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Sunday, June 29, 2008

R E V I E W : KANEBO Refreshing Body Wash

Today I'm going to introduce Kanebo's Refreshing Body Wash - which I highly adore - to you. First of all, I should let you know that this body wash, unfortunately, is not a bargain at all, but a luxury, you should allow yourself once in a while.

So, now you certainly want to know what makes this body wash so desirable, don't you?

It's all about its incomparable silky and delicate texture, which lathers pretty well, and the luscious, airy scent of green tea. This body wash cleanses that gently, so that it leaves your skin smooth, comfortable and fresh-smelling.

Once you have tried this, you hardly want to swap for convenient drugstore body washes again for sure!

Foaming moisturising wash that thoroughly cleanses the skin without leaving it dry or taut. Refreshingly scented with green tea accents.
Smooth all over with washcloth or sponge. Rinse well.
Source of Product Information: sensai-cosmetics.com


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

R E V I E W : DIOR DiorSkin Forever Compact

I have been in love with Dior makeup for a long time. Not only do I appreciate Dior's lovely and sophisticated way of packaging of every single product, but also the high-quality most Dior products feature.

DiorSkin Forever Compact Flawless & Moist Extreme Wear Makeup SPF 25 is one of those products, that combine lovely design with high quality, and is simply one of the best powder foundations I have come across until now.

DiorSkin Forever Compact has a very finely milled powdery texture, which is so smooth and lightweight that it just melts into skin. It doesn't block my pores, nor does it accentuate any dry flakes. All you will get is an even and radiant complexion.

The staying power is good, as I only need to reapply a little bit on my oilier t-zone during the course of the day. The only thing I would find fault with, is that the range of colors is rather limited, so that it might be difficult for some to find the perfect color match. I believe that the color 021 Lin / Linen would match my fair Asian skin best, but unfortunately this color isn't available in Europe.

If you are also a fan of compact powder foundations like I am, you should give this a try!

Total fusion, extreme smoothing, wear and comfort.

Inspired by nano-technologies, Diorskin forever takes smoothing, comfort and wear to teh extreme for stay-true beauty, even in the most unfriendly environments. A Dior innovation, its unique formula includes:
  • Nano-Stretch Network, an invisible, micro-airy nano-network for a perfect complecxion
  • Hydra-Gel System, a new-generation moisturization regulator for optimal comfort hour after hour
Ultra-smooth, the complexion keeps its radiance, even in the most extreme conditions. A two-level case, modern and ready-to-go where the foundation is separated from the sponge for more comfort and user-friendliness.
No transfer. Waterproof.
Size: 0.33 oz

DiorSkin Forever Compact is available in 10 shades:

  • 010 Ivoire / Ivory
  • 020 Beige Clair / Light Beige
  • 021 Lin / Linen
  • 022 Camée / Cameo
  • 023 Pêche / Peach
  • 030 Beige Moyen / Medium Beige
  • 032 Beige Rosé / Rosy Beige
  • 033 Beige Abricot / Apricot Beige
  • 040 Miel / Honey Beige
  • 050 Beige Foncé / Dark Beige
Source of Product Information: dior.com


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