undertones, but this one does not at all. As all Bobbi Brown foundations, they are more on the yellow side, which is good for me, since I need very yellow toned shades to cover my reddish parts (especially my cheeks are always so red, grrr...).

Here is the comparison. I only have the foundation on. No concealer, no powder. Oh, please don't pay attention to my puffy eyelid!

( click on the picture to enlarge )

Covers up my pores on my nose pretty well, hm? In the picture it looks as if it was a touch too dark for my complexion, but in real it doesn't look that dark. I think, it looks very natural, just like skin, doesn't it?


  • very lightweight texture that blends easily
  • evens out my skintone
  • covers pores quite well
  • feels comfortable on skin, no stickyness
  • kind of semi-luminous finish
  • does not cause irritation and break-outs (so far)

(there is only one single thing I can think of)
  • fades a little bit after several hours


( click on the picture to enlarge )


I have never been a big fan of wearing fluid foundations as you might already know (I'm repeating again, hehe...), since they usually irritate my skin or feel too heavy. But I really like this one. Great color match, great texture, and feels great on skin. Definitely a great product!

I can recommend it to anyone who wanna have a lightweight and natural looking foundation that still evens out your skintone.
Yeah, that's it! Hope this was informative.

Stay pretty!
Stay Ohh... prety!


Jamilla Camel said...

You are a pale one! I wear No. 2, Sand! Your skin looks absolutely perfect wearing that foundation! It's a perfect shade for you!

It does have staying power for the dry of skin, but I think a bit of MAC Blot powder might help it stay on longer for Combo skin.

Can't wait for another FOTD!

*Nehs* said...

thank's for this review jess!
I love liquid foundations.

Ladyfei♡ said...

I have this.. I love the coverage


it made me break out....
uwaaaaaaaaaaa -_-
but! it looks good on u ^^ sigh.. i have such a sensitive skin.. -_-

fuzkittie said...

Nice!! So glad this worked for you~ I've never tried BB foundations.. yet! Hehe. It looks great.

M said...

i thought the bb foundation was a bit oily for my combo oily skin :T but it looks great on you!

angie519 said...

I only started wearing liquid foundations within the last year! That foundation looks AMAAAAAZING on you! It looks so natural!

Thanks for the review and photo!

Askmewhats said...

Your skin is fabulous!!! too bad this doesnt' last long...but gosh!! i love your skin!!!!

angie519 said...

Aww thanks dear! Hahaha it does help! You reminded me I need to drink lots of liquids!

And tea really is good for you! =)

Sofee said...

thanx for the review...that shade looks amazing on u...so natural...

and i so feel ur frustration on the red cheeks, mine are always like that too:(

xoannie said...

I've yet to try this, but it seems to be working great for you! It looks like it covers nicely for you :]

Janelle said...

Ooh great review! I've never used Bobbi Brown foundation before so thanks for sharing this with us. It really looks great on your skin. I've just started using liquid foundation again & it's treating me well so far.

Audrie said...

thanks for the review! I've never tried BB foundations before. Your skin looks sooo flawless!

Telbaby said...

your skin looks flawless! i'm not a big fan of liquid foundations either, because i hate how it feels on my skin at the end of the day! but i might just have to try this one, thanks jess :)

eri said...

wow. that looks good on you! i used to wear BB foundations awhile ago, but now i'm just a tinted moisturizer kind of girl! hahaha, but maybe i should try this one out for days when i want better coverage!!!

Cris said...

Thanks for the review :D!
I'm kind of apprehensive about trying this because, well, it's yellow >:-) (OK, not yellow, but has yellow undertones) and that just doesn't sound right to me XD. But your review helped calm that worry :). Thanks ^_^.

From Beauty and Care Island said...

WOOOW! yur skin looks sooo glowy! I love your flawless face :)!!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

ooo the foundation looks really good on you!! looks really flawless :)

Jess said...

Thank you so much ladies for commenting!

Uhhmm... maybe I'm having a good skin time, hehe... I don't have flawless skin all the time - believe me! ;)

But I have always been a sucker of proper skincare, so yeah... maybe my current skincare routine just works?

I don't have the worst skin, that's true, but it easily reacts and gets red - that's my greatest problem. And I hate the enlarged pores on my nose!

AmoreVintage said...

hey jess! i found ur blog very interesting, cos myself, am also addicted to all kind of cosmetics :D
have a nice day:) will check back soon;)

regards, Jiajia

Wind said...

Thanks for the sweet comment hun :D You should def start playing sports if you want to!!!

cheryl said...

hi jess, yea i'm not a huge fan of liquid foundations either just because i'm real lazy to be applying it flawlessly every morning. i only use one: jane iredale foundation. but i've been wondering about this one for a while. thanks for the review!!

beebee said...

Hi would you be able to post pictures of the foundation with flash as well? I'm really interested in buying it since it has had such good reviews but it would be great to see how well it performs under flash photography. Thanks!

Jess said...

beebee: Hi! I'll post a picture with flash the next time I do a FOTD with this foundation on.

But normally, you shouldn't wear makeup with SPF when you are going for a photo shoot, since the SPF reflects too much.

Check back soon! ;)

Anonymous said...

I actually work for Bobbi and was looking for reviews to see what people thought about the new foundation, and found this site. : ) In my training on it, they specifically said that it WAS a photo-friendly foundation, despite the SPF. Something about the way it is formulated..I have not tested it myself for that yet, though.

Anonymous said...

oops, I forgot..it is also supposed to be HD friendly.

Maria said...

I used number 3.5 warm beige, I love the makeup! The only thing is that my skin is also very sensitive and it did cause some breakouts and itchiness the first couple of weeks. I figured I would keep it, so far it has been a good experience, I had drifted away from foundation for about a year.

Joeyana said...

wow your so pale!!!! im 2.5 warm sand T_T must be the hot aussie sun XP

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